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Master Cape Cod Without MM

Master Cape Cod Without MM

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Published by Jones Lisa Loflin

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Published by: Jones Lisa Loflin on Jul 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cape Cod Waterways Face Pollution Crisis
11. Without remediation, excess nitrogen could decimate shellfish beds and lead to widespread summer [A]__________.12. In August, the problem of excess nitrogen in Cape Cod waterways is sometimes seen before it is smelled.A. True B. False
13. The algae of the waterways bakes under the hot sun, and produces a foul [1]__________.14. Though they know it's a big problem, environmentalists don't think the Cape Cod pollution is thatbig of a problem.A. True B. False
15. Cape Cod towns chose not to install what items when the government helped subsidize them?A. Leach fieldsB. Specialized wastewater pipesC. Septic systemsD. Sewers16. Why have many Cape Cod towns have not been very successful in fixing their polluted waterways?
17. More than ____ ponds, the article says, have been choked by algae and seaweed.A. 10B. 5C. 60D. 2118. Residents are angry with this problem. Some feel that everyone should pitch in financially andhelp, while others think that only those citizens with [1]_____________ need to pay.19. In Falmouth, some areas have been closed to [1]____________ for years.
110. According to Mggie Geist of the Association to Preserve Cape Cod, what is the biggest environmental issue the capehas ever faced?111. Rising ________ levels are suffocating the vegetation and marine life.A. OxygenB. NitrogenC. SulfurD. All of the above112. Some residents in Orleans say the town should put into effect a ____________ plan.A. $950,000B. $1,000,000C. $456,000D. $150 milllion113. Rising [A]__________ levels are suffocating vegetation and marine life in saltwater ponds and estuaries on Cape Cod.If left uncheck, this will threaten the [B]__________ industry, the [C]__________ economy and the [D]__________.114. Because of rising sulfur levels, the beaches are being threatened.A. True B. False
- 1 - 2/7/2011
- 2 - 2/7/2011
115. More than ______ ponds and estuaries on the cape and a few elsewhere in the region have been choked out.A. 60B. 55C. 47D. 63116. In Barnstable, voters will decide in November whether to finance $265 million in new [A]__________ with a taxincrease.117. Why is the nitrogen problem in Cape Cod more severe in protected bays and saltwater ponds on the cape's southernside?118. In the 1960s and '70s, what could have been done by Cape Cod towns to prevent their current environmental problemand why did they not do it? What was faulty in their reasoning?119. Cape Cod officials and towns are preparing for the possibility of a lawsuit from an environmental group that is exploringits options under the [A]_______________.120. Wastewater is a mixture of what? Mark all correct answers.A. WaterB. Fecal matterC. UrineD. Salt121. The root of the excess nitrogen problem in Cape Cod waterways lies in the popularity and unchecked growth of CapeCod over the last 50 years.A. True B. False122. Why might the excess nitrogen problem in Cape Cod waterways drive away tourists?A. Tourists are environmentally consciousB. The waterways look "dead"C. Under a hot sun, the algae in the water producesa foul odorD. Algae clumps prevent swimming123. According to Lindsey B Counsell, executive director of The Bays Preservation, towns in Cape Cod have their capacityfor the [A]__________. They are a victim of their own [B]__________.
124. The Cape Cod pollution crisis has largely remained a hidden problem.A. True B. False
125. Choosing individual septic systems rather than installing sewers to get rid of waste with the influx of new residentsduring the last 30 years has led to the [A]__________ having reached its capacity.126. True or False: The (excess nitrogen) problem in Cape Cod waterways is always immediately apparent.A. True B. False
127. Rising nitrogen levels are doing what to the aquatic plants in Cape Cod?A. Suffocating themB. Nourishing themC. Changing their colorsD. None of the above.
128. Algae and seaweed choke oxygen needed by vegetation and marine species.A. True B. False
- 2 - 2/7/2011
- 3 - 2/7/2011129. Cape Cod towns have spent years trying to fix their waterways.A. True B. False
130. Cleaning up Cape Cods environmental problem is going to be very expensive. In the town of Orleans the estimatedcost is $[A]__________ million. In the town of Barnestable the estimated cost is $265 million. In the town of Falmouththe clean up plan is estimated to cost $[B]__________ million and will take [C]__________ years . This is more than 8times the cost of any Falmouth town project ever undertaken!131. So far, most of the efforts to create plans to clean up the wastewater in Cape Cod's waterways have been hindered bywhat? Mark all correct answers.A. Many people insist there is no problem with thecurrent health of the waterwaysB. Disputes over scienceC. Environmental activistsD. Disputes over who should pay for such asprawling and expensive public works project132. Rising [A]__________ levels are suffocating the vegetation and marine life in saltwater ponds and estuaries on CapeCod.133. Why is it said that in August you can smell Cape Cod's environmental problem before you see it?134. To much nitrogen in a saltwater pond can cause the pond to be choked with [A]__________ and [B]__________.
135. [1]__________ in the Cape Cod have got to work together to fix this problem.136. To some towns, this massive rehabilitation of Cape Cod would be the largest [1]____________ project they have ever undertaken.
137. What is the root of the massive environmental problem that many towns of Cape Cod are facing?138. Excess nitrogen in waterways of Cape Cod can cause excess seaweed growth. What happens to the seaweed in thesummer that causes environmental concern and affects property values?139. Will the removal of septic systems immediately solve the environmental problem in Cape Cod? Explain.140. Towns on Cape Cod are united in their quest for cleaner water.A. True B. False141. Seaweed is a type of [A]__________.142. Rising carbon dioxide levels are suffocating the vegetation and marine life in saltwater ponds and estuaries on CapeCod.A. True B. False143. Residents in Cape Cod towns disagree on who should pay for fixing their environmental problem. One group says thatentire [A]__________ should pay for it. The other group says that only [B]__________________________. should payfor it.
- 3 - 2/7/2011

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