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Wisdom of Dr Otabil and Others

Wisdom of Dr Otabil and Others

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: DR SAMUEL KENNEDY AGYEI TAKYI on Jul 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The wisdom of Dr Mensah OtabilInternational Central Gospel Churchfounder, and President of CentralUniversity Ghana
 YOUR GOD IS A BIG GOD. Don't tell God how Big your storm is; tell the Storm howBigyour God is. Keep your eyes on God and MAGNIFY HIS POWER in you. With faith inyour heart, you will move mountains. With fear in your heart, mountains will move you.BE AMOUNTAIN MOVER. SEE with the eye of the spirit. SPEAK with the voice of faith.Thisweek is your TURN AROUND WEEK. Boldly declare µMY GOD IS BIGGER THAN MYSTORM¶!
IT¶S TIME TO STEP HIGHER. God is calling you to the mountain; DON¶T SETTLEFOR THE VALLEY. Why settle for µdown¶ when you can be ON TOP? Step awayfrom µordinary¶; step into EXTRAORDINARY! You have a place at GOD¶S HIGHTABLE. Don¶t settle for the scraps on the floor. LISTEN. The KING OF GLORY iscalling you by name to... HIS TABLE. GET UP! Dust yourself. Say µyes¶ to Him. It¶syour time to FEAST AT THE KING¶S TABLE!God broke the mould after He made you. Your DNA is unique. Your thumbprint is distinct. You were born original; don¶t die as a copy.Follow your path. Flow with your strengths. Some will criticize. Otherswill resent your uniqueness. BE STRONG. Receive advice. Improveyourself«but be ORIGINAL. Don¶t just blend in; Make... your mark. Stepout of the shadows. Let your light shine. YOU¶RE FEARFULLY ANDWONDERFULLY MADE!!!FAILURE IS NOT FINAL. Enough with the tears. Enough with the regrets. YOU CAN¶T MOVE FORWARD BY LOOKING BACKWARDS. Step out of thedarkness. Close your ears to the whispers of condemnation and LISTENTO GOD¶S CALL. Yesterday is gone. Today is here. SEIZE THE MOMENT.It¶s not too late. God forgives. God redeems. God re...stores. With Himthere is FAVOUR FOR YOUR FAILURES. Ask Him to do SOMETHING NEWIN YOUR LIFE TODAY! YOU¶RE A CHILD OF DESTINY. You¶re not here by accident; you¶re hereby ASSIGNMENT. Your conception, birth and life are part of a DIVINENARRATIVE. You¶re NECESSARY. You¶re NEEDED. The world needs YOURDREAMS«YOUR WISDOM«YOUR GIFTS. Don¶t bury your talent. Don¶tallow critics to shut you down. Stir yourself up. IT¶S YOU...R TIME. It¶syour DESTINY. Divine grace and favour be on you. TOUCH THE WORLDWITH YOUR BRILLIANCE!
 Are you a BRAGGER or an ACHIEVER? Braggers talk big but do little;ACHIEVERS DO BIG but talk little. Be a BIG DOER and not a big talker.While others brag about their intentions; you WORK ON YOURINVENTIONS. Don¶t procrastinate. Start that course. Finish that project.Face that challenge. Don¶t just talk about it. DO I...T. If you sow theseed, THE LORD WILL BRING THE HARVEST. MAY HE PROSPER THEWORK OF YOUR HANDS!WHAT IS YOUR NAME? People may call you, µsick, weak, poor, foolish¶.But WHAT DO YOU CALL YOURSELF? The tag you accept is the label youwear. Instead of µsick¶, God says, you are HEALED. Instead of µweak¶,you¶re STRONG. Instead of µpoor¶, you¶re RICH. Instead of µfoolish¶,you¶re WISE. Refuse man¶s tag; accept God¶s l...abel. In Christ you¶reBLESSED not cursed; REDEEMED, ACCEPTED, BELOVED! Tell me, WHAT¶S YOUR NAME?USE WHAT YOU HAVE. You lost your shoe but YOU STILL HAVE A LEG. You lost your pillow but YOU STILL HAVE A HEAD. You lost some friendsbut YOU STILL HAVE YOURSELF. Start afresh with what you have. Whatis taken away is gone but YOU ARE NOT EMPTY. God is not finished withyou. What do your have? Use it. Put it in God¶s h...ands. He will multiplyyour five loaves and two fish. MAY THE LORD MAKE YOU A THOUSANDTIMES MORE!THANKS for all the wonderful sentiments you posted on my birthday. Itook time to read each of them. MY PURPOSE in life is simple: 1.TOHONOR CHRIST 2. TO INSPIRE PEOPLE. Knowing and LIVING FOR CHRISTJESUS is the greatest PASSION OF MY LIFE. I believe God created eachof us for significance. I believe in GOD¶S GOODNE...SS. I believe that nomatter what life throws at you, THERE¶S HOPE FOR THE FUTURE (Jer.31:17).LOOK AHEAD. God put your eyes are in front of you not behind you. Hedesigned you to MOVE FORWARD. LOOK past insults. LOOK past pain.LOOK past failure. When yesterday¶s memories hinder you, MOVEFORWARD. If tomorrow scares you, still MOVE FORWARD. Remember Lot¶s wife. She looked back and froze into a pillar of salt. D...ON¶TFREEZE. LOOK TO JESUS. WALK WITH JESUS. He will take you to placesBEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS!RUN YOUR RACE. While others rush in haste, STAY IN YOUR TRACK.Refuse to be envious of other people¶s success. REJOICE WITH THOSEWHO REJOICE. Remember: Blowing out another's candle will not makeyours shine brighter. Light your own candle. Some may step ahead of you but«BE AT PEACE WITH YOURSELF. God will not pass you... by. YOUR DAY OF VISITATION IS COMING. You¶re not late. You¶re notbehind. YOU WILL GET THERE!!!DON¶T RUN FROM THE BATTLE. When the battle is tough, fight on. Fightfor your dignity. Fight for your destiny. Fight for dreams. Your fields areopen but there are wolves to fight. Don¶t turn your back to the enemy.FIGHT FORWARD. Though you fall seven times, YOU WILL RISE AGAIN.Though an army surrounds you, THE MOST ...HIGH FIGHTS FOR YOU. InChrist you have the VICTORY. Hang in there. Fight on. GOLIATH SHALLFALL!
 Big things are the sum of small things. The small creates the big. Littleseeds become mighty trees. Don¶t take your little acts for granted; over time they will shape the outcome of your life. If you miss today¶s smallgoals, you will miss tomorrow¶s big dreams. Pay attention to detail. Bemeticulous. Be accurate. May... God give you grace to be a PERSON OFDISTINCTION!!!Every problem has a solution. Every question has an answer. Justbecause you don¶t have solutions today does not mean you will never have them. Don¶t give up on yourself. This is not the end. Today¶s testwill bring tomorrow¶s promotion. Trust God. Stay on track. Be focused.The darkness will be over. New opportunities... will emerge. Your lightwill shine. You¶ll find the answers. Smile«THE LORD IS WITH YOU!!! You can¶t succeed in your life by living another person¶s life. You¶re notthem; you¶re YOU. Don¶t sabotage your destiny through fake pretences.God created you unique; don¶t live as a cheap imitation. Find your place. Sing your song. Dance to your rhythm. Run your race. CelebrateGod¶s Grace on your life. YOU have str...engths! YOU have abilities!Show the world what you¶ve got«YOU¶RE BLESSED AND HIGHLYFAVORED!!!There are two kinds of failures: those who think and never act, andthose who act and never think. Don¶t be either. Great achievers thinkand act. Put your ideas into action! Take the first step, and then thenext« Do something today! Be bold. Be strong. Step forward. JehovahAlmighty is with you. He will magnify your small steps into GIANTLEAPS!!!There¶s no charge for thinking, so think. Think though problems. Thinkbeyond problems. Use your imagination. Be creative. Expand your world. You¶re a CHAMPION, think CHAMPION THOUGHTS! Think big;Think deep; Think possibilities; Think God! YOU WILLBREAKTHROUGH!!!To a world that is set in its ways, new ideas are labeled µtoo simple¶ or µtoo crazy¶. The truth is that great accomplishments usually start assimple or crazy ideas. Don¶t abandon an idea just because it appearssimple, crazy or untested. In this Breakthrough year, expect God todrop BREAKTHROUGH IDEAS into your spiri...t. Nurture your ideas, testthem, apply them! You will WIN!!!Breakthroughs are the product of cycles of consistent pressure.Joshua¶s army marched a total of thirteen circles in silence aroundJericho before they shouted to bring the walls down. Keep marching,keeping praying, keep pushing and keep pressing on. YOURBREAKTHROUGH IS COMING!!! JERICHO IS FALLEN!!!"you need to look to the glory of the future, not spend your time andenergy trying to resurrect and recreate the glory of the past. Acceptchange, embrace change. Make change work for you! "" God created you with your own special set of gifts, your own specialway to sparkle. When you find a place of functioning successfully, your light will shine!"" if you are a professional at the blame game, you will always be an

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