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Table Of Contents

New, Changed or Removed Optional Tools
New, Changed or Removed .INI Files
New, Changed or Removed Keyboard Layouts and Code Pages
Minimum Hardware Configuration
The Disk Format
The Boot Record
The File Allocation Table (FAT)
The Disk Directory
The Data Area
Accessing the Disk
Requesting Drive and Disk Information
Reading and Writing Data Directly to the Disk
Chapter 3.Accessing Files with File Handles
Special File Handles
Reading and Writing Data to a File
Requesting and Specifying File Attributes
Finding Files in Directories
Requesting and Specifying National Language Support (NLS)
Controlling Network Operations
Chapter 4.Accessing Files Using File Control Blocks
The File Control Block (FCB)
The Extended FCB
The Disk Transfer Area (DTA)
Accessing Sequential Records
Accessing Random Records
Chapter 5.Managing Device I/O
•Managing display I/O
•Managing keyboard I/O
Managing Display I/O
Managing Keyboard I/O
Managing Miscellaneous I/O
Managing File System Activities
Accessing the System Device Drivers′ Control Channel
Reading and Writing Data in Binary and ASCII Modes
PC DOS 7 Memory Management
The PC DOS 7 Memory Map
Identifying a Program at Load Time
The Program Segment
Loading and Executing Overlays
The Parameter Block
Terminating a Program/Subprogram
Loading an Overlay without Executing It
Calling a Command Processor
Responding to Errors
Responding to a Control-Break Action
Requesting and Specifying the System Date and Time
Requesting and Specifying the Interrupt Vectors
Chapter 7.Debugging a Program
The DEBUG Utility
Starting the DEBUG.COM Program
Entering Commands at the DEBUG Prompt
DEBUG Command Summary
The DEBUG Work Space
A (Assemble) Command
C (Compare) Command
D (Dump) Command
E (Enter) Command
F (Fill) Command
G (Go) Command
H (Hexarithmetic) Command
I (Input) Command
L (Load) Command
M (Move) Command
N (Name) Command
O (Output) Command
P (Proceed) Command
Q (Quit) Command
R (Register) Command
S (Search) Command
T (Trace) Command
U (Unassemble) Command
W (Write) Command
XA (EMS Allocate) Command
XD (EMS Deallocate) Command
XM (EMS Map) Command
XS (EMS Status) Command
DEBUG Error Messages
Chapter 8.Writing an Installable Device Driver
Types of Device Drivers
•Character device drivers
Character Device Drivers
Block Device Drivers
How PC DOS 7 Installs Device Drivers
The Basic Parts of a Device Driver
The Device Driver Header
The Strategy Routine
The Interrupt Routine
How PC DOS 7 Passes a Request
Responding to Requests
Media Check Request
Build BPB Request
Input and Output Requests
Nondestructive Input No Wait Request
Character Input and Output Status Requests
Character Input and Output Flush Requests
Open and Close Requests
Removable Media Request
Output Until Busy
Generic IOCTL Request
Get Logical Device Request
Set Logical Device Request
Appendix A.PC DOS 7 Interrupts
Interrupt 20H Program Terminate
Interrupt 21H Function Request
Interrupt 22H Terminate Address
Interrupt 23H Ctrl-Break Exit Address
Interrupt 24H Critical Error Handler Vector
Interrupt 25H/26H Absolute Disk Read/Write
Interrupt 27H Terminate but Stay Resident
Interrupt 28H−2EH Reserved for PC DOS 7
Interrupt 2FH Multiplex Interrupt
APM Error Return Codes and Descriptions
Interrupt 30H-3FH Reserved for PC DOS 7
Appendix B.PC DOS 7 Function Calls
Using PC DOS 7 Function Calls
Program Code Fragments
PC DOS 7 Registers
Extended Error Codes
00H — ProgramTerminate
01H — ConsoleInputwithEcho
02H — DisplayOutput
03H — AuxiliaryInput
04H — AuxiliaryOutput
05H — PrinterOutput
06H — DirectConsoleI/O
07H — DirectConsoleInputWithoutEcho
08H — ConsoleInputWithoutEcho
09H — DisplayString
0AH — BufferedKeyboardInput
0BH — CheckStandardInputStatus
0CH — ClearKeyboardBufferandInvokeaKeyboardFunction
0DH — DiskReset
0EH — SelectDisk
0FH — OpenFile
10H — CloseFile
11H — SearchforFirstEntry
12H — SearchforNextEntry
13H — DeleteFile
14H — SequentialRead
15H — SequentialWrite
16H — CreateFile
17H — RenameFile
19H — CurrentDisk
1AH — SetDiskTransferAddress
1BH — AllocationTableInformation
1CH — AllocationTableInformationforSpecificDevice
1FH — GetDefaultDriveParameterBlock
21H — RandomRead
22H — RandomWrite
23H — FileSize
24H — SetRelativeRecordField
25H — SetInterruptVector
26H — CreateNewProgramSegment
27H — RandomBlockRead
28H — RandomBlockWrite
29H — ParseFilename
2AH — GetDate
2BH — SetDate
2CH — GetTime
2DH — SetTime
2EH — Set/ResetVerifySwitch
2FH — GetDiskTransferAddress(DTA)
30H — GetDOSVersionNumber
31H — TerminateProcessandRemainResident
36H — GetDiskFreeSpace
38H — GetorSetCountryDependentInformation
39H — CreateSubdirectory(MKDIR)
3AH — RemoveSubdirectory(RMDIR)
3BH — ChangetheCurrentDirectory(CHDIR)
3CH — CreateaFile
3DH — OpenaFile
3EH — CloseaFileHandle
3FH — ReadfromaFileorDevice
40H — WritetoaFileorDevice
41H — DeleteaFilefromaSpecifiedDirectory(UNLINK)
42H — MoveFileRead/WritePointer(LSEEK)
43H — ChangeFileMode(CHMOD)
44H — I/OControlforDevices
45H — DuplicateaFileHandle(DUP)
46H — ForceaDuplicateofaHandle(FORCDUP)
47H — GetCurrentDirectory
48H — AllocateMemory
49H — FreeAllocatedMemory
4AH — ModifyAllocatedMemoryBlocks(SETBLOCK)
4BH — LoadorExecuteaProgram(EXEC)
4CH — TerminateaProcess(EXIT)
4DH — GetReturnCodeofaSubprocess(WAIT)
4EH — FindFirstMatchingFile(FINDFIRST)
4FH — FindNextMatchingFile(FINDNEXT)
50H — SetProgramSegmentPrefixAddress
51H — GetProgramSegmentPrefixAddress
54H — GetVerifySetting
56H — RenameaFile
57H — Get/SetFile′sDateandTime
5800H — GetAllocationStrategy
5801H — SetAllocationStrategy
5802H — GetUpper-MemoryLink
5803H — SetUpper-MemoryLink
59H — GetExtendedError
5AH — CreateUniqueFile
5BH — CreateNewFile
5CH — Lock/UnlockFileAccess
5D0AH — SetExtendedError
5E00H — GetMachineName
5E02H — SetPrinterSetup
5E03H — GetPrinterSetup
5F02H — GetRedirectionListEntry
5F03H — RedirectDevice
67H — SetHandleCount
68H — CommitFile
6CH — ExtendedOpen/Create
Appendix C.I/O Control for Devices (IOCtl)
Appendix D.Expanded Memory Support
Function1 — GetStatus
Function2 — GetPageFrameAddress
Function3 — GetUnallocatedPageCount
Function4 — AllocatePages
Function5 — MapHandlePage
Function6 — DeallocatePages
Function7 — GetEMMVersion
Detecting the Expanded Memory Manager
Appendix E.DOS Protected Mode Services
Interrupt 2FH Function AX=43E0H DPMS Installation Check
Interrupt 31H Function AX=0100H Call Proteted-Mode Procedure
Interrupt 31H Function AX=0101H Call Real-Mode Procedure (RETF)
Interrupt 31H Function AX=0102H Call Real-Mode Procedure (IRET)
Interrupt 31H Function AX=0103H Call Real-Mode Interrupt Handler
Interrupt 31H Function AX=0200H Allocate Descriptors
Callup/Down Register Structure
The Client Int 2FH Handler
Responding to a Pending Session Switch
Responding to the Pending Creation of a New Session
The Switch_Call_Back_Info Data Structure
The API_Info_Struc Data Structure
The Win386_Startup_Info_Struc Data Structure
The Instance_Item_Struc Data Structure
Task-swapper Int 2FH Handler Functions
Client Int 2FH Handler Functions
Build Call-out Chain
Identify Instance Data
Task-swapper Call-In Functions
Test Memory Region
Query API Support
Task-swapper Call-in Functions
Appendix G.PC DOS 7 Viewer
Invoking the Viewer
Uses of Online Documents
Creating Online Documents
IBM OS/2 Functions and Tags not Supported by DOS
Appendix H.Miscellaneous Control Blocks
DPB - Disk Parameter Block Definition
BPB - BIOS Parameter Block Definition
CDS - Current Directory Structure
SFT - System File Table
Buffer Header - Disk I/O Buffer Header
Storage Header - Memory arena structure
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