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Los Voladores

Los Voladores

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Published by phil48lw2160

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Published by: phil48lw2160 on Sep 12, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Recent Workshop and Articles "... Turn everything into what it really is: the abstract, the spirit, the nagual."J.M.These articles were recent posted in Ixtlan Mailing List. Grateful Thanks to authors!From: Pack Rat (ixtlan@wwa.com) on Sun, 4 Aug 96 18:54:34 UTTo: ixtlan@wwa.comSubject: The Flyer OctopusAt the last Workshop, it was learned that the flyers are installed at the topof the head; there, there exists a vortex which is not a vortex; rather, ithas a back & forth motion to it; faster than the beating of our heart. This isa center which is not our own.Also at this Workshop, we learned that the flyer that is there, is like anoctopus, with thousands of tentacles that travel down through the body, withwhich they leach our energy.The tentacles of this 'octopus' cannot simply be removed,tentacle-by-tentacle; for more will simply "grow" in to replace the ones thatget removed...At this Workshop, too; one of the Energy Trackers was Carlos' granddaughter;Carola. She is 11 years old; and was up there on stage, with the rest of theEnergy Trackers (center stage with Kylie,) the entire time. She did not go andtake breaks like you expect of someone her age; she was always professional,grown-up; and while the rest of the Energy Trackers would walk leisurely up totheir respective places, sometimes escorted by other people from Cleargreen,Carola would be *sprinting* up to her place on stage, a steak of energy acrossthe floor! She nearly ran me over one time! (Not so hard to do,really; I'm pretty clumsy! ;-) The thing is, I heard that Carola is verynearly done with the flyers; there is only one or two tentacles left on her!And Carlos is trying to physically, *energetically,* trying to remove thesetentacles himself, but with limited success (he calls her "a demon!" )I suppose one could say that this is "the kid" still left in her, the prankster...I have a friend, fresh home from the Workshop, and I got a call from him today. He is verydisturbed over something that happened to him.Last night, as he was in bed using his leather paperweight (that was handedout at the Workshop to aid in attaining Inner Silence,) as he was pressing the points on the chest and above the knee; he had an experience of "something onthe top of his head," and that as he pressed these points, he was actually*cutting off* the "flow" of the flyers' thoughts! It was as if he were cuttingoff their blood supply, or something. Now, he says that he is not taking all this lightly, anymore. That he has passed a sort of "point of no return," but this experience has left him
shaken. He comes from a Yoga background; and believed that the pressing of these points was a way of "massaging ones' self into enlightenment," or something similar. But when this sensation occurred to him, this *realization*of what was really happening, it sent him straight out of bed, and I don'think he got to sleep for the rest of the night! I don't think he has even been in that room since it happened! The certainty of what had occurred hithim so solidly, that he has no doubt whatsoever that this is indeed what washappening! And now he's frightened, and he called me hoping that I would tellhim that he spouting nonsense, and that it was his imagination; etc. He isalso having doubts, and feels like he shouldn't try to do that, anymore. Just put the paperweight away and stop this "nonsense." Since I couldn't offer himany such *consolation,* (yeah, right! I've had my share of strangeexperiences that won't go away, too!) he now wishes for me to post thisexperience of his, and to ask if anyone else has had this experience, of sensing this "octopus-like" apparition, sitting on top of one's head, and thetentacles going in to those energy centers to tap our energy; and that by pressing these points one is really cutting off the flow of the thoughts of the flyers, (thereby "creating" Inner Silence by stopping the flow of theinternal dialogue right at it's source!)So, I would like to hear if anyone has experienced this, or anything like it,or anything at all in relation to the leather paperweight; also, any other interesting experiences since the Workshop. Thanks! :)--Mark Seven Smith***************************************************************************>From: "Pack Rat"Date: Sat, 19 Oct 96 10:41:54 UTSubject: RE: Toltec dolphins.....Carlos is quoted as saying at the Los Angeles Intensive Workshop (August)last year:"There's a new nagual among you. He's here watching and reporting to theinternet. He says, 'Ask Kylie if I'm not the new nagual. See if she deniesit.' The new nagual is watching and judging.What for? It doesn't affect me. DJ says it doesn't really matter what anyonesays about you good or bad. Your appointment is with infinity. And I canaccelerate and make the appointment happen now. I'd like to affect you, butthe help comes from you. Everything in our life has become an imposition. 'Howdo I stop the internal dialogue?' I asked Don Juan. He said, 'Kick yourself.'"Later in the notes is this:Castaneda began by talking about the new nagual on the internet again, and theobnoxious descriptions he's been putting out about the workshop and themembers of the group. [...] He also mentioned some of the specific things fromBurnweed's commentary about him (without mentioning the guy by name). [I'm
told that Nyei was taking notes throughout CC's talk.]"I'm giving you everything I have. I'm not holding anything for myself. I haveno past or future. I'm going to come out of this [workshop] more impeccablethan ever. Why not you?"CC used to ask DJ why he was teaching him, "Why are you doing this for me?" DJtold him, "You won't like it if I tell you why." DJ explained, "I had to renewmyself just to stomach you. Myfirst response when I see you is to vomit. See what I've done with you-I'verubbed against you and I'm more impeccable than ever. Why don't you do thesame?"Then he mentioned Burnweed's comments about Taisha ("imbecilic ears") andKylie. He mentioned what he said about Carol Tiggs looking like a suburbanhousewife who hasn't been laid for 50 years, and the comment that "you'd haveto pull her legs apart with a crowbar." They've been doing this to CC for years, but why Carol? "What has she done?""I'm flying. I'm gone." He said he asked someone, "Hey what is this internet?This person has the knack of opening her screen to the worst place." She toldhim she didn't want him to be offended. How can I be offended? He also toldabout Merilyn Tunneshende's net comments, accusing CC of having been thrownout by DJ, while MT stayed, deftly characterizing her assertions as, "Me, me,me!""Please push the button off." It is within our means to do this. DJ used tosay that there is no chance to turn the order around because there are flyersthat cross all boundaries of perception. Therefore, "We have to do like achicken would to avoid being eaten by us. We must escape-get out. This issorcery. That's it. We have to be escapees. And from that cell you takenothing with you."Two days later in the Workshop, there is this comment:He talked a lot again about the New Nagual on the Internet, and the negativityand junk that keeps us tied to the everyday world. He also mentioned MerrilynTunneshende's broadside against him on the net again, and her statement thatshe was going to donate the income from her books to AIDS research. "What books? She hasn't written anything! No one seems to notice that." [This led tohim mentioning again the story of the woman in the law office saying she'dwrite one book, ten books, win the Nobel Prize, what does it matter?] Peopleon the net are also picking on particular things and saying, "Oh yes, that'slike a Buddhist practice I've done for years." Or, "Yes, that's just like thischakra meditation." [He mimics the arrogant tone in which this is said.] Wethink we know everything already. "It's just like that," so we don't reallyhear it. DJ's concepts just become a part of ordinary conversation.Later on in the Workshop, yet again a comment:It takes force to move our assemblage point. So we must really try to use it.So again, no notes. Again he mentioned the New Nagual on the Internet, and howsomeone is reporting to this person what happens here. [He mimics the reporter 

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