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Published by PresseBox
[PDF] Press Release: New arts venue
[PDF] Press Release: New arts venue

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Published by: PresseBox on Jun 30, 2011
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 The end o April saw the opening o a new artsvenue in ront o the Institut du Monde Arabe inParis: the Mobile Art Pavilion designed by re-nowned architect Zaha Hadid – a breathtakingstructure in a ormal language o continuousuidity. Until autumn, the Mobile Art Pavilionshowcases the exhibition “Zaha Hadid, une ar-chitecture”. For this exhibition, Zumtobel hasdesigned and provided a lighting solution mat-ching the building’s organic look: Arcos LEDspotlights, which were especially developed orart applications, and minimalist LED spots o the multi-unctional Supersystem lighting sys-tem have been installed.For Zumtobel, collaborating with renowned ar-tists and dealing with light, architecture and arthas always been a priority: many innovative im-pulses have been triggered by internationalproject partnerships with architects, lighting de-signers and artists. The Mobile Art Pavilion, too,covers a completely new feld o experience inthe interplay o architecture, light and art. The Mobile Art Pavilion was designed in 2007or the CHANEL ashion house by Pritzker Prizelaureate Zaha Hadid. Ater having travelled toHong Kong, Tokyo and New York, the structureboasting organic orms has now been donatedby CHANEL to the Institut du Monde Arabewhere it will be used to host exhibitions by ta-lented artists rom Arab countries. The current opening exhibition is devoted to thearchitect o the Mobile Art Pavilion hersel andpresents a selection o works by Zaha Hadid.
Press releaseDornbirn, June 2011
New arts venue
Zumtobel illuminates Zaha Hadid exhibition in the Mobile Art Pavilion
B1 I Experiencing art in art: the Mobile Art Pavilion’s uid architectural language also aects its interior cur-rently showcasing the opening exhibition “Zaha Hadid, une architecture”. Its organic orms and structuresenable a constant variety o exhibition spaces, creating a unique context which acilitates the viewing o artas a collective experience.
 This allows visitors to genuinely immerse intothe architect’s ormal and conceptual reper-toire: the Mobile Art Pavilion translates the intel-lectual and physical into the sensuous. Using awide range o media, the architecture unoldsthrough spatial sequences which engage thevisitor in unique and unexpected environments. Architect Zaha Hadid about her idea o mobileart: “I think through our architecture, we cangive people a glimpse o another world and en-thuse them, make them excited about ideas.Our architecture is intuitive, radical, internatio-nal and dynamic. We are concerned withconstructing buildings that evoke original expe-riences, a kind o strangeness and newnessthat is comparable to the experience o goingto a new country. The Mobile Art Pavilion ol-lows these principles o inspiration.”Zaha Hadid’s architectural language is cha-racterised by generating a sculptural sensualitywith a coherent ormal logic. The Mobile Art Pa-vilion is a new kind o architecture. “It is an ar-chitectural language o uidity and nature, dri-ven by new digital design and manuacturingprocesses which have enabled us to create thePavilion’s totally organic orms – instead o theserial order o repetition that marks the archi-tecture o the industrial 20th century,” explainsZaha Hadid. The unique uid orms o the Mobile Art Pavilionare continued rom the outer shell to the interior,providing a structure or the torus-like exhibitionloop. “Zaha Hadid, une architecture” displays avariety o projects and research agendas cove-red by Zaha Hadid Architects in recent years. The work is presented using dierent media,including architectural models, projections andsilver paintings, and complemented by a custo-mised lighting system. Ultimately, visitors areinvited to experience the architecture o ZahaHadid within this ensemble o architecture, artand light by exploring the Mobile Art Pavilionitsel and viewing the exhibits.“Providing the interior lighting solution or sucha unique object as the Mobile Art Pavilion wasa special opportunity or us to show that light asan accentuating actor is able to unold tremen-dous creative power”, explains Zumtobel Pro- ject Manager Burkhard Ehnes. Visitors strollingthrough the exhibition rooms are guided by pre-cisely ocused light attracting their attentionand unleashing visible dramaturgic and emotio-nal aspects that are conveyed to architecture,exhibits and visitors. This atmospheric rame-work is made possible by contemporary ea-tures provided by LED technology. The colourtemperature o the – DALI-controllable – ArcosLED spotlights installed by Zumtobel can becontinuously adjusted within a range between2700 K and 6500 K. This ensures dierentiatedaccent lighting supported by additionally instal-led Supersystem LED spots. Providing subtleillumination ocussed on individual points, thelighting concept emphasises the special quali-ties o the Mobile Art Pavilion’s architecturalstructure. This is urther enhanced by the lumi-naires installed: a network o guiding curves isattached to the pavilion’s internal ceiling andoor in specifc points, unolding a series o mi-nimal stretch abric suraces. The resulting con-tinuous spatial network is translated into twomaterial systems: a black structural space ra-me made rom CNC milled guiding rails out o hard oam that are coated in polyurethane, aswell as white suspended textile membranes. The luminaires are mounted on the black gui-ding rails. The luminaires blend perectly intothe interior structure. Thus, light becomes acreative element in the Mobile Art Pavilion,escorting visitors during their ascinating explo-ration o the interplay o orms, logic, sensuous-ness and emotions.
B2 I Exhibition lighting developed by Zumtobel: thanks to gentle LED lighting, beam angles providing accentlighting and discreet spotlight design, the interior is given an exciting appearance.B3 I The lighting fxtures o the Arcos LED spotlight range and the Supersystem lighting system integratedinto the black CNC milled guiding rails remain completely unobtrusive. The contrast between the light roomsegments – ocussed on the exhibits – and the dark room segments cannot ail to attract the visitors’ atten-tion.

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