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Energy for Protection of Universe

Energy for Protection of Universe

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Published by Makena Lei

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Published by: Makena Lei on Jul 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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REIKI SCHOOL CENTER “SOPHIA”reikischule.ucoz.ru
ENERGY FOR PROTECTION OF UNIVERSESOPHIA LOZENKOLineage co-operation:Sophia Lozenko & Elina Georgieva & DetelinaMonova - You
“I suggest this option for those who intend to submit energy and love of Universe.”Sophia Lozenko
The message for you: 
“Universe helps you in transition and sends his loveIn gratitude for your help.Send your love to the Universe.Love, which contains the energy security of the Universe.
This will help the balance of power and to establish tranquility and peace.Take from me the energy to protect the Universe.Handle it as energy to protect the Earth. And send each day in the Universelove and compassion for people on Earth.Be blessed those who work to benefit people and the Earth.Be blessed those who love peace and are compassionate to the world.” With Love to you Ashtar Sheran the Commander of Galactic Patrol.
And in russinan :
 Вселенная вам помогает в переходе и шлет свою Любовь. Как благодарность за эту помощь, Пошлите вы свою Любовь Вселенной. Любовь заключена в энергии защиты для Вселенной. Поможете вы в равновесьи сил и установленьи мира и покоя. Вселенная нуждается в Любви и состраданьи и равновесии. Примите от меня энергию защиты для Вселенной, Работайте вы ее так же, как Энергией защиты для Земли. И посылайте каждый день вы во Вселенную - Любовь и сострадание людей Земли. Благословенны будьте вы работающие на благо человека и Земли. Благословенны будьте любящие мир и сострадающие миру.
С любовью к вам Аштар Шеран
How to receive the attunement: 
Find a quiet place where you can relax and allow yourself tobe open to the attunement. Sit or lie down in a comfortableposition, where you will be free from distractions. Now pleasetake a few deep breaths and allow yourself to relax.When you feel ready close your eyes and state your intentionto receive the attunement as declaring to the Universe yourwill using your own words or such manner:
“Let my Higher Self to accept the attunement "Energy for protection of Universe”, which is sent to me by (name of your Master). I am grateful. “ 
Thanks in advance. It would be better to stay with your eyesclosed, granted, not crossing legs and arms. That's all thatsimple.The attunement will begin so just relax and enjoy yourexperience. You will experience and sense whatever is rightfor you, everyone is unique and this is your experience, it willtake as long as it takes but you should be aware of it
finishing, when it is finished please thank yourself for the giftyou have just given yourself.Once you have received the attunement, you can then instantlyuse this energy.
How to use the energy: 
After the attunement you can activate the energy as often asyou want just say three times Energy for Protection of Universe” and it will starting to flow and radiate. Energyworks 24 hours. You also can do a program – “Let energy forProtection of Universe is supplied to the everyone in needwith every one my breath on for next ….minutes or with mywake up or …” feel free to chose a time you want to do itautomatically for not forget to do it regularly.
Or can declare:
"I call on the Energy for protection of the Universe to beactivated from my aura, and to embrace with love the entireUniverse, protects it and keeps to its highest good, and weal".Thanks in advance and then leave to run 24 hours.
How to pass attunement to others: 
Connect to the Energy for protection of Universe by intention,and calling it in as described in the manual.
In person attunement: 
Place your hands on the student’s shoulders gently and saythe following invocation:
“I Am Father, Mother and GOD I Am That I AmI Am the Instrument of Your Will.” 
Then ask the Divine Source and Universal Light Forces to helpwith attunement:
Universe, please help me with (attuned person's nameattunement of Energy for protection of Universe.” 
and after:
“I now attune (name) to the Energy for protection of Universe.Light becomes Light. So Mote it be.” 
(place hands in prayer position, and indicate to student to dosame)

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