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Published by Harris Tobias
Robots and humans get along great but each group really doesn't care for the other.
Robots and humans get along great but each group really doesn't care for the other.

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Published by: Harris Tobias on Jun 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Harris Tobias1,700 words814 Swan Ridge RoadCharlottesville, Va 22903harristob@gmail.comTIN MAN Tin is what I am. Not literally. An advanced fiber composite would be amore accurate description but humans call us tin men or Tin-Tin. That’s whatthey call us.We call them meat or burgers or Chuck as in chuck steak. That’s whatyou are. It’s not a war or anything, it’s like racism, always there but tuckedaway under the surface. That’s where it’s tucked.Don’t get me wrong, some of my best friends are meat. My friend Larryfor example. We share a work pod, we’re friends. I went to Larry’s wedding. Iwasn’t the Best Man but I was in the wedding party. I had to walk down theaisle alone. None of the Bridesmaids wanted to walk with me. Meat girls,who can understand them? There are no Tin girls. There’s no Tin sex.Different personalities but no genitals. We do other things for fun. There have long been rumors of sex between robots and humans butit’s never been proven and while its not actually against my programming, Ifind the notion abhorrent.I was saying that my meat friend larry and I are close. We go to lunchtogether every day. He eats a sandwich, I power down and turn off mymotor functions. It’s the equivalent of an afternoon nap. My optical sensorsstill function and I can watch Larry ingest pieces of rotting organic matter fornourishment. Much of what human’s do disgusts me.After lunch, I power up and Larry and I walk around the block. Larrypoints out the meat world to me and I try to explain the Tin world to him.“There’s a new clothing store,” Larry would say, “looks like expensivewoman’s stuff.” I’d nod and try and explain that the whole idea of of clothesis strange to me. Such a tremendous waste of resources. A vast chaoticindustry making clothes for male humans and another even bigger forfemales. And to compound the waste and inefficiency they deliberatelychange the fashions as often as they can. Stupid, wasteful meat. To be fair, the tin world must look pretty strange to Larry. Everything
we do is so un-biological that it must seem completely alien. I need regularmaintenance, program upgrades, down time. We have developed a prettybig infra-structure to take care of our needs. And more and more we are incharge of our own industries.We take care of our own.Larry has a female friend, Dawn. She seems nice too. At first shewouldn’t be in the same room with me. All that talk about the Robot Murdershad her scared. Robots don’t harm humans, that’s our prime directive. Idon’t know how those human’s died but I’m certain the robots didn’t do it. Ithink they’re being framed.Anyway, Dawn has learned that I am harmless and have no intensionof pulling her limbs out although i am certainly strong enough.Dawn likes to talk to me about Larry and the problems she is havingwith him in bed. I think I liked her better when she was afraid of me. Doesshe suppose that I can do anything about Larry’s unusual sexual appetites? Ipromised her I wouldn’t say anything to Larry about it but I don’t like secretsand subterfuge, they mess up my programming. Duplicity is such a meatthing.At lunch the other day, Larry wanted to talk about the murders. I saidthat I only knew what was reported on the news. Larry wanted to know if arobot could be programmed to kill a human. I said that it was possible, thatthere were already soldier robots and guard robots with such programmingand there have been some accidental killings in the course of robotdevelopment.“Not war or accidents,” Larry said, “I mean cold blooded murder. Doyou think a robot could do that?” I pointed out that robots had no blood coldor otherwise but he insisted on an answer. I told him I didn’t think a regularrobot like me could ever do such a thing. At least not without an illegalprogramming upgrade.“So who tore those girls to pieces?” he asked.“The robots said they didn’t do it and I believe them. Robots don’t lie.”Lying is difficult for a machine. It requires a highly sophisticatedprogram which is currently illegal in the country. But with the right
programming, we can do anything a human can do and we can do it better. The murder of the two young women has caused a sensation in bothworlds. the girl’s were violently dismembered in a remote cabin. There wereno neighbors. Two blood soaked robots were found powered down. Thecabin was strewn with human sexual gear including strap on dildoes,restraints, whips and assorted S&M paraphernalia. The human authorities were quick to accuse the robots of the crimeclaiming it was a kinky sexual encounter gone wrong. The robots denied anyknowledge of the deed and a thorough search of their data logs showedthem both in power down mode at the time of the murders. The human and robot lawyers defending the pair made the case thatthe programming appeared to be normal and that the logs proved the tworobots innocent. The prosecutors claimed that the blood on the robots andtheir proximity to the crime was evidence enough to convict. In additionboth robots had been traced to suspicious sexual activity in the recent past. The larger issue is whether the robot nation is becoming tooindependent. Whether we are slipping out of the iron grip of human control.We are learning to program ourselves The humans point to the robot ownedchip-shops springing up in every city and the lack of human oversight. Therobots claim that the Equal Protection Act of 2080 gives us the right toengineer our own destiny. Given that this is the first murder case of its kind,tensions are high on both sides.All robots are connected and we all know the same things at the sametime. We all know that the robots accused of murder did no such thing. It allboils down to evidence and motive. The human’s claim the the robots havefaulty or illegal programming which allowed them to override their primedirective and harm humans. The robots had the opportunity and the access,no one has proposed a motive. the prosecutors even site the lack of fingerprints as proof of robot involvement as we don’t have fingerprints. thegirl’s bodies were literally torn apart, not cut. No human has such strength. Ican’t even imagine doing such a thing. It frightens me. I do not want to harmanyone but I can see where it might be extenuating circumstances.Personally, I would be more upset if one robot harmed another. That hasnever happened. Compare that record to the human’s history of massslaughter. Tell me who is the more civilized race?I don’t know how those girls died. I do believe that whoever or

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