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Dept.Justice.Semiannual.Report.Congress-October-1-2010-March-31-2011 [kot]

Dept.Justice.Semiannual.Report.Congress-October-1-2010-March-31-2011 [kot]

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Published by: Alex Vaubel on Jun 30, 2011
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U.S. Department of Justice
Ofce of the Inspector General
Semiannual Report to Congress
October 1, 2010 - March 31, 2011
Online Report Availability
OIG audit, evaluation, inspection, and special review reports as well as investigations press releases areavailable atwww.justice.gov/oig.Information about the federal Inspector General community is available through the Inspectors GeneralNetwork atwww.ignet.gov.
For additional copies of this report or copies of previous
editions, write:
DOJ/OIG/M&P1425 New York Avenue, NWSuite 7000Washington, DC 20530Or call: (202) 616-4550
Automatic E-Mail Updates
The Oce of the Inspector General (OIG) oers a free e-mail subscription service that providesautomatic notications by e-mail when new reports or other information is posted to the OIG website.To receive e-mail notications of additions to the OIG website, go to the OIG website at
www.justice.gov/oig , click on “Sign Up For E-mail Updates,” and then click the link labeled “Start,Change, or Cancel Your Subscription.” You will be asked to provide the e-mail address where you want
the notications to be sent. You can elect to receive notications for all reports and documents whenthey are added to the OIG website or you can elect to receive notications for only certain types of OIG
reports and documents. At any time, you can change your e-mail address, modify your password, addor delete subscriptions, or remove your e-mail address from this service.
U.S. Department of Justice
Ofce of the Inspector General
Message from the Acting Inspector General
This semiannual report summarizes the broad range of audits, inspections, evaluations,
investigations, and special reviews that the Oce of the Inspector General (OIG) conducted from
October 1, 2010, through March 31, 2011.In this challenging economic climate, the OIG continues to focus on ways for the Department of
 Justice (Department) to cut costs without sacricing eectiveness. For example, in one review weidentied improvements the Department could make in its procedures for negotiating rates that the
Department pays to house federal prisoners at state and local detention facilities. In another review,
we examined ocial travel by United States Aorneys exceeding federal government lodging rates
and recommended ways for the Department to improve its travel practices and control costs.Other reports we issued focused on the Department’s law enforcement activities, such as our
review of Project Gunrunner, the Department’s eorts through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to combat rearms tracking on the Southwest border. We recently
initiated a review of the guidelines and internal controls the Department had in place during its
rearms tracking investigation, Operation Fast and Furious. In addition, we have several ongoingeorts to examine the Department’s counterterrorism eorts, including our follow-up review on
the nomination process for the Government’s terrorist watchlist. We also continue to investigate
signicant allegations of misconduct by Department personnel.
I want to thank the Department and Congress for their continued support of our work. I also want
to express my sincere appreciation for the hard work and dedication of OIG employees to the OIG
Finally, the most signicant event during the past six months was the departure of Inspector General
Glenn A. Fine. Glenn was a senior leader in the OIG for more than 15 years, and served the last10 as the Inspector General. Under his leadership, the OIG established an outstanding record ofaccomplishment and earned the respect of the Department, the federal government, Congress, and
the public. I want to express my personal gratitude to Glenn for his extraordinary contributions to
public service as the Inspector General. He will be greatly missed, but he will be remembered for his“tough but fair” legacy.Cynthia A. SchnedarActing Inspector GeneralApril 29, 2011

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