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The Natural Mind - Waking Up - Information

The Natural Mind - Waking Up - Information

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Published by Alan Macmillan Orr
In this topic from The Natural Mind - Waking Up, the author asks us to question ourselves on the subject of Information, and who controls it.
In this topic from The Natural Mind - Waking Up, the author asks us to question ourselves on the subject of Information, and who controls it.

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Published by: Alan Macmillan Orr on Jul 05, 2011
Copyright:Public Domain


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The Natural Mind – Waking Up
alan macmillan orr 
1.A collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn2.Knowledge acquired through study or experience or instruction
here do you get your information from? What type of information is it? Who tells you what'sgoing on in the world? How do you know what they are telling you is “the truth?” Like most people, including me, you get information from newspapers, radio, magazines, television, and theinternet.
Apart from the internet, the other forms of media have been around for years and have been known to use propaganda (
information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause
) many times; in fact Iwould say you never know when the information you are reading or watching is factual or propaganda!That's a scary thought, isn't it?It might sound like I am scaremongering but that is not my intention. You see, every media outlet isowned by a government, a company or an individual; and at the heart of everything, there is the individual,with his own bias, his own political leanings, his own agenda, ready to push that out into the world. That'snot new, as everyone has their own views; unfortunately media owners and governments have a powerful platform with which to air theirs. Newspapers, magazines, radio, and television are push media. They push the information to us and wehave no control over its content, as opposed to the internet, where we pull the content we are interested in.Do you follow?Whether we like it or not, and even if the media content providers are not attempting to brainwash(
 persuade completely, often through coercion
) us, we are subjected to what
think we
read or 
watch. Of course you are at liberty to turn it off or not buy the paper, but that's not going to happen, isit? We love reading all the news stories, we love watching terror on television, it's exciting isn't it? You get to be part of the action without having to take part in the war.I don't know if you remember the first gulf war in the early nineties? It was the first real war to be broadcast live across the world. A real media event! We were taken inside the action: Booom, Bang went the bombs. We saw an Iraqi target in the cross-hairs of the gun sight then, boom it went up in smoke. “Yeah!”Went the crowd, ”another damned iraqi blown to bits, we'll show them.” Analysis followed analysis.Reporters giving different angles and views on the stories, 24/7.But of course, these were
news stories, put together to show the glory of the western troops againstthe oppressor and dictator of Iraq, and you didn't see reverse angle camera work of the iraqis in their homes just before their bodies were blown to pieces by the bombs, egged on by the viewing public at home, and inthe bars shouting: “Yeah! We got ya!”The next live main event came at the beginning of the twenty first century. Commonly known as 9/11, itwas the footage that “shocked the world,” and started a whole new war (with live viewing available).You all remember the images of two planes supposedly hijacked by terrorists and flown into the twintowers of the world trade centre. About 3,000 people died, but as far as the media were concerned, it was agodsend. Live disaster! Millions of viewers! Massive advertising revenue potentiality in the breaks! What astory that was. Even years on, people are still talking about it. Certain governments are still using it tosupport their “war on terror,” which is just another excuse to kill people, if you don't mind me saying.Who knows what the truth really was on that fine september morning in 2001, but there has been growingevidence in the alternative media that all was not as it seemed that day; that perhaps the government had ahand in it themselves in order for them to pursue a cause in the middle east. They do say that truth is stranger than fiction; but then again what agenda is the independent media provider trying to push? He is clearly anti-government, so what's to make us believe that what he is telling us is the truth?Can we ever be sure that what is being told to us on tv, radio, magazines or newspapers is the truth? Theclear answer is of course, no, but this doesn't mean we should all become paranoid we are being lied to,manipulated and controlled, after all, you can turn off the tv and not read the newspapers.To understand this more clearly, we must look behind the motivation of those who disseminateinformation, and remember who these people are. First, they are people with their own opinions, second,they are in business to make money, and third, they are easily manipulated by government.
Remember bad news sells more newspapers
Have you ever thought about the content that is pushed to us? There's not much good news is there? Maybe alittle light hearted story about a fluffy kitten that was rescued from a tree after thirteen days, read by asmiling newscaster, just to make us feel or nice and warm and fuzzy inside. But you can't imagine them putting on an hour's programme about good news, can you? People would turn off in a second; and they
certainly wouldn't buy the newspaper. Would
?We want doom and destruction, violence and murder, but we also want to see that someone is doingsomething about it; and of course there is. The government.If there is a story about a “possible terrorists attacks” in london, there will also be police and governmentspokesmen telling how the government is introducing a new bill to detain “potential terrorists” for extended periods of time. If there's a story about someone dying in a drink driving accident, there will be a policemanto tell how they are “clamping down” on drink drivers to “stop the carnage on the roads.” If there is a storyabout a young boy being stabbed to death by a gang, there will be government officials and police detailingon how they are “clamping down” on knives and gangs. If there is a story about heroin dealers selling tochildren, there will be a spokesman saying they are introducing a new bill to lock up heroin dealers for longer periods if they are convicted.
Fear followed by reassurance
That is what news media do. They make us afraid by showing us some terrible event, then make us feel better by showing what someone is doing about it. I am surprised that no one has picked up on this. This isformulaic news-casting. If you think about it closely enough you will see for yourself..Images and news stories are used to get us to feel a specific way and that is where the control elementcomes in. Can you imagine how you would feel if after every story there was no one to tell you it was goingto be all right? They know what they are doing in the media. These stories are designed to keep you hooked;to make you scared when the bad guys are around, but eventually the good guys win (ring any bells?).Sounds just like a hollywood movie! And that's exactly how push media should be treated asentertainment; nothing more.Please think about this for a moment will you? How deeply interested are you in the topics you readabout; I mean
interested in? Enough to investigate more, or just enough to discuss it with your friends,family, colleagues, or your mates down the pub? Everyone likes to talk about the stories they read or see onthe news, it makes the day to day conversation more interesting, where suddenly, we can talk about terrorismin a real way, discussing the ins and outs of the potential threats to our lives: But only until the next big newsstory arrives.I have even found myself becoming an armchair commentator on such subjects; subjects I have no realknowledge of, and come to think of it, no deep interest in. After all, if we actually thought we could be under attack at any time, we wouldn't just be sitting around talking about it would we? Or would we?You see, news is something that happens to someone else; we never really imagine that we will beinvolved in a terrorist attack or abducted by a serial killer, do we? How many of you have been involved insomething which was on the news, or even known anyone who was on a news story? Not many probably. News for us is like a fantasy land where the players are actors, and we are just the audience; and that's theway we would like it to stay, thank you very much.Entertainment provided for us in our living room, on the metro, on the plane, on the train. Press the red button, get the news in ten different windows, different stories, different angles, satellite, cable, terrestrial.Get your news here while you still can! “... And did we tell you the world's about to end, but here's some pictures of a nice fluffy cat rescued in a tree to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Back in a moment,after a word from our sponsor...”All push media should come with a warning sticker: “
 for entertainment purposes only
Real propaganda
If we believe that western papers are prejudiced, filled with propaganda, then maybe we should take a look atsome other countries. At least we live in a democracy. Their media looks the same as ours, feels the same asours, sounds the same as ours, but the content is deeply disturbing.Governments tightly control what is published and broadcast. This is not the prejudice and bias of oneman, but of a system, a system to control the minds of the people: To make them believe what is being said is
;” and unfortunately, due to lack of any other outside information, they believe
the truth
,instead of dismissing it at best as entertainment, and at worst, brainwashing.They believe that other countries are evil, that their country is the best in the world, that their leaders arethe most righteous, that their people are the most pure, the most intelligent, the list could go on and on. This

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