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Published by Osama

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Published by: Osama on Jun 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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You can't change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future Be regular and orderly in your life so that you may be violent and original inyour work. 
Gustavo Flaubert 
Time management is a set of skills, tools, and systems that work together to helpyou get more value out of your time and use it to accomplish what you want. Itcovers many different areas from your day-to-day actions to your long term goals.Therefore, it is often thought of or presented as a set of time management skills; thetheory is that once we master the time management skills, we'll be more organized,efficient, and happier.Time management can be interpreted in several ways. But it is commonlyunderstood as proper allocation of time in terms of maximizing it by accomplishingmore tasks. It could be applied to a lot of situations, whether in school, or work, andbasically everywhere that requires something to get done within a certain period of time. Time Management In Focus With a lot of things to do in a span of 24 hours,most people have a difficult time setting their priorities and recognizing what are thethings that must be done first.You have to condition yourself to do the most important or most urgent tasks first.This is what sets responsible people apart from those who aren¶t. Knowing whatthings to prioritize first will help you to overcome all those distractions along the way.However, recognizing your priorities is just mainly your first step.Instead, you¶d create a mental note for what you are set to do for the rest of the day.By doing this, you are not only able to set your priorities but develop a sense of responsibility that will prove helpful in the long run. Knowing what your priorities areis just the first step. Relaxation is also an important factor in our everyday activities.The best thing to do is to initiate periodic rest times ideally 10 minutes every 2 hoursin order to relax our mind and muscles from the stressful.
Why Time Management is so important?
When a person learns time management skills, it will help them to spend more timeon more difficult tasks. Because of everyday time constraints, we need to learn howto make the most of our time with our work by doing more important tasks. TimeManagement effectiveness handles many different fields depending on what we do.There are many time management techniques that would prove useful for severalfields of life. For example, a student can learn and practice time management byapplying time management techniques when doing their homework or projects.Using time management techniques and practices can and will help to ensure thequality use of your time and the efficiency of the results that they produce. Rather than working harder, we can work smarter so that we may realize how much time wecan save when we use time management practices.But the success of these techniques largely depends on how you appropriatelyfollow your schedule. A person can tremendously reduce their stress levels whenfollowing some time management techniques. Having A ³To Do´ List A basic aspectfor effective time management is creating a ³To do´ list. This can help you cope anddeal with the problem of losing time frequently. It is not advisable, however, to haveseveral ³To-do´ lists at once since it might lead to confusion. It is important that youplace your list on a location that is easily visible for you. Hence, you will be able toconsult the list right away on what your next task is supposed to be. Prioritizeanother good method of time management is to handle daily tasks by prioritizing themore important tasks first.
From Stephen Coveys book First Things First
Time management matrix could focus you on your urgent and important task. Thetime management matrix gets you to question what is
important/not important
urgent/not urgent
in your life.

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