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25 Reasons for Veganism

25 Reasons for Veganism

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Published by Our Compass

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Published by: Our Compass on Jul 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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To Reduce YourRsk of CcerTo Reduce Your Rskof DbetesTo Prevet GobCmte Chge
According to the American Dietetic Association,vegetarians tend to have lower overall cancerrates.For example, the massive Adventist HealthStudy ound that meat-eaters had a 54%increased risk or prostate cancer and an 88%increased risk or colorectal cancer, even atercontrolling or age, sex and smoking.The American Dietetic Associationstates that vegetarian diets are associatedwith a lower risk o type 2 diabetes.In one study, risk or diabetes was 80%higher in men who ate meat, comparedto vegetarian men.According to the United Nations, raisinganimals or ood produces more greenhousegas emissions than all o the cars, trucks,planes, ships and other orms o transportationcombined.Researchers at the University o Chicagocalculated that each person who adopts avegan diet prevents the equivalent o 1.5tons o CO
emissions every year.
Which causs mor
gloal warming?
This brochure explores 25 o the countless reasons more andmore Americans are choosing to orgo meat, and enjoy a dietbased on health, compassion, and sustainability.
We Do’t Hve toK to Be Hethy
Animals value their lives just as we valueours. They don’t want to be killed. Nor dothey want to see their riends or amilymembers killed. Is it morally justiable orus to take animals’ lives – and orce them toendure lietimes o suering – simply tosatisy a palate preerence?According to the American DieteticAssociation, “Well-planned vegan andother types o vegetarian diets are appropriateor all stages o the lie cycle including duringpregnancy, lactation, inancy, childhood,and adolescence.Not only are vegetarian diets appropriateor people o all ages, but our bodies canthrive on them. In act, studies o vegetarianSeventh Day Adventists – one o the largestpopulations o vegetarians in the United States– indicate that they are among the healthiestand longest-living people in the world.
My best year o trackcompetition was the rstyear I ate a vegan diet.
- Carl Lewis, Olympic Champion
What about protein?
It’s easy to get enough protein on a well-balanced vegan diet. High-protein plant oodsinclude beans, lentils, peanut butter, oats,veggie burgers, tou, tempeh, seitan, soymilkand more.
Don’t i neeD to eat Dairy proDuctsfor calcium?
Humans have no need or cow’s milk.Just as dog’s milk is intended or puppies,and human’s milk is intended or human inants,cow’s milk is intended or calves – not humans.There are many excellent sources o plant-based calcium, including kale, broccoli, collardgreens, ortied non-dairy milks and ortiedorange juice.
take your b12
The one vitamin vegetarians should payspecial attention to is B12 – a vitamin notreliably ound in plants. Luckily, getting B12is as easy as taking a supplement or amultivitamin.
Visit VeganHealth.org for more information.
BEanS & lEnTilSWHOlE GRainS
or more servingsa day
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The Vegetarian
Food Groups

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