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12 Tips for Artists

12 Tips for Artists

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Published by AndHeDrew
12 tips for the beginning Digital Abstract Artist.
12 tips for the beginning Digital Abstract Artist.

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: AndHeDrew on Jun 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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  2   T  i  p  s
   f  o  r 
  B  e  g  i  n  n  i  n  g 
 A  b  s  t  r a  c  t
 A  r  t  i  s  t
   B  y   A  n  d  r  e  w    M   i   l   l  e  r
listen to music
This will improve your art. Seriously. Listen tomusic while you make art, and let it inuenceyou as you do. No only can music help staveoff any second-guessing, it can actually havea direct impact on what the nal product is: Iguarantee that you will have a different pieceof art if you listen to Death Metal then if youlisten to classical. The music will inuencehow quickly you create art as well, so for adetailed piece, choose a slow, methodicalpiece of music. For a piece that is wild andexpressive, go for a faster, energetic song.
 Be open
The fact that you are searching for moreinformation on creating abstract art is a signthat you are already pretty open to new ideas.Stay this way! Don’t put yourself, your ideas oryour art into a box: be open to new directionsand new ways of creating art. Do someexperimenting. Don’t be constantly tellingyourself that you can’t do this-or-that. Give it atry – you may nd out that you love it.
Start in b&w
Don’t sweat the colors at rst. If you feelinsecure choosing colors, then just use blackand white for a while. This way you canfocus on learning what looks good in thecomposition of your canvas, and what you likedoing. This is great practice for the beginner,and a wonderful way to gain experience.
Try, try, try and try.
Many people to try a new art form only togive up in despair after having difcultiesand drawbacks. Don’t let this be you. Youshouldn’t hang on for years to an art form thatisn’t a good t for you, but remember whatMr. Edison said: “Many of life’s failures arepeople who did not realize how close theywere to success when they gave up.” So, youshould set a time limit. Commit to a certainamount of time, say two months, that youwill work on this new art form. If at the endof the time period you still feel frustrated andoverwhelmed, then you can reevaluate. Butdon’t give up before or you might be missingout on something you could love.
let yourself make mistakes
It’s really difcult to make mistakes. I thinkyou should make mistakes. If you don’toccasionally mess up, you’re probablynot pushing yourself hard enough; you’replaying it safe, and your art is suffering. Pushyourself. Try things that you aren’t sure willwork. Keep pushing until you make a mistake.
Take risks
This goes hand-in-hand with #5. If you don’ttake risks, you might avoid a little ridicule orrejection, but ultimately you will be hurtingyour art. Commit to something that you aren’tsure you can do. Could you crash and burn?You might. Or you could learn and grow anddo something amazing. Start a collaborativeproject that you’re not sure will be a success,and work like crazy to make it work. Takeinitiative and try something new. If you nevertake risks, you might never be noticed.
 Don’t worry aboutwhat they think.
Whose opinion matters the most to you? Yourparent? Your best friend? Random people onthe internet? It’s impossible to please everyoneat once. I guarantee that whatever you dothere are going to be people who hate yourwork. There are going to be people who lovetearing you down. If you’re just trying to pleasethe people who don’t like your work, your artwill be lousy, and you eventually won’t enjoymaking it. MAKE ART FOR YOU.
Step back.
You’re not getting the result you want, andyou’ve tried and tried? Step back. Put thepiece away for a few days. Start somethingfresh. Your ideas will be owing soon enough.

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