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Lighthouse for the Blind

Lighthouse for the Blind

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Published by Am Chunnananda

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Published by: Am Chunnananda on Jun 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Lighthouse for the Blind; and Incredible Lifetime Experience.
For me, yesterday was an extremely special day.It was as ordinary day, I had to go to a few classes, eat lunch at my friends place. Thenaround 4 or 5, I was pretty bored. The phone rang and my maid picked it up. She thenasked me and Em my brother if we would like to go to a school of disabled blind childrenand help them. I hesitated. My mum was on the phone and she really wanted me to go.Then I said okay, because first I thought it was a boring idea.I went with Peter and his sister Pin, and their driver picked me and Em up. We also went
with Peter’s Mother. When we arrived, I first saw a girl who’s eyes was unusually
swollen, and her eyes were aimlessly there. I realized she was blind, and to think thatthere are around hundreds more of these people, and simply heart breaking. Peoplealways say to me: you see how lucky you are, perfect. No diseases, problem. I always
thought yeah…whatever. But after I saw those blinded people, I directly knew what they
Peter’s mother said w
e were here to help children to their work but we had to talk tothe principal first. We had a pretty long talk. In conclusion, she said that now there
aren’t any particular classes we could help. But we can help some children that need
help who have finished school already. Another way we could help was to record a shortstory, and also make an organized book with big text, for low-vision to read. Low visionis being kind of blind, but you can still see a tiny bit. That idea was great and we werewilling
to do it, but we had to do it at home (I’ll go back to that later).
 Once we went outside to the school, I realized it was more of a second home than a
school. It’s a place for kids from other schools or some kids who learn there who come
to do their homework, eat dinner, and then some go back home while other stay thereovernight.
For the disabled people, they need major help from people who come and visit.Then the Principal said Hi to a low-visioned girl, and the principal said that she will needsome help and guidance with her homework. Her name was Tang-mo, which meantwatermelon in Thai. Then after we introduced ourselves, Tang-mo told me a bit aboutherself. She learns at Samsem Wittiyalai school, and she comes here to do herhomework, eat dinner then go home. She said that this place is called the Lighthouse forthe Blind.She then told me that her homework is her English report. She is working on apresentation for an English teacher on Popular Thai food. She is working in a group, andher job is to find out the context which is 3 popular types of Thai food, with the imagesor them and the recipe of each dish.This piece of work needed to be done in the computer lab. When we got settled in thelab, so told me what to do. She says that she can do a bit of this herself, but she stronglystruggles.Firstly, we were working on Tom Yum Kung. I got the image of it, and the recipe. Then ithad to be pasted in a Word document. All was done in a flash. For the recipe, I explainedto her about the ingredients and how to make it, so she can understand. I did the samefor 2 more of the dishes which were Pad Thai and Gang Keaw Waan. When I was doingall of this,
I was automatically slow, patient and really not rushing. It’s like the switch of 
Agility turned on. We spent around 2 and a half hours together. Doing the work,chatting about her life, and going across the side of the school to get some pieces of paper.This experience was so special.
I’ve never seen the world this way before. Its so fascinating how their attitude is,
respectful, kind. But yet its so sad for them, not to be able to see the blue sky clearly, togentle waves that wash across the shore in the beach and the moon that shines so
bright. I can’t imagine not being able to see.

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