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8 Reasons Why Guys Cheat

8 Reasons Why Guys Cheat

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Published by Hofmang

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Published by: Hofmang on Jul 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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8 reasons why guys cheat
Sometimes, when the going gets tough, the tough get busy looking forsomeone else. But what really makes men stray? A nagging girlfriend?Bad chemistry? An escape from loneliness? Yes, yes and yes. Hear why these men slipped away from their girlfriends and landed in someoneelse’s arms. Then — whether you’re a guy or a girl — use the confessionsbelow to sidestep this kind of situation in your own love life.
Reason #1: For payback
 “I once cheated on my girlfriend after I saw on her cell phone that shehad been text-messaging with her ex. They were pretty harmlessmessages, but it angered me that she had been communicating with himin the first place — I’d always thought they were a little too chummy. That night, I was out with friends and got it all off my chest. I got soworked up about those messages that I pretty much made it my missionto find another girl and kiss her or get her number, which I did. I think itwas a payback thing. We eventually broke up, but not because of thatincident — I never told her — but more so because we just weren’t rightfor each other. I know it wasn’t the best way to handle my anger, but atthe time, it sure did feel good.” – Christopher, 29, Oakland, CA
Reason #2: The chemistry just isn’t there
 “Ever since I can remember, I have always been attracted to women wholooked a certain way. My ex-girlfriend was great in many ways, but shewas completely opposite of my usual type, looks-wise, which didabsolutely nothing to make me physically attracted to her. I tried to getpast it, but it was hard. About two months into our relationship, I wasout with a bunch of friends and our incredibly attractive (and single!)waitress was really hitting on me. She gave me her number and askedme if I wanted me to meet her after her shift was over. I agreed, and weended up spending the night just kissing and holding each other. It was just for one night, but it helped me realize I needed to end things with my girlfriend because I had to be with someone I was madly attracted to, not just someone who was a great friend.” – Dave, 26, Roanoke, VA
Reason #3: Spending almost no time together as a couple
 “I cheated on my ex at a time when she was traveling so much that Inever saw her. It was almost as if I didn’t have a girlfriend. I got so lonely  — especially on the weekend nights. I missed that companionship, bothphysically and emotionally. When she was gone, I began seeing someoneelse while I was still technically seeing my ex. I ended up telling my exand she broke it off with me. In the end, I think things ended for the
better, even though the steps I took to make it happen weren’t very honorable. I now make sure that whoever I choose to date doesn’t have a job that requires big-time traveling.” – Scott, 30, Jessup, MD
Reason #4: Wanting to play the field instead of settling down
 “I had dated Melanie all through college ever since we met at freshmanorientation. After we graduated, I moved to New York and she moved toChicago, but we decided we’d stay together. I spent nearly every weekendtraveling to see her, but during the week, I’d go out with my friends inNew York and have a blast. After a few months of that schedule, I knewstaying true to her would be tough; going out in the city made me realizehow many smart, beautiful women are out there, and never having beenwith anyone other than Melanie made me feel like I was missing out on alot of fun. One night I met up with another girl, which finally made merealize I had to end things with Melanie. I told her what happened, and,as it turned out, she had done the same thing a few times. While we wereboth hurt, we realized we needed to take some time off. We stayedfriends, and still are today, even though we’re married to differentpeople.” – Tom, 35, New York, NY
Reason #5: Emotional and/or lifestyle incompatibility
 “I met my ex in a Weight Watchers meeting, of all places. When westarted dating, we were both about 50 pounds overweight. As the monthswent by, I took the program really seriously and quickly dropped weight.She didn’t adhere to the program and her weight didn’t come off. After Ilost the weight, I felt this new sense of confidence — women who hadnever spoken to me before began approaching me and it felt great. My ex,on the other hand, was depressed about being heavy and was always jealous of other women. One weekend when she was out of town, I metthis gorgeous woman at my gym and we spent time together. I never toldmy ex, but I did end up breaking up with her a few weeks after thatincident. I’ve realized since then that I need to be with women who are onthe same page as me about the things in my life that are important.” – Brad, 41, Houston, TX
Reason #6: There’s too much drama in the current relationship
 “My ex and I used to live together, and we fought all the time. Theconstant tension made me miserable. In contrast to my ex, there was agirl at work who was easygoing, friendly and fun. One night we were bothworking late and ended up getting dinner together after we left. Onething led to another, and it ended up being more than a platonic night.As bad as this may sound, after that happened, I felt free. It was as if Ifinally had the courage to just end it with my ex already. When I camehome the next morning, my ex went crazy, but for the first time, it didn’t

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