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Published by Aditi Patil

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Published by: Aditi Patil on Jul 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Name: _ Date:Test Title:evolution(created by Aditi Patil, on August 09, 2010 at 05:28:33 PM)1. All mutations are harmful.A. 2B. FalseC. TrueD. 12. Fossil evidence suggests that whales evolved from:A. grazing mammalsB. sharksC. wolf-like land mammalsD. marine fish3. Horses are most closely related toA. pigsB. rhinocerosesC. cattleD. deer4. How do transitional fossils best serve as evidence for evolution?A. They show the intermediate steps in the evolution of a speciesB. They show that every species of animal developed separatelyC. They show that most species have remained the same for very long periods of timeD. They show animals that once existed but now do not5. Miller and Urey performed experiments toA. confirm atm. gasesB. find early forms of lifeC. test oparin's hypothesisD. make cells6. The parasites of freshwater stingrays offer evidence for which hypothesis?A. All of theseB. The Amazon River once emptied into the Pacific Ocean rather than the AtlanticC. The ancestor of all stingrays arose in the Indian OceanD. Freshwater stingrays are not closely related to marine stingrays7. The sialic acid, N-glycolylneuraminic acid (Neu5Gc), is found in many animals but not in humans. It has a role in cellmetabolism. Which of the following is NOT true?A. The Neu5Gc gene is sometimes turned back on in cancer tumorsB. We possess the gene for Neu5Gc, but it doesn't work C. The lack of Neu5Gc may have helped us grow larger brainsD. Great apes also don't have a working Neu5Gc gene8. Upon close examination of the skeleton of an adult python, a pelvic girdle and leg bone can be observed. These featuresare an example of A. homologous structuresB. vestigial structuresC. comparative emryologyD. artificial selection9. What, exactly, is the theory of evolution?A. Humans evolved from apesB. New species have arisen through a process of random mutationsC. Life always becomes more complexD. Living things are related to each other through common ancestry from earlier forms that were different from them10. Why are scientific theories an important part of research and understanding?A. Scientific theories determine the work that future scientists can do.B. Scientific theories allow scientists to make assumptions.C. Scientific theories allow scientists to make predictions.
D. Scientific theories determine the subjects that scientists research.11. Francesco Redi performed an experiment in the mid-1600s to show that organismsA. can generate spontaneouslyB. come from preexisitng organismsC. need air to liveD. require food to survive12. "Imperfect design" is a concept that makes sense from an evolutionary perspective, but not a creationist one. Manyliving things have parts that seem to be suboptimal or jury-rigged, because they have evolved these parts from the "toolbox"that they had. Perhaps the most famous example of imperfect design is the giant panda's thumb. Why is it used as anexample?A. Pandas don't have anything resembling a thumb, but they should, given their dietB. It isn't a thumb at all, it's a modified wrist boneC. It has a claw, but a nail would work much better in that situationD. It is so humanlike, but pandas aren't related to people13. Which of the following is NOT a component of Evolution by Natural Selection?A. competition for food and spaceB. variation among speciesC. inheritance of acquired characteristicsD. survival and reproduction14. Creationists often claim that evolution is "JUST a theory" as though this somehow makes evolution less likely. Alas forcreationists, atomic theory, the theory of gravity, germ theory, electromagnetic theory, etc, are every bit as much JUSTtheories as evolution is. What, exactly, do scientists mean by "theory"?A. It has no definitive meaning; "theory" means whatever the scientist wants it to mean in a specific contextB. A testable and falsifiable concept that explains a given phenomenon based on available factsC. A guess about what causes a phenomenon that does not need to be supported by scientific evidenceD. "Theory" and "fact" are synonymous; there is no difference between scientific theory and scientific fact15. The theory of evolution is known as the unifying theory of biology because:A. it helps to understand relationships between organismsB. it is absolute and unchangeableC. it answers the question of where we came fromD. it allows biologists to classify organisms16. DNA evidence suggests that the closest relative to the human is the:A. gorillaB. chimpanzeeC. dolphinsD. humans have no animal relatives17. Whales and snakes both have tiny leg bones that are not visible or used. This would suggest that: A. whales and snakesare relatedB. they are evolving into animals with legsC. leg bones are not necessaryD. both evolved from animals that had legs18. Larmarck is to "Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics" as Darwin is toA. homologous structuresB. divergence of related speciesC. evolution by natural selectionD. speciation by common descent19. A bird's wing, a bat's wing, a dolphin flipper and the human arm are all examples of...A. homologous structuresB. monophyletic cladesC. polyphyletic cladesD. analogous structures20. A certain species of land snail exists as either a cream color or a solid brown color. Intermediately colored snails are rare.A. stabilizing selection
B. directional selectionC. sexual selectionD. diversifying (disruptive) selection21. A clear fish imprint in a rock indicates that the rock is probablyA. igneousB. metamorphicC. sedimentaryD. volcanic22. A factor that is necessary for the formation of a new species is?A. natural selectionB. different mating behaviorsC. selective breedingD. species isolation23. According to Darwin's theory of natural selection, individuals who survive are the ones best adapted for theirenvironment. Their survival is due to theA. Possession of inherited adaptations that maximize fitnessB. adaptation to their habitatC. Darwin's theory of natural selectionD. competing with other species24. According to Darwin's theory of natural selection, the individuals that tend to survive are those that haveA. smaller beaksB. more offspringC. long necksD. variations best suited for that environment25. Alexander Oparin proposed that life originatedA. in early freshwater pondsB. on seashoreC. in early oceansD. on mudflats26. All of the following assumptions allow a population to remain in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium EXCEPT:A. No natural selection occurs and no mutationB. Members of the population mate at random.C. The population is large.D. Immigration and emigration take place at equal rates.27. Although we know that natural selection is always there, we can’t __ its effect.A. denyB. measureC. predictD. reconstruct28. Apes and humans are believed to have diverged about:A. 5 million years agoB. 5 thousand years agoC. 5 billion years agoD. 5 hundred years ago29. Archaeopteryx might have been the missing link between:A. dogs and catsB. reptiles and birdsC. apes and humansD. amphibians and reptiles30. Aristotle and Erasmus DarwinA. (a) shared an interest in evolutionary principles.B. (c) were forerunners of Charles Darwin.C. A and C

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