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Naveh - Where Faith Abides

Naveh - Where Faith Abides

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Published by Dr. J. Luxum
Faith is a gift, which likes to abide with some while avoids others. Faith is no magic nor mystery, it comes to the one who prepared a place for it's habitation (Hebrew NAVEH).
Faith is a gift, which likes to abide with some while avoids others. Faith is no magic nor mystery, it comes to the one who prepared a place for it's habitation (Hebrew NAVEH).

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Published by: Dr. J. Luxum on Jul 02, 2011
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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“Faith’s Lodging Place” by Dr. Joseph Luxum
Copyright © New Wine Publishing LLC All Rights Reserved
Page 2
In the court of law we have the judge, jury, prosecutor, defender, witnesses and the accused. The entire process of truth finding is based on depositions, which are to be believed as trueand accurate. The jury carefully examines the sworn under-oath testimonies, deliberates and weighs the pros and cons and then makes a unanimous decision for or against the defendant.Let’s assume that none of the witnesses told the truth, either they did not reveal the com-plete truth or they concocted lies making them look like the truth. Usually such concealedlies can be easily called illusions. Illusion always leads to disillusionment and even delusion.Right here we can see the root of the expanding tree, which is a concealed lie. No liar wouldever openly tell lies. All lies are carefully wrapped and nicely presented as the truth. That’s why an act of elusion has a basis, which is to avoid direct and truthful confrontation. Con-frontation is only necessary when truth faces a lie. When truth meets truth they find fellow-ship and harmony. When a lie faces another lie both are on edge, watching their backs, un-easy and uncomfortable; nonetheless, they also find some sordid fellowship.Of course, it depends on the jury’s composition and their individual belief systems, theirintelligence, gut feeling, intuition, but above all detailed examination of the alleged evidence. The presented evidence is believed as true. Otherwise any sentence the judge pronounces would be rooted in lies therefore completely baseless; and looking from above also evil. Liesincarcerate the innocent and even kill. The entire process depends on at least one testimony for without witnesses and their tes-timonies no truth can ever be established and any actions taken thereafter are unfounded. The Bible calls such groundless actions unrighteousness.It is assumed that God does not care, He does not see and that mysterious being (God)can be even manipulated. The wavering in faith, as to His very existence—and much less Hisabilities in judgment of all liars—suits many today. It is a most readily embraced conven-ience, which ends in unnecessary suffering and death, yet most don’t seem to care as long astheir short-lived wants are gratified. Hardly anyone thinks ahead of time. Getting by today and forgetting tomorrow is all that matters. Justice comes from the word “judicial”; righteousness comes from morality and thereforemoral conduct. History shows that people struggle with the ideas of justice, righteousnessand fairness. We know how devious and evasive humans can be, because they harbor some-thing they either are ashamed of or want to get away with, saying ‘it ain’t nobody’s business.’
“Faith’s Lodging Place” by Dr. Joseph Luxum
Copyright © New Wine Publishing LLC All Rights Reserved
Page 3
Once I came upon a small book by Rabbi Krakovski and one sentence stuck in my mind.He said that the kingdom of God is sealed; that seal is called The Truth. The seal of truth is actually found in the New Testament, therefore in Christianity, so I was quite intrigued by it and naturally wanted to break that seal and get into God’s King-dom, but who would give me the legal permission?Ever since I have kept engaged in the study of truth and discovered its properties, whichcan do wonders when fully embraced; for when it comes to God and His realm there is noother WAY to Him except through the TRUTH; and right there one finds LIFE.
Unless you become like children
 There are those who do not believe in any witness depositions unless they are under thethreat of some lawful punishment. The testimonies of Mary, Peter, John and even those of  Jesus’ brothers are indeed depositions. By labeling them as lies one exemplifies not only poorjudgment, but also devious character. Guile is always rooted in self and egocentrism. Chil-dren have not acquired yet that ‘property’, they are indeed without guile.Did Jesus’s disciples bluntly lie in order to gain a following and then willingly die for whatthey had witnessed? For when we examine Christianity’s history, and how quickly it spreadthroughout the world, we see that it was not the Crusaders or the Spanish inquisitors, northe Conquistadors that really cared about the truth, but rather those that were torn by lionsand burnt at the stake. But the question remains as to why would they die such horribledeaths? What possessed them not to renounce their faith? They definitely did not do it outof pride, or egocentrism, but very much out of their opposites. Who in his or her right mind would ever go to a torturous death singing? Those that were tortured were done away withbecause of superstitions. Being forced to divulge things, which cannot be described withhuman words, was the practice then. But can the reasons for their deep abiding faith be everexpressed? Perhaps yes… with singing. There is something in one’s soul worthy of paying attention to; but look out! The discovery may cause the seeker to experience the same? Butthis brings us to the mystery of unbelief. What are the origins of unbelief? Why so many seek to undermine the very existence of  Jesus? I understand that Sir Doyle invented Sherlock Holmes, gave him a fictional birthplaceand even an address, and for many, that is so much easier to believe in than in Jesus.

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Mercy Gate added this note
Wow! The best read ever. Faith is a gift. It comes to those that have prepared for this wonderful gift a place called in Hebrew NAVEH, or habitation. So faith is God's Spirit that can permanently reside in NAVEH.
Dr. J. Luxum added this note
Faith is no magic it is the very power of God given for this earth. It costs you something. We eat food to live, so we must eat spiritual knowledge to gain power. Both are costly. You buy bread so you have the right to eat it; if you steal it then you put thievery into your mouth. What you eat you become. Faith is a gift, which can be legally obtained. So pay the price and be filled.
Dr. J. Luxum added this note
Don't struggle with unbelief or pretend to have faith, but rather make yourself available by preparing Him a place. Three types of faith, little faith, great faith and faith. Little faith is to transact, read a newspaper or believe a teacher in school. Great faith is a receiving faith, the Canaanite woman and the Roman Centurion had it. Faith that moves mountains is God's gift to you.

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