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KG AGM 2011 Minutes

KG AGM 2011 Minutes

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Published by kathokgonpa

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Published by: kathokgonpa on Jun 30, 2011
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Minutes of the Society’s Annual GeneralMeetingJune 26
, 2011
Submitted by Stephen Ayers
 Lama Tenzin TsunduCaz FieldPleuke BoyceEd BrooksSteve AyersChris DuckworthDavid AyersJane Ayers Neil FredheimShawn HeslipBeate BeckmannMary Pat ThompsonMelissa WhiteTrevor JonesPenny McGuireJudith CrichtonVlado Silsanoski
A potluck lunch and viewing of videos and pictures from Trevor’s pilgrimage to Tibet. Thisincluded messages from esteemed teachers in our lineage, video of caves where Padmasambhavaand Machig Labdron practiced, and Karzang Rinpoche receiving a terma discovered by a localTerton who had a connection with his previous incarnation, Lama Gugu.
 Khenpo Panchen Dawa Rinpoche’s message:
I’d like to say thank you to the students at the centre – I’ve heard about all your hard work.Know how fortunate you are that Lingtrul Rinpoche is there as your guide. I hope you will allstudy under his guidance and help him accomplish his intentions. Work on developing devotionand faith. Come together in prayer to serve the guru. (The second part of Panchen DawaRinpoche’s message was “too profound to translate” but loosely it was as follows) It’s a specialkarmic connection to be reborn in a land with dharma and wonderful teachings – especially Nyingma teachings and most especially those from the Kathok tradition. You’ve had the goodfortune to meet Lingtrul Rinpoche and have Karzang Rinpoche as a tutor. Thank you for all your kind support. Continuously put greater and greater effort into your practice and serve thedharma. Keep your samaya pure and you will have good results. It is my sincere wish for everyone to connect with this lineage.
Tenpai Nyima Rinpoche’s message:
On behalf of Tra Ling Monastery, thank you. The monastery greatly appreciates your hard work and support. We pray for your happiness. Lingtrul Rinpoche is the head of Tra Ling and is thereincarnation of its founder. He chose to head to the west to spread the dharma. Tulku Karzangwas chosen to also go to the west to help spread the dharma. We are too old to go now, but weappreciate all your hard work and contributions to Tra Ling.
 Karzang Rinpoche’s message:
Karzang Rinpoche communicated to Trevor that he was happy Trevor could be there to feel theenergy of the lineage (including in the presence of Münsel Rinpoche’s incarnation). He
Kathok Gonpa Drub Dey Od Sel Ling2800 Grafton Avenue info@kathokcentre.caQualicum Beach, BCwww.kathokcentre.caCanada V9K 1W8
commended the effort Trevor put into the trip and the bravery he displayed. He said Trevor willhave lots to share and inspire others with when he returns to Canada. He said we needinspiration on our path to enlightenment or for whatever our goal may be. He reiterated howfortunate we are to have Lingtrul Rinpoche as our guide. He is willing to do whatever he can to benefit people at the centre. The basic ground of samaya is the most important thing for our community. Samaya between master and disciple, between companions. The rest of theteaching will self-arise if samaya is pure. Rinpoche spoke of recent divinations he requestedabout the future of the centre. The results being that the future is positive, but there are someinitial obstacles. Most pressingly about the land – the basic ground of the centre. He suggested asmall committee be formed to look at this issue, and appointed Jane and David Ayers, Trevor Jones and Penny McGuire to be this committee. He encourage everyone think about planning inorder to help things proceed smoothly and of course make the future of the centre better. He toldTrevor that he had refreshed his understanding of Lingtrul Rinpoche there and concluded, “Cometogether in the point of great perfection to make something excellent”.
 Lingtrul Rinpoche’s message:
Penny passed along Rinpoche’s thanks to everyone – the sangha members working on the GuruRinpoche shrine building, folks working behind the scenes and especially Jane and David for their patronage. He stresses the importance of maintaining harmony with each other without politics. He reiterated that he will not come if there are politics happening. He reminded us thatwe are not working for ourselves, but for the generations to come.
 Lama Tsundu’s message:
‘I want to say how happy I am to be here with Tulku Karzang Rinpoche, Lingtrul Rinpoche andthe sangha. As always, thank you to Jane and David for making this all possible. I’ll be goingsoon to Washington, DC to see my teacher from Dharamsala, who I haven’t seen for 15 years.Whenever I’m here I will serve our teachers and help the sangha as best I can (Lama Tsundurecounted how he had recently visited a terminally ill sangha member in Vancouver, to do prayers for her, as an example of how he tries to help). When I was in the monastery I trained inhow to assist with empowerments and other ceremonies, so I have the ability to be of benefitduring these kinds of special events. I’m looking forward to seeing Lingtrul Rinpoche here whenI get back from Washington.I want you to know that if there are ever any problems we can talk and sort things out. I practiceto be a good, warm-hearted person and I promise to be a good person and to be peaceful. Iwould like to die without regrets, at peace. I feel like you all are family. I keep the teachingsclose to my heart and act accordingly. I have an open invitation to return to Dharamsala to liveat the monastery, but I stay because of the opportunity I have here with Lingtrul Rinpoche. I willmake good use of my time at Kathok Centre and not waste a moment.’At the request of Lama Tsundu, Beate is preparing a document for Lama Tsundu to present to histeacher stating all the benefit he has been doing. She requested the sangha to write short piecesand submit them to her via email before Wednesday, so she can have it ready for Friday whenlama Tsundu leaves.
Kathok Gonpa Drub Dey Od Sel Ling2800 Grafton Avenue info@kathokcentre.caQualicum Beach, BCwww.kathokcentre.caCanada V9K 1W8
The agenda was reviewed and accepted, as were the minutes from last year’s AGM.
Treasurer’s report:
Chris went over a brief financial statement and thanked Jane for her invaluable assistance.Trevor asked if the Society pays a portion of the property tax. Chris responded that we do and hethinks it’sabout $900/year and that the amount paid forms part of the total program expenses for the year. Chris concluded by stating he will be stepping down from the position.Trevor moved and David seconded to adopt the financial statements. The motion passedunanimously.
Secretary’s report:
Steve couldn’t think of anything to report on this year, but invited questions. Penny asked MaryPat about the progress of updating the ngondro practice text. Mary Pat responded that the draft iscomplete and awaiting input from Tulku Karzang. Steve added there are two other text updatescomplete in draft form.
Other business:
Trevor provided a brief update on the statue project. We’re lucky to have an experienced home builder, who has volunteered to help oversee construction. He’s provided some training to a coregroup of volunteers and things are proceeding apace. We continue to be very fortunate inreceiving donations of equipment and materials. Shawn will connect with businesses he knowsabout future donations of materials that will be needed. The statue will be arriving soon andTrevor has arranged for a storage space until the shrine building is ready. He related thatKhenpo Panchen Dawa Rinpoche has described in detail the process of preparing andempowering the statue. Lama Tsundu briefly described the elaborate process involved in preparing books to be placed in the interior of the statue and showed us one of the books. Therewas a brief discussion of options for heating the building. Trevor gave a rough estimate of a year until the project is complete.
 Election of officers:
Penny relayed Karzang Rinpoche’s suggestion that she remain as President, Steve take on therole of Treasurer and Mary Pat take on the role of Secretary. Trevor suggested we have asmaller, ‘workable’ number of directors at large and that those directors elected be willing to bring substantial resources to the Society. One of the Rinpoche’s main objectives for the Societythis year is to stabilize the temple grounds; hence the purpose of the Land Committee appointed by Karzang Rinpoche (Jane, David, Trevor and Penny). This Land Committee will researchoptions and legalities regarding the property and then report back to Lingtrul and KarzangRinpoche and the board, whom will then make an informed decision around what is best for the patrons (Jane and David Ayers) and the Society.After discussion, the consensus was to have three additional directors – Trevor Jones, ChrisDuckworth and Jane Ayers were nominated.Beate moved and Judith seconded the election of these officers. The motion passedunanimously.Hence the current Board members are President: Penny McGuire, Treasurer: Steve Ayers,Secretary: Mary Pat, Directors: Jane Ayers, Chris White and Trevor Jones for a total of 6 Boardmembers.
Kathok Gonpa Drub Dey Od Sel Ling2800 Grafton Avenue info@kathokcentre.caQualicum Beach, BCwww.kathokcentre.caCanada V9K 1W8

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