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History of the Blue Hills by Jim Patraw

History of the Blue Hills by Jim Patraw

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Published by Shawn Tisdell
Rice Lake Wisconsin Area Geologic Notes
Rice Lake Wisconsin Area Geologic Notes

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Published by: Shawn Tisdell on Jun 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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isivolves e geeralgeologi isoryo e areapluseisory o aive Ameria abiaio i our regio  ikprobably wa we a o is begi wi e very aie isoryoeBlue Hills or e Barro Hills s eyre alleese aree ills a are o e eas o Rie Lakelok o
billio years ago is is weWe ur bak upe las o eesaes mouais bega o be wor ow a ese were e mouais o e or(Peokea Rage)Eve beore e ialpeak o is grea moua rage wi was probably jus asig i o iger a e Swiss Alpsiise is rise o esky weaerig a erosio a beguSlowly bu surely eseproesses arve away a e mouais a graually ese mouais over ures o millioso years o ime werereuePeakaer peak was u o low relie a a very iksee o seime was lai ow over wa is ow e sae oWisosi by e erosio o ese large mouais By e loseo wa we all e Preambria Era o geologi ime mos o wa is ow e sae o Wisosi was wor ow o a very laplaikow as a ·peepai e la wasalmos like Kasas isowBu ere aere were le remas o is see oseimeary rok a a ew sill remaiese sasoes alaysoes i some areas were meamorpose io mea sasoesa uarzies Eamples o ese erosioal remas are eBaraboo Rage i Sauk Couy Powers Blu i Woo Couy a ourowBarro Hills ere i Barro Couye Barro Hills isompose o a very ol layer o measasoes a uarziesa age rom 15 o 4 billio years is more or less sese sage or e ol e really ol isory o is regioow les skip uie a bi o geologi ime a go o abou2 millio years beore e preseis was e begiig oeso-alle Pleisoee Epo o geologi ime wi is eepo o glaiaio Durig is ime mos o or meriai a over al was overe wiour grea oiealglaiers: ebraska Kasa llioisa a Wisosia e oe
Rice Lake Area Geologic Notes
Praw -Februy
thats most relevant to ths regon sthe so-called Wsconsancesheet, obvously named ater the state o Wsconsn tstartedabout 70,000 years ago and the advanced extended untlabout1,000 or 12,000 years ago  act  you were here nRceake and looked about ve mles north to augen, Wsconsn, you would see, you were here about 12000 years ago, a wall oce about a hal mle hgh Standng here n Rce ake would beanold outwash plan o ths glacer and a lot o meltwater wouldbecomng o the glacer The glacers urthest extent s markedby aglacal depost called the termnal moraneTheevdence o the socalled termnal morane s ound n augen,WsconsnThs s the east-west rendng a rdge that goeshrough the cty I you notce as youre comng down rom augen, everythng lattens out Ths s because ths s theoutwash plan The Ice Age Tral o Wsconsn, set up n the970s, s establshed as much as possble along the termnal moraneIt s most developed n southern Wsconsn and Adam Cahow,Proessor o Geograhy at UWEau Clare, and a ew othersare stll workng on ts establshment through accessble land as much as possble up here n ths part o the state t contnuesthroughBrchwood, goes around Murphy Flowage, and parts o theBluells Ths glacer was n part esponsble or producng meltwatern creeks that carved some o the canyon eatures suchas Gundys Canyon n the Blue lls; also o note s the area oFelsenmeer Scentc Preserve, whch may be the ste o a smallvalley glacer located ust a ew mles south o Gundys CanyonA pcture o t was eatured n the August 977 ssue o NatonalGeographc and there s a very ne artcle about the ce AgeTral n that ssueGlacers erode rocks, and they also depost the sedmentsthat resultrom the eroson A general term or glacaldeposts s drt; drt s classed as beng unstrated allszes o sedment thrown togetheror strated dente szesseparated out n gven layersTll s a term that denes
Re Lake rea Geologc Noes
Para ebruary
usraed drAll sors o eresg hgs are oud  dr orexample,damods There was aperso ha oud a very smalldamod up byHauge, Wscoso oe o he eld rps I wasleadg o a gravel p us ousde o he cy From IsleRoyale ad he pper Pesula o Mchga, ugges o avecopper, called dr copper, were carred dow by he ce adle  places lke he Barro Hlls ad oher regos where heglacer deposed There s avery large ugge o avecopper, weghg over a o, odsplay a he Barro CouyHsorcal Socey Bruce Ward ad ohers have oud good sedugges o ave opper  he Blue Hlls ad he Rce LakeregoO glacalopography,  small solaed holes called rospockes, oe ca sll d paches o Arcc udra heseros pkes harbor emperares ha drop below reeg every moh o he year I recall Bob Baley, who dd orgalresearch o ros pockes here may years ago He pu maxmum/mmum hermomeers a he boom o hese depressosHerecorded emperaures as low as 10F o 0°F a he ed oue A he boom o hese rospockes youll d suchvegeao as Arcc sedge Ths s a ype o grass usuallyoud oly  Arcc regos Whahs represes s a osslclmae ha has survved o hs day rom he Wscosa IceAgeHumashabed he rego as early as 9,500 o 0,000 years ago, very shorly aer he ce leHere a he BarroCouy Campus us a ew years ago, a dvdual oud a urkeyal proecle poThs parcular proecle po ha wascommoly usage durg he ae Archac/Early Woodlad PerodThe Early Woodlad Perod goes rom 1,000 BC o 300 BC adheLae Archac goes rom 3,000 BC o 1,000 BC The urkeyal pos were used durg hesewo perods o culuraloccupao I has bee heard haa local collecor dow 
e Le A Geoogi Notes
Ptr Februry

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