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2012 - Wisdom in Crop Circles: Yin and Yang and the galactic-solstice axis alignment

2012 - Wisdom in Crop Circles: Yin and Yang and the galactic-solstice axis alignment

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In a number of Crop circles I have noted one theme, the lines made by the tractor in the crop are not accidentally placed. Yin and Yang is also a major theme, what does this mean, is there a connection with 2012 and the End of this Great Age?
In a number of Crop circles I have noted one theme, the lines made by the tractor in the crop are not accidentally placed. Yin and Yang is also a major theme, what does this mean, is there a connection with 2012 and the End of this Great Age?

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Published by: Susan Seymour Hedke (b. Susan. S. K. Haub). on Jul 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wisdom iCircles:
a G Alignment of the galacthe solstice axis ethrough Yin and YangCrop Circle
S. Seymour Hedke JuSome say this crop circle on theby human hand. It seems unlikelus not worry who made it, let usthat whoever did the work of plfields did so because they had amessage to share with us.What message might that be? Itface is easy to see. But what doWikianswers.com this result:
 the owl symbolizes wisdom
the extended answer suggeste
“Since birds can fly, they rep you know but don't remembe oldest language.” 
If you return to the strongest co
 the ability to discern or jud learning through the ages; k
So whwe loWellthe epicturother,fish w
reat Yeartic axis withpressedelements ins
ly 3 2011right was madey to me. But let just supposecing it in ourimportanthas been said that this crop circle represents as an owl symbolize? If you ask this question of 
 nd the night, as in evil” 
esent subconscious thought patterns. Looklearning ... this is in the universal langua
nection with wisdom and ask
What is wisdom
e what is true, right, or lasting; insight. owledge and wise teachings of the ancient
at insights or ancient teachings of the sagesk back at this owl?y first thought when I saw it was the “eyees of a Yin and Yang symbol, for Yin ad as creatures with eyes, like dolphins revor here, in my version as a light bird withith light eye.
Left: Yin and Yang as bird and fish – aut
owl. I think the owlGoogle you get from
 for those thingse of mind, the
you will get:
 Also: the sum of  ages.
nd do we get whens” of the owl werend Yang are oftenlving around eachdark eye and dark 
or’s drawing
In fact the eyes of a Yin Yang figure actually represent the most extreme phases of the Moon,with which owls, as night creatures, are
also associated.The Moon is not seen when it is conjunct the Sun and it is always opposite the Sun when it isfull. Sowhen the Sun is strong the Moon is weak, and when the Moon is weak the Sun isstrong.
 I Ching
and Eight Moon Phases on a World Tree. The upperblack Moon and the lower white or full Moon form the twoeyes of Yin and Yang whose bodies represent the increase anddecrease of the Yang or solar energy
Understanding the language of Yin and Yang, or
the I Ching,
is avery ancient study going back over 5000 years.Terence Mckenna was a modernguru directed on the Americancontinent to the Chinese
 I Ching
along time ago. It led him to an earlyunderstanding of what 2012 was all about with his now famous“Timewave Zero”.I too was attracted to Yin and Yang as it became necessary tosimplify the idea of the Heavenly Clock for my book on theGalactic Centre and 2012.What particularly attracted my attention to this Yin Yang cropcircle of the owl were the lines made by the tractor in the cropthat ran directly through both its eyes. I had noticed this before in other crop circles.I see this alignment, or line through two “eyes” as in fact extremely significant. I hadassociated it in my book with a “galactic alignment”
and aGreat Year cycle. What I found was that the solstice galacticaxis alignment that occurs in 2012 marked a return of Yangenergy and the beginning of a rising Yang period.
Yang always rises, it is part of its fiery nature, just as rainalways falls, and that is part of its watery nature. This reversalfrom a falling or descending period of Yin to an ascendingperiod of Yang was what the Milky Way’s galactic axisaligning with the Winter Solstice was all about.But I also found that this return of Yang was also associated with, or represented by amountain: as Yin was associated with the concave valley and the waters of such valleys, soYang was always associated with the convex pyramidal form of the mountain, and the fieryrisings that created it.
“These valleys of the Earth shall come to an End” 
we are told by the 16
century Jaguarpriests of the Maya, when telling about 2012, but not all will be over for “
after death”
theytell that “
the katun of our fathers
will ascend on high
(Tizimin p. 16, from Geoff Stray).
Galactic Alignment 
” is a popular term in connection with 2012, originally coined by John Major Jenkins, whosees his ideas as very different to my own and wishes that to be made absolutely clear!
The Bible tells also in
that there shall be
no more sea
and that a holy mountain willreturn from where the son of God shall reign on Earth.What all the prophecies for 2012 were actually referring back to, with their idea of a humanfigure returning, like Quetzalcoatl, was the return of the world mountain. The world mountainwas the Cosmic Man on Earth, the Son of Man who acted for the creator and was associatedwith the constellation of Orion whose name is translated as “mountain man”, it is he whowould begin to rise again. This becomes clearer when one sees the symbolism of Orion, hishourglass form, or his three belt stars in a row used in representing the world mountain.As all prophecies are remains of one global prophecy, the idea of the pillar like mountaincalled Atlas on Atlantis, and the world mountain Meru in the East and even the Christian ideaof Eden, are all pieces of one and the same memory.
The eyes of Yin and Yang represent the most extreme phases of the Moon. When the Yang energy isstrongest the Yin is weakest. But at maximum Yin the Moon is strongest. This is the time of the FullMoon below, it is unfortunately often reflected in a society full of strong, powerful or aggressivewomen and weak, effeminate, drunken or immoral men. This time of the Full Moon coincides in the
with the month of Sagittarius, from 21 November to 21 December.In ancient and seemingly almost global understanding Sagittarius was the lunar archer, the same asthe white horseman with a bow as described in Revelation. The centaur associated with this area wasusually also a very violent creature that one had to hide any form of alcohol from. People who workin hospital emergency units know the power of the Full Moon!When the Moon was full it was seen as a stretched bow. At the solstice time when the Sun grewweak and old the lunar archer, sometimes a woman like Artemis who shot at Orion and sometimesas a man in China, who shot at the Sun at the time of its opposition to the Sun, he shot down the Sunand was sometimes pictured standing in a valley shooting down all the zodiac creatures of the solar

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