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The Natural Mind - Waking Up - Drugs

The Natural Mind - Waking Up - Drugs

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Published by Alan Macmillan Orr
In this topic from The Natural Mind – Waking Up, the author asks us to question ourselves about why we like taking drugs, and why governments seem so determined to stop us doing something we want to do.
In this topic from The Natural Mind – Waking Up, the author asks us to question ourselves about why we like taking drugs, and why governments seem so determined to stop us doing something we want to do.

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Published by: Alan Macmillan Orr on Jul 01, 2011
Copyright:Public Domain


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The Natural Mind – Waking Up
alan macmillan orr 
1.A substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic
Yeah, let’s get high!
ave you tried drugs? The ones that are illegal, like cocaine, heroine, acid, speed, ecstasy, or marijuana? Are you one of the millions of people around the world who have sat getting high or danced the night away in a nightclub? Or maybe you’ve just passed out in a doorway somewhere?
I’ve tried drugs, and whatever anyone tries to tell you, drugs are good! Of course they are, that’s whythey’re illegal, they’re too good. Forget what your parents tell you. Forget what the government and your teachers tell you; if drugs were so bad, why do you think people would continue taking them? People aren’tstupid! They belong to the most intelligent species on the planet, and if they say they’re good, there is noreason to believe they are not telling the truth.There is evidence that Man has been taking stimulants of some kind or other for many thousands of years.Perhaps the drugs had some positive benefit during our long evolution; perhaps they staved off cold or helped us to work in harsh conditions. Whatever the case, drugs are now here for one thing: Pleasure.Do you remember the old pleasure centres in the brain we talked about in the topics addiction andalcohol? I won’t go into this in detail again, but let’s all just accept why we take drugs. It’s because theymake us feel good and we get great
from taking them.Drugs are no different to alcohol, they were just commercialised a lot later than beer and wine. I’m surethat if beer was to be invented now it would surely be banned; it certainly causes far more social problemsthan drugs ever have, but we digress. Let’s get back to the task of getting high...It’s cool to smoke a joint with your friends, isn’t it? Passing it round, inhaling the sweet smoke, feelingspacey and chilled, or dropping a couple of pills before going clubbing; getting that loved-up feeling as yousweatily dance around feeling sexy.Let’s face it, most people who take drugs don’t have a long term dependence or addiction to them, in factit’s usually something that is done in your youth at college or university, and gradually fades as one grows upand has more responsibility.There are, of course, long term abusers, who are addicted to the strongest drugs (because they’re the best), who cause social problems, and steal to fund their habit, but these people are the exception. They arethe drug equivalents of long term alcohol abusers. So let’s not blow all this out of proportion by saying thatdrugs are the worst thing in the world (I’m sure some of you anti-drug campaigners are getting quite hotunder the collar reading this!).We waste millions of pounds each year with our “war on drugs” campaigns, trying to crack down on the production and supply of something people want! That’s right, they actually want these drugs, so let’s notdemonise the pushers. This is pure capitalism; supply and demand; someone wants it, so someone supplies it.If no one actually wanted drugs do you think these big drug cartels would still be in business? The onlyreason that there is a large amount of violence associated with the trade is due it being illegal, it attracts themore criminally minded types to it, but apart from that, it’s just a business.Ask anyone who takes drugs, why they do it, and they’ll tell you “because it feels good.” Most peoplewho take drugs aren’t addicts, they’re just like all your other friends. They could be lawyers, doctors, or senior managers, it doesn’t matter what job they do, they take drugs because they like them. I have had manyfriends who took drugs regularly (every weekend), and you wouldn’t class them as addicts, these were goodcitizens who paid their taxes on time, and went to work every day. They just saw it as a bit of fun. Theynever thought what they were doing was in anyway bad, immoral, or illegal, they were just exercising their right as human beings to get high!Of course, the come down from drugs is much stronger than that of alcohol, but that’s the cost you haveto be prepared to pay if you want to get high.All in all, taking drugs is no different to getting drunk. You may have more intense experiences with somedrugs, you may see things that aren’t there (acid); you may experience a rapid pulse, sweating, and jawclenching (ecstasy); you may feel as if you just can’t stop talking (speed); or you may feel ultra confident(cocaine); or you may feel as if you are glued to the spot, unable to move, and maybe a little bit paranoid(marijuana). Hey, but this is all part and parcel of getting high. You want the pleasure, you pay the cost.So there you have it. If you want to feel good take drugs, they are much longer lasting, and also a muchcheaper night out than alcohol. The end.Of course, if you’ve never wanted to take drugs. or you have known someone who has become addicted toheroine or crack then you may feel like taking me to task over my last comments; telling me how you’veseen what drugs can do to people, and what a terrible curse they are on society, but as I said, people chooseto take them to feel extra good; to feel more pleasure than they can in normal life. Just because the after-effects are unpleasant (not only to the drug taker, but also the family members around them), and the person

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