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Sight Word Chants - Sticks

Sight Word Chants - Sticks

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Published by Ammie Bradley
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Published by: Ammie Bradley on Jun 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Movie Star Kisses
Fly Like A Bird
Beat It
Cheer It
Snap and Clap
Explosion (Volcano)
Marshmallow Clap
Slow Motion
Ride ‘em Cowboy
Deep Voice
Mouse Talk
Scream It/Whisper It
Hand Jive
Raise The Roof
Throw the Stars
Mexican HatDance
Flapping &Nodding
Dribble andShoot
Pumping Iron
Apple Picking
Tigger Bounce
Alligator Clap
Blast Off
Frog Jumps
Back Tracer
Pat It
Box It
Be the Letter
 Jumping Jacks
Toe Touches
Batter Up
At the Mound
Lumber Jack
Surfin’ & Spellin’
The Swim
Put hands to mouth. Throw each lettera kiss, like Marilyn Monroe at theOscars.
Sing the letters in opera fashion.
Arms flapping up and down.
Arms folded up to make wings andhead moving forward and back.Hold your nose and spell it.Beat it out on the desk/floor.
Like a cheerleader (give me a “h”)
Snap the vowels. Clap the consonants.
One hand open, the other closed. Hithands together like you would hit theend of a ketchup bottle.
Start at a whisper. Get louder witheach letter. Explode when you say theword at the end.
Almost like a clap, but stop justbefore your hands hit.
Hold the sound of each letter for asecond or two.
Straddle the back of the chair. Spinlasso around for each letter. Pretendto rope a calf and pull in at the endwhen you say a word.
Say the letters and word in a deepvoice.
Squeaky voice with hands curled up byface.
Scream the letters and the word.Followed by whisper the letters thenthe word.
Pair children up. Children clap handstogether for consonants and lap clapfor vowels. Put hands in the air at theend as you say the word.
Push up toward the ceiling, one pushfor each letter.
Pretend to be John Travolta inSaturday Night Fever. Finger point upand down across body.
Throw one hand at a time up towardthe ceiling for each letter.
Alternate feet in front.
Pretend you are a bird and flap yourwings while nodding your head for eachletter.
Stomp out each letter with your foot.
Hang on to the pretend handle barsand do wheelies for each letter.Dribble the letters and shoot the word.
Pretend to have a yo-yo in each hand.Say a letter each time each time theyo-yo goes down. Do a loop-the-loopfor when you saw the word at theend.
Pretend to be lifting weights, one repfor each letter. Mount the barbell onthe stand when you are done with theword.
Pretend there is a chalboard in frontof you. Write each letter big on thechalkboard. Erase the word whendone.
Pretend to pick an apple from thetree and put it in a basket. Pick upthe basket when you say the word atthe end.
Use a robotic voice. With arms movingback and forth.
Bounce up and down for each letter.
Hold arms straight out with fingerscurled together to make the teeth.Open and close arms for each letter.
Start crouched on the floor. Get alittle higher as you say each letter.Jump in the air when you say the word.
Start standing up. As you say eachletter crouch down a little farther.Jump into the air when you say theword.
Trace the letter on the back of theperson in front of you.
Pat heads for tall letters. Pat tummiesfor small letters. Pat knees for fallletters.
Pretend to be a boxer. One punch foreach letter.
Like the YMCA song.
Hands on hips. Swivel for each letter.Hands in the air when you say theword.
One letter for each movement.
One letter for each toe touch.

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