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Alone & Invisible PR

Alone & Invisible PR

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Published by: Chelsea Green Publishing on Jul 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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$17.95 US
 Paperback OriginalISBN 97816035837946 x 9
216 pages
Pub Date: July 2011
How Grassroots Community Actionand 21st Century Technologies CanEmpower Elders to Stay in Their Homesand Lead Healthier, Happier Lives
Allan S. Teel, MD
Te curren sae o elder care in America is appalling, expensive, and unsusainable. I underserves he majoriy o elderly Americans and bankrups all bu he riches ew while virually ignoring his populaion’s complex physical and menal needs. A a ime when we should be celebraing he achievemens and wisdom o he oldesciizens, we insead fnd ways o isolae hem in dehumanizing nursing-home aciliies. Wih ens o millions dueo reach reiremen age in he nex wo decades, ime is running ou. We mus fnd a beter way!In
 Alone and Invisible No More
 , physician Dr. Allan S. eel, MD, describes a philosophy and a course o acionha have urned aging in place ino a viable alernaive or dozens o elderly residens in Damariscota, Maine.eel lays ou a plan o expand his approach o he millions o Americans nearing reiremen age and how heseechniques can be used o aver he fnancial and personal disaser approaching naionwide. He discusses heresources—boh echnological and proessional—needed o guide his ransiion and he communiy supporha will be criical o is success. aking his “Maine Approach” o he res o he counry could creae a climae where Americans welcome raher han ear he approach o heir golden years.
Alone and Invisible No More
For media inquiries andauthor events contact: Jenna Dimmick 
 jenna@ksepartners.com802.229.4900 ext.120
Digital Press Kit:http://media.chelseagreen.com/alone-and-invisible-no-more/
Dr. eel has writen a serious, comprehensive book abou he coming revoluion over aging in America.Tere are a number o saes ha have pu ogeher pieces o he elder-care puzzle. Tis book pulls allhese reorms ogeher and helps us undersand he underlying social movemen agains ‘kicking seniorso he curb.’ Hopeully i will also serve as a call o real acion, no jus reorm o bureaucracy!Howard Dean,ormer Vermon governor; auhor o 
Howard Dean’s Prescription for Real Healthcare Reform
 A mus-read book or any communiy looking a is own aging populaion and pondering care or heseolder ciizens. Dr. eel’s pioneering ‘say-a-home’ approach shifs he ocus rom medicalized care oempowering older aduls o serve as resources or one anoher. Tis approach creaes he rue oundaionor healh and well-being in one’s laer years. eel’s projec moves our dialogue abou aging orward inone grea leap.Dennis McCullough, MD, Associae Proessor, Communiy and Family Medicine, DarmouhMedical School, and auhor,
 My Mother, Your Mother: Embracing Slow Medicine
Allan S. Teel, MD
is a amily physician in Damariscotta, Maine. During his twenty-fve-year medical career,he has worked with thousands o older patients in the hospital, at nursing homes, in assisted living homes,and in their own homes. Each one has let a lasting impression. Dr. Teel’s passion and commitment havedriven him to speak out orceully on the crisis acing our communities and our country. He puts humanaces on our elders who are too oten alone and invisible.

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