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SevenMinutesOHGOD Part 2

SevenMinutesOHGOD Part 2

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Published by Naoki Aikiku

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Published by: Naoki Aikiku on Jul 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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<Black-Ratchet>Jenner: *eyes the closet door quietly* . . .<SoveriegnofSilence>Bell: *examining the paper bag* This all seems very complicated as a means toan end.<Blue-Violin1230>Winter................:I Im sick of this game<McPancakes>((Mint: you just need to right person, winter-dearie~))<Blue-Violin1230>>:I]<Black-Ratchet>Jenner: . . . I suspect this is more about anticipation and surprise, Lady Bell, not somuch a prelude to consummation.<McPancakes>you know its true))<Black-Ratchet>Let Jenner show you the way~ *shot* ))<Sunflower-Baffu>HEEEEE)<Blue-Violin1230>................................................. >:I]<McPancakes>those two are excellent teachers))<SoveriegnofSilence>Bell: Hm. Well I suppose that makes sense. The element of surprise is lessened by the fact that I am able to see in the dark.<wrath-kakerou>Kai: ...Through that's a great ability...no? *at Bell*<Blue-Violin1230>Winter: *looks around, covering her neck* >:I<Black-Ratchet>Jenner: Hm. Perhaps you should meet the challenge on it's own terms, and simplykeep your eyes closed, to excite your own imagination. . . ? *looks away* Although I must confess, Itoo stole a glance in the dark at first. . . *avoids looking at Mika*<SoveriegnofSilence>Bell: Yes, my kind are usually nocturnal, so it is imperitive to our survival. Italso helps when I am hungry at night.<SoveriegnofSilence>my cat has gone NUTS.))<wrath-kakerou>lol ))<McPancakes>ours too? mines talking like shes on a phone))<McPancakes>yours*))** TDIFan4Life has left [timed out]<SoveriegnofSilence>my is just whining on top of the tv XD))<McPancakes>Mrs. Norris: mow, meow mow mrow meowmeowmrrrrowwww))<Blue-Violin1230>mines in heat :I ]<SoveriegnofSilence>always fun :p ))<McPancakes>ohnoooo))<McPancakes>"Look at it this way, Neau- Jenner'd bottom unquestioningly for Gio. . ."))<McPancakes>WHAT))<McPancakes>DID))<McPancakes>I))<McPancakes>JSUT))<McPancakes>READ))<McPancakes>just*))<SoveriegnofSilence>whiskey. lots of whiskey.))<wrath-kakerou>FFFFF ))** RemixedMagic has joined<SoveriegnofSilence>MAGIC<Sunflower-Baffu>MAGIC :V)<RemixedMagic><_<<SoveriegnofSilence>))<RemixedMagic>>_><Double-AA-202>MAGIC :U ]]<McPancakes>PAGIC 8D))<Sunflower-Baffu>(YOU KNOW WHAT YOU JUST READ, PANCAKES)<RemixedMagic> )<McPancakes>I DO AND IM ODDLY LOVING IT))<Double-AA-202>FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF ]]<Sunflower-Baffu>IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL)
<McPancakes>OMG))<RemixedMagic>-goes to nap on the couch-)<SoveriegnofSilence>LOL))<neaumont>LOLOLOLOL ]<Double-AA-202>ADDED TO DAMMED LIST :0 ]<RemixedMagic>Whoohoo~)<wrath-kakerou>OMG ))** mangaklutz has left [connection closed]<RemixedMagic>Can't really see it that well, might have to edit them again.)<McPancakes>yeaaah clearly is very white))<Sunflower-Baffu>very very white)<Black-Ratchet>FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF))<RemixedMagic>Mm-hmm. -_-)<Black-Ratchet>I come back to what?))<Sunflower-Baffu>BEAUTY)<Blue-Violin1230>WHAT IS THIS?!?! -has bloody nose-]<RemixedMagic>Long time no see, Ratcheeeeet : D)<Double-AA-202>glad i hadn't gone to bed yet. :v ]]<neaumont>-almost snorted ramen from that- 8I ]<Black-Ratchet>Hi Magic~~~ ))<RemixedMagic>PFFFHHHTJDFKDJSFKDSJ)<McPancakes>mearly~ HA))<Sunflower-Baffu>8I Just don't choke on it, Neau. I need you for snogging)<McPancakes>defoo not going with clint))<McPancakes>deffo*))<Sunflower-Baffu>-nibbles on snogcorn-)<McPancakes>theyre not badass enough <_<))<wrath-kakerou>ghgn what ever >> OTL [link] ))<Sunflower-Baffu>HEEEEEEE)<SoveriegnofSilence>BLUSH.))<McPancakes>WHAT))<McPancakes>THATS IT))<McPancakes>Y U LEAVE THE SNOGGING LIKE THAT))* McPancakeshates on neau and sunny))<wrath-kakerou>...I'll go back at staring at the previous one >>U ugh I'll probably color it tomorrow or something))<McPancakes>ho wrath~ just saw the picture <333 BLUSH = story of everyones life atm))<Sunflower-Baffu>Because neau's interwebs died and it was lime and we were drank)<wrath-kakerou>XDDD ))<McPancakes> /just finished reading the rp))<Double-AA-202>alright. before aimee falls asleep at the laptop, she is going to head off and go to bed, shes been working all day ontop of this sickness she is stuck with. ]]<Double-AA-202>so goodnight/goodbye peoplee ~ ]]<McPancakes></3 hope you feel better))<wrath-kakerou>aw~ good night )<Sunflower-Baffu>night night <3 get some rest~)<Black-Ratchet>Night Aimee))<McPancakes><33333333 gnight))<Double-AA-202><33 ]]
<McPancakes>speaking of which, imma brb realfast))** Double-AA-202 has left [connection closed]<McPancakes>shower time~))<RemixedMagic>-late to bye, darn- Were we in a middle of an rp before I came in or no?)<Sunflower-Baffu>Yes. o v o We are continuing our rp from last night....as soon as neau is donenomming)<neaumont>DONE NOMMING 8U ]<RemixedMagic>Oh joyous babies! What did I miss?)<Sunflower-Baffu>(The rest of them are in a circle in the mess hall -YAY)<Sunflower-Baffu>(:iconheeplz: )<Sunflower-Baffu>()<neaumont>... Oh God. How do we tell Magic what she missed? ]<wrath-kakerou>send her the link ))<Black-Ratchet>[link] ))<neaumont>Be warned. @ n @ ]<RemixedMagic>W-what??)<Sunflower-Baffu>I do believe it is your turn neau~)<neaumont>Yes, yes, I know. < w > ]<Sunflower-Baffu>< U >)<Sunflower-Baffu>-goes back to happy finger biting- Antici-)<Sunflower-Baffu>-pation A W A)<wrath-kakerou>*staaaaares at drawing* ))* Black-Ratchetgently strokes Wrath's drawing }:3 ))<wrath-kakerou>lol which one? ))<Sunflower-Baffu>o - o )<wrath-kakerou>The one with Jenner? ))<Black-Ratchet>Mhmm))<wrath-kakerou>...not the one I'm staring at))<neaumont>> A > Warning to Magic: The RP we are continuing will be raunchy. ]<neaumont>Gioele: "Mmmnnn..." -In response to that, he snuck a tongue into the kiss, and held ontighter. Eventually he, somewhat roughly, pushed Cilli up against the wall, positioning him in such amanner so that he could grab some of his friend's rear.-<wrath-kakerou>FFFFFFFFFFFFF ))<Sunflower-Baffu>(mmmmm butt)<Sunflower-Baffu>[link] <----totally me right now)<RemixedMagic>.... ///// ;;;; )<wrath-kakerou>XDDD ))<wrath-kakerou>*pats Magic* ))<RemixedMagic>-goes back to editing stuff- >///> ;;; )<neaumont>Sorry Magic, it's Seven Minutes in Heaven. //;; ]<Black-Ratchet>Seventy }:U ))<neaumont>LOL ]<Sunflower-Baffu>LOL)<SoveriegnofSilence>XD))<wrath-kakerou>haha ))<RemixedMagic>Lol. ;;; )<wrath-kakerou>hmmmmm Rainbow *shot* ))<McPancakes>so))<McPancakes>i totally forgot i had mascera on))

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