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How to respond an Anti israel Propaganda

How to respond an Anti israel Propaganda

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Published by Samuel Tebeka

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Published by: Samuel Tebeka on Jun 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Middle-East guide for the perplexed,orHow to respond on your way to class,when your best friend joins an anti-Israel protest.
New Edition
Written by Mitchell G. Bard, Ph.D.American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprisewww.JewishVirtualLibrary.orgCopyright © 2008 AICE, Inc.Chevy Chase, MDThis book was made possibleby the generous support of theTandy/Posy McMillen HolocaustEducation Endowmentand Jill and Thomas BaradPublished by AICETo order additional copies call 301-565-3918or Email aiceresearch@gmail.com
It can happen at coffee with friends, at aparty or while walking to class: some-one makes a seemingly logical state-ment about the conflict and sufferingin the Middle East, which is, at thesame time, a grave condemnation ofthe policy or behavior of the State ofIsrael. Suddenly, where once you feltassured of Israel as a moral democraticstate, you feel doubt. Is it true? Is Israel,as sometimes claimed, the Goliathanoppressor of defenseless people whoare locked with it in a struggle for theirhuman rights?How do you respond? Are you silentbecause of your confusion? Do you sud-denly feel uncomfortable among thosewith whom you once thought you sharedcommon values?It often seems that the more outra-geous the claim against the State ofIsrael, the more easily it is accepted asfact. No democracy is perfect. But, noother democracy in the world is regu-larly condemned for its very right ofexistence.Thepurposeofthisbookistopre-sentquicklyaccessibleandbalancedinformation to help you respond tocomplex, and often, emotional claimsagainst Israel. Although limited in size,it offers historical context and accuratedetails.The name of the book is taken fromthe famous Talmudic story of Hillel TheElder(endof1stcenturyBCE),whoisconfrontedbyamandemandingtolearn Torah. The man wants knowl-edge, wants it fast , and insists he getit while, “...standing on one foot.”Hillel responds, “What is hateful toyou, do not do to your fellow man. Thisis the entire Torah, all of it; the rest iscommentary. Go learn.”In our hyper speed world, we too needto get some fast learning, often whilewe are on one foot, struggling for bal-ance, seeking truth.—Tom Barad

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