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37mm Load Data[1]

37mm Load Data[1]

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Published by K Scott Wyatt

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Published by: K Scott Wyatt on Jun 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 American Specialty Ammo37MM CUP Reloading Information
© 2010 3LC Productions
This reloading information is being provided by the developer and the manufacturer of the 37MMCUP. The developer and Manufacturer are not responsible for misuse, or illegal actions of the end-user. The information contained here is a ³guide´ only, and is not all inclusive as to the uses of the37MM CUP. These loading instructions are prepared and tested using ASA (American Specialty Ammo) components, including the 37MM CUP, 37MM Fused CUP, Bushing, Aluminum Black Powder 37MM Casing, and Cap. The development and production of the CUP is a joint effort, between 3LCProductions, and American Specialty Ammo. Neither company is responsible for the misuse of thisproduct.It is up to the end-user to comply with all Local, State, and Federal regulations concerning 37MMLaunchers and ammunition. If you have an unregistered 37MM flare launcher the first three loads arewhat you are limited to. You cannot load, or have on hand, any of the other loads contained here.Never point or fire an unregistered 37MM launcher at another human.The 37mm CUP:The 37mm CUP is a multi-use projectile container that is made to go hand-in-hand with the Aluminumcasings sold by ASA. The bottom of the cup is .445´ thick, and slightly concave. There are three gaschecks machined into the bottom, and one half way up the casing. The long version of the CUP is1.89´ tall, and has an OD of 1.35´ and an ID of 1.20´. The CUP can be cut by the end user to fit intosmaller casings by cutting at the upper gas check. The sidewalls of the CUP are .085´ thick. The CUPis capable of multiple uses. The CUP comes in four basic versions. The standard long cup asphotographed above, the fused version of the long CUP, a short CUP (cut at the top gas check), anda short fused CUP.The short version of the CUP is 1.20´ tall, and has the same other dimensions as the long CUP.The Bushing is used in all ASA casings and serves the function of consolidating the black powder directly over the primer, causing it to burn in an upwards direction from that point, to the bottom of the
CUP, maximizing the power being provided by the lift charge. In other casings, the black powder is just piled on the bottom of the casing. When ignited, this powder pushes in all directions and cancause ³belling´ of the casing bottom. The bushing prevents this by its design. The bushing is 1.36´ inOD, and .570´ tall. It is designed to hold approximately 80 grains of fffg black powder or AmericanPioneer Black powder substitute. This load will work with most of the loads provided below. It is asubstantial lift charge, however the casings being sold by ASA are of substantial quality. The loadsbelow have been tested extensively and have been found to be completely safe for the normal 37mmlaunchers on the market today. The interior of the bushing tapers from an ID of .95´ down to the sameOD as the primer. It sits right on top of the flash hole of the primer, and concentrates the lift chargefrom that point.This photo shows a bushing placed in a long casing. The primer can be plainly seen centered in thebushing. Use RTV around the bottom perimeter of the bushing, and allow it to set completely beforeusing. Most times bushings can be used over, and over.The cap is used to top off most of the loads provided below. It is a multi function cap that can be usedto either cap the CUP, or sit on top of the CUP. In pyrotechnic loads the cap sits in the CUP with the³ASA´ logo showing. It is glued in place after you place your flare mix, or stars and small burstcharge, or smoke mix in a fused CUP. In a buckshot load, or rubber ball load, the cap sits on top of the cup with the ³ASA´ logo down towards the interior of the CUP and provides a rim to place hot glueor RTV silicone to hold your payload in place. Caps can be used a multitude of times, providing youcan locate them on your range.
 This photo shows a side view of the ASA cap.
 Photo of a completed fused CUP with cap attached, ready to be loaded into a casing.
This load consists of a charge of Firefox¶s ³Ninja Smoke Mix´ and works fantastic as a visual distresssignal during daylight. You will need the following:1. One 2´ or 3´ ASA 37MM Casing, One long fused 37MM CUP, One Bushing, One cap.2. Ninja White or other Smoke Burst Mix.3. One #209 Shotshell Primer.4. 40 or 80 grains of fffg black powder or American Pioneer powder. (DO NOT USE OTHER!)5. RTV silicone and hot glue w/hot glue gun.HOW TO LOAD:1. Load the new primer into the casing using either a small string or thin paper towel to take up thespace around the primer. Seat the primer with a flat object so it is level with the bottom of the casing.Sitting the primer on the bottom of the casing with small piece of paper towel used to take up space. Iuse a flat bolt face chucked in a drill press (not running) to press in the primer.

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