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Action Item

Action Item

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Published by americanpapist463

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Published by: americanpapist463 on Jun 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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You're receiving this email because signed up in church to pray with A Rose and a Prayer. Pleaseconfirmyourcontinued interest in receiving email from us. To ensure that you continue to receive emails from us, addrose@aroseandaprayer.org to your address book today. You mayunsubscribeif you no longer wish to receive our emails.
Urgent Action Alert
Call your representatives in Dover today to stopa proposed 25.5% increase in state funding toPlanned Parenthood this year!!
Dear Friends, Attached below is an urgent alert from our allies at Delaware Right to Life about anincrease in funding that Planned Parenthood of Delaware will receive
unlessyour calls to Delaware's General Assembly stop it. Call the your legislators today, the last day of the session, in Dover at the numberslistedbelow..
You can call until midnight tonight,
as they will likely be in session into themorning. Yours in Christ, Ellen Barrosse PresidentA Rose and a Prayer
Delaware Right to LifeUrgent Action Alert
 Your urgent calls and emails are needed TODAY! By tomorrow, your tax dollars will
An Urgent Legislative Alert--Planned Parenthood to Get Increas...http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=fnmbjeca...1 of 46/30/11 1:51 PM
have been distributed according to how our legislators see fit. And YOUR calls andemails make a difference!! Planned Parenthood stands to receive more than a 25% increase in grant-in-aidfunding. Let's not forget...this is the organization that, across the country, lies toclients about the development of an unborn baby and aids s*x traffickers. 
 And right here in our state, PP Delaware hosted a focus group in cooperation with theState of Delaware Dept. of Health, to discuss what kinds of things they would like tobring into our public schools.
The group was attended by one of our members. Here is some of the content thatcame out of that meeting (WARNING: graphic material follows. Asterisks are used tobypass spam filters): 
According to Delaware's Planned Parenthood, our public schools shouldensure that:
 By age five your child will:Know that touching yourself for pleasure is normal,That a woman does not have to have a baby unless she wants to,Ages 5 - 7:Should know that people experience s*xual pleasure in a number of ways,Should know that s*xual identity includes s*xual orientation - lesbian, gay,strait, or bis*xual.Ages 8 - 12:Should know that s*x is pleasurable, not only a way to have a baby,Should know how to protect against s*xualy transmitted infections andunwanted pregnancyShould know what abortion is,Should know about contraceptive methods,Should know that a woman does not need to have s*x to get pregnant,Should know that no one has to become a parent,Should know that contraceptive options are available including emergencycontraception,Should know how to get contraceptives,Should be able to talk about how pregnancy can be avoidedShould be able to name a variety of contraceptives 
An Urgent Legislative Alert--Planned Parenthood to Get Increas...http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=fnmbjeca...2 of 46/30/11 1:51 PM
Keep in mind - This comes from Planned Parenthood of DELAWARE! Is this the kindof material you want your children to learn in school?? This is an organization that doesn't deserve a dime of our tax dollars, let alone a 25%increase! And don't forget - even though PP claims they don't use tax money forabortions, any tax money they do receive simply frees up other monies to provideabortions. Not to mention, it's used to bring the above "resources" to our youngschoolchildren! Click here to find your legislators and contact them TODAY!This is it! We need all of you to call to make a difference! For LIFE, Nicole Collins
How to Contact Dover Today
Senate Office Numbers Democratic Offices
Phone (302) 744-4286Fax (302) 739-6890 
Republican Offices
Phone (302) 744-4048Fax (302) 739-5049
House OfficeNumbers Democratic Offices
Phone (302) 744-4351Fax (302) 739-2313 
Republican Offices
Phone (302) 744-4171Fax (302) 739-2773
An Urgent Legislative Alert--Planned Parenthood to Get Increas...http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=fnmbjeca...3 of 46/30/11 1:51 PM

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