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Casestudy Dengue

Casestudy Dengue

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Published by jessa urriza

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Published by: jessa urriza on Jun 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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6 Mf}n ]{~kp: knel~n bnrns
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[o neafemn heo|inkln fek fmv~`sn gosn `ebosgf{`oe fco~{Knel~n Bnrns 
[o l`rn fe `knf ob ao| {o snekns tsotns e~s}`el mfsn bos mi`ne{} |`{a {a`} moek`{`oe {a~} `{ mfe cn ftti`nk bos b~{~snnqto}~sn} ob }{~kne{}
[o lf{ans {an ennknk kf{f {af{ mfe anit {o ~ekns}{fek ao|fek |ap {an k`}nf}n omm~s}
[o `kne{`bp ifcosf{osp fek k`fleo}{`m }{~k`n} ~}nk `e Knel~nBnrns 
[o ne~gnsf{n {an mi`e`mfi gfe`bn}{f{`oe} ob {an k`}nf}n }of} {o tsor`kn tsogt{ `e{nsrne{`oe ob `{} omm~ssnemn
3 Mf}n ]{~kp: knel~n bnrns
B`s}{ fek bosngo}{) @ |o~ik i`hn {o nqtsn}} gp }`emnsn}{lsf{`{~kn {o o~s Fig`la{p Lok bos l`r`el gn {an fc`i`{p fek mafemn{o b`e`}a {a`} }{~kp fek bos l~`k`el gn `e gp nrnspkfp i`bn fekfm{`r`{`n}%@ fi}o |`}a {o nqtsn}} gp knntn}{ lsf{`{~kn {o gp bfg`ip bos tsor`k`el gn nrnsp{a`el @ ennk fek bos {an`s ~e{`s`el }~ttos{%@ fi}o {afeh gp bs`nek} bos {an`s moe}{fe{ nemo~sflngne{%Fek {o {an tf{`ne{ fek a`} go{ans) @ |fe{ {o nq{nek gplsf{`{~kn bos {an`s mootnsf{`oe fek bos l`r`el gn {an `ebosgf{`oe @ennk {o b`e`}a {a`} snv~`sngne{%@{ `} fi}o gp tinf}~sn {o {afeh {an Knfe ob Moiinln ob E~s}`el) Knfe Gfp Rns`k`feo bos cn`el fi|fp} moe}`knsf{n fekfttsofmafcin fek bos n}{fci`}a`el f look v~fi`{p ob nk~mf{`oe `eo~s kntfs{gne{% Fek {o fii o~s `e}{s~m{os}/bfm~i{p gngcns}) @{afeh {ang bos {an`s l~`kfemn fek fii {an heo|inkln) k`}m`ti`en)fek in}}oe} {anp afrn }afsnk {o ~}%B`efiip) @ {afeh gp go}{ cniornk {nfmans} fek {ao}n }tnm`fitnotin |ao gfkn gn bnni {af{ {anp cni`nrn `e gn gosn {afe @ ko{o gp}nib%
= Mf}n ]{~kp: knel~n bnrns
@E[SOK^M[@OE:Cfmhlso~ek ob {anK`}nf}n

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