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Good Food - Calcium

Good Food - Calcium

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Published by Marni Wasserman
There are amazing sources of calcium found in our vegetables. Learn where to find it and ditch the dairy!
There are amazing sources of calcium found in our vegetables. Learn where to find it and ditch the dairy!

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Published by: Marni Wasserman on Jul 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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good food
Beaufort AOC
A Lush Cheese fromMonet Country
 The painter Monet used the pastures o Savioe-Beauortain, in the French Alps, asthe subject or many a magical canvas. These pastures are unploughed andunenced and contain thousands o herbs. This provides the ‘Tarine’ cows with reshgrazing in the summer and aromatic hayin winter. The resultant milk is sweet, nutty,and complex.It takes 35 cows to make one wheelo Beauort. Because o this, herdsmenhave ormed co-ops and shared tasks likemilking and maturing.A young Beauort is rm but not toohard. It melts in the mouth and has arich, sweet, complex favour. I aged, itdevelops more honeyed, aromatic notesand a long, savoury tang that hints o meadow fowers.Beauort is protected by the AOCdesignation and can only be produced in1112 acres in the Rhone-Alpes.
Ilir Pristine
~ is the co-owner o The Cheese Boutique
November 2010
loCal grapE
Winter Reds For all Occasions:
 By Courtney Henderson, F&B Manager and  Sommelier of FRANK at the AGO
It is always a un task to match wine to your avourite dish, mood andeven season. With winter and the holidays just around the corner, here aresome tips to fnd great matches or every occasion:
 A greAt pArty red(to kNockeveryoNe’s socksoff):
Go or a lighterbody red that will matcha variety o oods. Try and stay away romhigher alcohol contentwines - they tend to not beas ood-riendly and cannumb your palate. Lightaromatic reds such as pinotnoir or gamay are greatchoices.
fAvourite LocALs:
Street, Gamay Noir,
 Malivoire, Gamay,
 A red to wArm upwith:
Try a uller bodiedwine – look or redproduced in a warmerclimate. Alcohol contentis usually a key componentor ull-bodied wines.Wines rom the south o France, Spain, Australia,Chile, and Caliornia aregreat places to start!
greAt fiNds:
Rioja Reserva
 M. Chapoutier 
Cotes duRhone Villages
, France
 Marques de Casa Concha
, Chile
 A red for gift giviNg:
What better way to say “happy holidays” than witha bottle o wine? I tendto give bottles with goodaging potential such asan Italian Amarone or aCaliornia Cabernet. Youcan usually fnd a goodrange rom low to highend at your local LCBO.
deceNtLy pricedfAvourites:
 Antinori, Pian DelleVigne, Brunello di Montalcino,
 Amarone dellaValpolicella Classico
, Italy 
Boost Your BoneHealth with TheseTatsy Foods
We have grown to accept that we can only getour daily dose of calcium from conventionaldairy and calcium pills. However, we shouldconsider eating fruits and vegetables that areloaded with calcium. Tese foods don’t containdairy but still give your body its calciumrequirements in an easily assimilated form,along with a whole bunch of other minerals andnutrients.Tese are foods that will provide your body with calcium while still tasting delicious.You also don’t need to worry about exactmeasurements of calcium, especially if you aregetting them from whole food sources. Just besure to get a variety of the following items intoyour diet on a daily basis. Tis way you will beloaded with the
kind of calcium that yourbody will just love to soak up!
 Foods ThaT are BursTingWiTh CalCium!
Green leafy veggies
kale, chard, beettops, collard greens, broccoli, brusselssprouts, dandelion, mustard greens andbok choy
Root veggies
– parsnips, rutabagas,sweet potatoes, squash and okra
Nuts and seeds
– almonds, hemp, sesame
Beans, legumes and whole grains
kidney beans, black beans, quinoa andamaranth
Fermented and organic soy
– tou,tempeh, miso and edamame
– carob, tahini, almond butter,sea vegetables, cocoa, goji berries, fgsand molasses
to learn how to make sweet andsavoury toasted almonds
good food
Marni Wasserman
~ is a holistic nutritionist,
November 2010
off To markET
A Visit to theSorauren Farmers’ Market
The Sorauren Market 
shouldhave the word “charm”inserted onto its sandwichboard sign because it gaveme a warm uzzy eeling, andit wasn’t just because thesun was shining brightly intoSorauren Park.From the sweet heritagemini-tomatoes (which Itaste-tested rom
Clover Roads Organic Farm
), to thedelicious home-baked speltoatmeal raisin cookies, tothe lush baskets o Ontariopeaches and ragrant basil,there was a wonderul varietyor such a small market thatextended beyond ood tovarious soaps or hair andbody made by Colleen rom
Enfeurage Organics
, who I bought ThaiLavender soap rom.It was easy or me to meanderthrough the market and not really payattention to my direction because thevendors were situated in a circularormation, each with their own tent.In act, I went around the circle aew times to make sure I didn’t missanything. There was an easy-goingeel to this market, and the live musicplaying certainly helped. However, i itwere raining, the soggy muddy grasswould have likely turned into a swampas, ater all, it was in park. Lucky orme, it was nice out.Most o the armers were eager togive cooking suggestions, which arealways helpul i you are buying anodd-looking vegetable that you don’trecognize. I bought some beets andwas delighted that Ashlee rom
Food Cycles
reminded me that I shouldn’tdiscard the beet greens, which - beinga holistic nutritionist - I knew, but wasimpressed nonetheless. There were bargains to be had. Thecucumbers I bought or juicing rom
The Cutting Veg
were discountedbecause I was eager to purchase morethan just a ew. It's always a great signwhen they are willing to wheel anddeal the price o the vegetables withyou.All in all, this was a riendly marketo knowledgeable armers and peoplewho genuinely love ood as much asI do. I made a juicy caprese salad withmy heritage tomatoes that I enjoyedwith riends, but the cookie I boughtdidn’t last very long because I ate it onmy walk home.
marke hour:monay 3-7Loaion:sorauren park, juou o duna on sorauren.free ree arking available, ttcaeible (duna sreear).
Joy McCarthy
 ~ is a registered holistic nutritionist and is thefounder of Joyous Health

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