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True Blood Season 4 Episode 2

True Blood Season 4 Episode 2

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Published by: True Blood in Dallas on Jul 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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True Blood Season 4 Episode 200:00:27,988 --> 00:00:29,065Becky?200:00:30,710 --> 00:00:32,975We ain't supposed to talk to you.300:00:35,554 --> 00:00:37,361What the hell is going on?400:00:39,624 --> 00:00:41,826Is someone licking my head?500:00:42,648 --> 00:00:44,583It's just me, Mr. Jason.600:00:45,560 --> 00:00:47,477You gotta nasty gash, so...700:00:47,914 --> 00:00:48,951Timbo?800:00:50,234 --> 00:00:51,315Timbo...900:00:52,280 --> 00:00:54,561Timbo... fuck, man!1000:00:56,812 --> 00:00:59,754It's not that I don't appreciateall the licking 'cause I do.1100:01:00,133 --> 00:01:03,985But I'm more of a band-aidkinda guy.1200:01:04,265 --> 00:01:06,633We ain't got no band-aids.1300:01:07,734 --> 00:01:09,411Who put you up to this, huh?14
00:01:09,804 --> 00:01:11,810'Cause I know this ain't comingfrom you.1500:01:11,811 --> 00:01:13,663We can't, Mr. Jason.1600:01:15,925 --> 00:01:18,403I've been good to you. Haven't I?1700:01:20,537 --> 00:01:24,274Sure, at first I was doing it onaccount of Crystal, and not...1800:01:24,624 --> 00:01:29,233not 'cause I wanted to. But then Icame to love each and every one of you.1900:01:29,536 --> 00:01:31,719And I know you love me, too.2000:01:31,801 --> 00:01:34,764You wouldn't be licking myhead if you didn't.2100:01:34,886 --> 00:01:36,237Am I right?2200:01:38,203 --> 00:01:39,323Yeah.2300:01:41,169 --> 00:01:44,507Come over here and loosen oneknot. One knot.2400:01:44,947 --> 00:01:46,372I'll take care of the rest.2500:01:50,427 --> 00:01:51,512C'mon.2600:01:53,793 --> 00:01:56,039Why the fuck am I doing this?27
00:01:56,362 --> 00:01:59,368'Cause you're a good boyand it's the right thing to do.2800:02:01,368 --> 00:02:03,285Why didn't you tell me he was up?2900:02:03,324 --> 00:02:05,930- Felton?- Get out!3000:02:08,051 --> 00:02:09,313Where the hell's Crystal?3100:02:09,585 --> 00:02:12,023How sweet of you to be worryingabout my woman.3200:02:12,024 --> 00:02:14,647If I was you, thoughI'd be worrying about myself.3300:02:14,835 --> 00:02:15,796Fuck you!3400:02:15,797 --> 00:02:17,936- Really? Fuck me?- Yeah.3500:02:17,971 --> 00:02:20,874Fuck me? Cause I'll bet you my shotgunto your no-arms-and-legs,3600:02:20,875 --> 00:02:24,677you are the one who is going toget fucked here!3700:03:56,416 --> 00:03:57,741Stay away from me!3800:03:57,742 --> 00:04:00,523This is no way to treat yournew landlord.3900:04:01,605 --> 00:04:04,820

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