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More Info on the Da Vinci Code Part 2

More Info on the Da Vinci Code Part 2



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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Jun 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 More on the Da Vinci Code Part 2 
They or the enemies can never stop the truth. The truth will remain forever.
Equality is still a conceptto promote despite those that want discrimination and use the federal government to restrict how weassociate with people. The federal government has no right to violate civil liberties, promote TSA obscenescreenings of human beings, or permit secret war on terror acts in Pakistan, Somalia, and other placesworldwide. Life is still real and life is beautiful in spite of the evils of forced abortion and intentional sexspecific abortion. Spirituality is great to adhere despite the evil anti-religious attacks done by extremists.The right to bear arms is transparent despite those that hate even innocent people owning weapons forsport, self defense, and any other legitimate parameters.
There is equal value in all peoples in spite ofthe intolerances that value our Planet. The fight for triumph not moderation, the yearning for truthnot capitulation, and the love of humor not mayhem are wonderful lessons plus modes of thoughtwe should embrace (in order to change the world).
To gracefully enjoy our liberties and continue toseek justice for all human beings remains a real calling in my heart. I will keep on exposing the Illuminati,the Jesuits, and the real agenda behind the Da Vinci Code. 2001 feels like yesterday and now it’s 2011.
It’s been 10 years from 2001 and the 10
year anniversary of 9/11 is coming on. I might write about it inthe future in about September of 2011 to express stories, my views, and other information pertaining tothat tragic, evil attack on American soil. A lot of adventurers occurred in my life during that time span.More adventurers will come in my in the years and decades ahead in the future. Events are changing andcontroversial occurrences are the order of the day.
Yet, the pristine truth flow strongly in the midst ofthe whirlwind of society. I’m going to keep on showing information and writing for numerousyears and decades to come.
In this new era of time, deception is widespread and strongly common.There are those who use incidents of religious strife as a weak excuse to collectively demonize anyreligion or any expression of spirituality. I don’t follow that route since just because the atheists Mao andStalin killed more than 100 million people worldwide in the 20
century alone doesn’t mean that everyatheist is made up of the same disposition or character as Mao and Stalin. I judge people individually bytheir behavior and not on what someone else activates in their continual actions. Some of the greatestleaders in history that promoted human rights and desired a focused end against injustice have beenreligious people. We know a lot of their names even now. Even now, tons of people who are religious arefighting for reforms from forced abortion to human trafficking. This is all the more reason for not tostereotype any human being who is of a different creed or embrace no creed.
I believe in my creedand I’m not ashamed of my creed. On the other hand, I won’t force my views unto anyoneelse who disagrees with me. If someone asks me a question about my beliefs and wantsto convert to my creed then I will be more than happy to express myself and outline thecomponents of my spiritual belief system
. We live in a time of long wars, huge socialchanges, and an uncertain future. Yet, hope and just actions can easily achieve solutions andmore inner peace among the lives of human beings worldwide. I’m still a man, so I will swingagainst injustice, stereotypes, and others evil. I fight for what real & I believe in destiny.
 Forget karma. Karma can’t control me and karma isn’t God. God is God.
 I believe in what I believe, but I still have independent thinking. I don’t believe in unconditionallysupporting some ecclesiastical entity that violates my liberties as a man or promotes false doctrines. Likewise, it’s important to respect all human beings of everybackground. In our time or generation, we have no choice to ascend our mind and spirit into higher heights. One way to achieve that magnificent objective is to not only possess, but show tolerance for human beings. That is why all human beings deserveequal rights without discrimination from any government. The government has no right to suppress mine or any other people’s inalienable rights period.
This doesn’t mean we dowhat we want since there are moral absolutes that exist to stabilize human endeavors. In other words, legitimate boundaries in behavior (like we shouldn’t murder or harm any human beingunnecessarily) exist to enhance our lives. Certainly, it’s a great thing to oppose Empire,violations of our right of being secured in our persons, and to promote basic freedoms that areancestors fought & died for. Also, Rome is given a pass in the Da Vinci Code in this fashion. TheVatican is criticized in the book, but it’s criticized in the wrong fashion and disinformation isused as an excuse to promote New Age/Ecumenical teachings in society. One architect of Romanism was the Emperor Constantine. In the fourth century, he claimed that a vision fromthe sky caused him to defeat his military rivals. He supported a mix of church and state in theRoman Empire, while this act increased the risk of independent Christians to be persecuted.Constantine was a closet sun worshipper of “Sol Invictus.” He murdered members of his familyand promoted pagan ceremonies even after his so-called “conversion.”
 The movie “Angels and Demons” is based on Dan Brown’s book series. The movie “Angels andDemons” allows Tom Hanks’ character (Professor Langdon) and others to look at clue at variouschurches ( 
named after the 5 elements
 ) in order to find the Church of Illumination. Professor Langdon and others want to find the theft of CERN (or the large hadron collider) mechanicaldevice to prevent Vatican City to be destroyed. At first, the Professor in the film thinks that theIlluminati was involved in the plot to destroy the Vatican, but the plot is made by a high rankingVatican official that wants to be Pope (under the cover of the CERN theft). This Vatican officialcommits suicide than rather be brought into justice in the end of the film. Dan Brown tells thetruth that Secret Societies exist, but uses manipulation to promote the Mysteries ethos of manhaving the potential basically of being God. Dan Brown’s fictional book series claims that theVatican is in opposition to the Illuminati, when the truth is different. The truth is that AdamWeishaupt was a founder of the Bavarian Illuminati.He like the Vatican wanted a worldwideUtopian system. The Vatican just wanted that political/religious empire to be controlled by thePope while the Bavarian Illuminati wanted Adam to run the show. The French historian Henri Martin comments on this doctrine in the second volume of his work Popular History of France(Published from 1833-1836)He stated that:
"Weishaupt had erected into an absolute theory the misanthropic sally of Rousseau against the institution of property and society; and without heed the declaration so explicitly made by Rousseau, of the impossibility of abolishing property and society once established, he proposed as the end of illuminism the abolition of property, social authority, and nationality, and the return of the human race to the happy condition where in it formed but one family, without artificial needs, without useless sciences, with every father a priest and magistrate, - a priest we know not of what religion; for despite, the frequent invocation to the God of Nature in the initiation- rites, many indications give rise to the assumption that Weishaupt, like Diderot and Holbach,had no other God than Nature herself." 
(Henri Martin, Martin's History of France, trans. Mary L.Booth, vol. 2 (Boston: Walker, Fuller, and Company, 1866).

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