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Renesmee's Story Chapter 5

Renesmee's Story Chapter 5

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Published by hsicfngf

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Published by: hsicfngf on Jul 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 This is just a fan written story about fictional characters taken from Stephanie Myers Twilight Saga. Renesmee Cullen follow through. 5. TRUTH I shuffled through memories in my head, looking for the one memory that had had megasping for air every time I relived it. I didn’t have to look for long, as soon as I thoughtof Jacob I remembered every detail. It’s funny how one bad memory can completely pushany good memory into the dark. It was the only thing I could see when I thought about Jacob, none of the happy things, none of the good things, just that one moment thatsingle handedly tore me to shreds.“So… are you going to tell me or not?” Nahuel sighed, rolling on his side to face me. Icopied his movement, and readjusted my weight so that the bed re-molded to my side. Ididn’t like talking about it, this storm cloud that always hovered over my head, so Iplaced my hand against Nahuel’s warm cheek. I shut my eyes, concentrating on what I wanted to see. I rewound back to a few daysbefore it happened. I was sitting on the bonnet of Jakes new car, one that my mom hadgifted to him for his birthday. I was glad they had stayed so close, but I had a feeling thatI might have had something to do with that. If Jake hadn’t imprinted on me then I don’tthink he would have stuck around for so long. I was looking out at the sea, I loved Firstbeach, it had always been my favourite. Jake jumped up next to me and wrapped his armaround my shoulder. I leant into his side, inhaling heavily and closing my eyes, absorbinghis smell. He leant down and whispered in my ear, his smooth voice telling me he lovedme. I smiled at him and just knew. I knew what I wanted at this moment. What I wantedto do with him. I leant over and kissed him fully on the lips, our tongues moving in syncso perfectly. He was like putty in my hands, and I took full control of his hands, movingthem where I wanted them. I slid them under my dress, Jake running them up my thigh… The vision blurred out of sight, and Nahuel looked blankly at me. I dropped my hand andrubbed my eyes.“I don’t think you need to know the rest of that night.” I said, looking over Nahuel’sshoulder, staring at the wall. He nodded and gently pulled my hand back to his cheek. Ire-focused on the next morning. Mom and Dad were out hunting when we got back that night. We waited at the livingroom table for mom and dad to get home. I knew it wouldn’t be long, their note said 9pmand it was already 8.47pm. My nerves were going crazy; I didn’t know how they wouldreact to the news about me and Jake. A little while later, I heard their footsteps on theforest floor not to far away. Jake straightened up and wove his fingers through mine. I
could feel waves of anxiousness being admitted from his body. Mom and Dad walkedthrough the front door, and at any second now dad would pick up on what I was thinking.What I predicted was exactly what happened. Dad picked up a chair and threw it at the wall, watching it shatter into tiny pieces. Momput a hand on his shoulder and asked him to calm down, obviously understanding by thelooks on me and Jake’s faces and dad’s reaction. Dad struggled to control his breathingas he sat next to mom at the dining table, opposite us. He was glaring at Jake, probablythinking about all the different ways to kill him. Mom just looked at me calmly, no hint of anger or disappointment on her face. She turned to dad and put a hand on his chin,twisting his face to look at her.“We knew this was going to happen one day.” She said, “And I don’t see the need tooverreact Edward.”“She’s our
, Bella.” He snapped, his eyes burning into my forehead, trying to getme to shift my gaze from the table to his eyes. I didn’t budge.“We know Jake loves her, and the bond they have is just as strong as or maybe evenstronger than what me and you have.” She replied a little bit more sternly.“That makes it OK? She’s too young!” Dad pushed his chair back loudly and started topace back and forward across the room. “How do we know she wasn’t rushed into this?For all we know she didn’t even want to!” He yelled. Jake brought his fist down hard on the table and narrowed his eyes at dad.“Don’t you
think that I would
pressure Renesmee into doing anything shedidn’t want to do.” Jacob shouted across the room. I buried my head into my hands andlet a few tears fall onto the table. Jake released my hand and stroked my back.“Do not touch her.” Dad said in a low voice, jabbing his finger through the air at Jake. There was a light knock at the door, and mom stood to go get it. She returned to theroom with Rosalie and Carlisle behind her. Rosalie looked around and turned to mom.“What’s going on?” She asked, pulling a chair towards me. She placed it next to mineand rubbed my shoulder. “Ness?”I didn’t lift my head. I could hear dad running through the story with Carlisle and Rosaliein a fast low voice. Rosalie gasped beside me and stiffened up.“Edward, stop, that’s not what happened. Jake did not force her into doing anything withhim!” Mom almost yelled. Rosalie released her frozen stance and stroked my hair.“Like hell he didn’t! I can read his thoughts, and he’s been desperate to get intoRenesmee’s pants ever since she looked of age!” Dad shouted back. That’s it, I’d hadenough of him blaming Jake, making Jake look like the bad guy. I stood suddenly andmarched over to dad. Rosalie and mom followed, standing a few steps back. Jake stayedat the table, fists clenched, breathing heavily. I looked over at Carlisle who was standingbehind Edward, and he looked at the floor.
!” I hissed. “This isn’t Jakes fault. I wanted this to happen! I love him
much,I would crawl over barbed wire just to hear his voice.” Jacob flinched and let out a quietgrowl.“No you wouldn’t. You shouldn’t be that serious, you’re only 6!” Dad whispered back.“I’m not 6. A 6 year old wouldn’t know that their dad was acting psychotic for no goodreason like you’re doing now. It’s fine. It’s my choice. I had sex with Jake, and I’llprobably do it again because it’s what I want, and you can’t stop me!” I yelled.“It. Is. Not. Fine. It is anything but fine Renesmee. I can stop you! You are not going tosee Jacob anymore!”“Over my dead body.” Jacob snapped. He had risen from his seat and was standing at myside, twisting his arm around my waist.“I can make that happen, mut.” Dad took a step towards Jacob. Jacob gritted his teethand started to shake.“Edward!” Mom hissed, and was quick to stand in between them. “Stop this now.Carlisle?” Mom said, turning to grandfather, “Can you please take Edward some placeelse? He needs to calm down and I need to sort this out.” Carlisle nodded and tried totow dad out of the house.“Come now son, I think it’s best if you leave now before something happens that you willregret.” Carlisle said softly but with a tone of authority. Dad was reluctant at first, butgave in after a few seconds and followed Carlisle out of the house. Everyone was quietfor a while after he left. Finally, Jacob shook his head and looked down at me. I was stillstaring at the place where dad had been standing. I hadn’t shifted my gaze onecentimeter.“Are you okay?” He asked, rubbing my back. I nodded and wiped my cheeks, surprisedthat I had been crying the whole time; I thought I had stopped crying when I started toyell at dad. Jake pulled me into a tight hug, resting his chin on the top of my head. I couldhear his heart beating through his skin, and leant into his chest some more.“Rose,” mom said, “I think you should go tell the others what has happened, and towatch out for Edward.” She pressed her fingers to her temples, and rubbed them. Rosaliesmiled half-heartedly and flew out the door. After the sound of her silent steps was longgone, mom looked over at me and Jake. I pulled my palm up to my chin and drummedmy fingers against my lower lip.“Jacob.” My mom said calmly, “I think it’s best you say goodbye to Renesmee beforeEdward gets back.” Jacob growled in response, and mum held her hands up, palmsforward.“I just mean for now, nothing permanent. I’m sure Nessie’s tired too.”“Bella-” Jake started, but mom interrupted him.

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