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The Natural Mind - Waking Up - Suicide

The Natural Mind - Waking Up - Suicide

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Published by Alan Macmillan Orr
In this topic from The Natural Mind - Waking Up, the author asks us to question ourselves on why the mind turns against itself.
In this topic from The Natural Mind - Waking Up, the author asks us to question ourselves on why the mind turns against itself.

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Published by: Alan Macmillan Orr on Jul 06, 2011
Copyright:Public Domain


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The Natural Mind – Waking Up
alan macmillan orr 
The act of 
killing your 
 A person who kills himself intentionally
What great violence is thisWhat incredible suffering What sadnessWhat mind that turns on itself and in the end destroys its own existence
don't know if you've ever known anyone who has killed themselves, I have. He wasn't a close friend butI knew him from the local pub. He never drank that much really, but I had a beer with him the week  before he died. He seemed normal, although he said that people were watching him, the
 police weretapping his phone, and that there was some kind of conspiracy against him. He kept him
self tohimself pretty much, but I wouldn't have said he was on the brink of attaching a hose to the exhaust of his car and gassing himself to death, something he did the following week. That was it. The end. Death. And for him, maybe peace.
Back then, I had no
knowledge of the human mind. It wasn't something that interested me a greatdeal. I had my job, my girlfriend, my own problems, and to me, he was just another guy drinking inthe pub. So when he said people were watching him and tapping his phone, I didn't make anyconnection that he may be
suffering in his mind – that the feeling people were watching him, or conspiringagainst him may be a symptom of schizophrenia
(any of several psychotic dis
orders characterized bydistortions of reality and disturbances of thought and
language and withdrawal from social contact),
or some other illness of the brain.You see, in every other capacity he was a regular guy. He had a job, a car, liked
music, and the way heexplained that the
 police were tapping his phone sounded, although unlikely, quite plausible. After all,strange things do happen.I only wish I knew what I do now. I wish I could turn back the clock, and get him some help (becausehelp is available), and save him from carrying out the faulty instructions of a diseased mind. One that hasmade all the right connections in so many respects, but has one faulty connection. One that enabled him touse his human body and mind to do the one thing that humans are programmed not to do – terminate their own lives.If terminating your own life was actually a program option in life, the human race would have been wipedout thousands of years ago. Our natural drive is to survive at all costs.How many stories of courage and bravery have we heard over the years, where people involved in terribleaccidents have dragged themselves many miles to a hospital and survived against all odds? The human is programmed for survival, and anything that goes against that natural drive is an error.When people hear of others committing suicide, they say, “But she seemed so happy, I can't believe shedid it to her family. What about the children?”From the initial shock of hearing of someone's death, comes the accusation that what the person did was a
selfish act, without a thought to the family she would leave behind, but
suicide isn't like that.If the natural drive is to survive, what drives people to terminate themselves? These are not people whowant to die. Their brain may be telling them they should kill themselves, that it's the only option left, thatthey should do it now, but can't you see, this is a faulty brain that causes them to think like that. It is not their own thought, there is a physically anomaly in the brain that allows the person to turn on themselves.Could
kill yourself? Right now?You have debts, a failed
marriage, no job, a court case coming up. It seems the only option is
killing yourself; but killing yourself is not that easy. If I sit with a knife ready to slit my wrists or my throat,could I actually carry it out if my mind was working correctly?Everybody has debts, and problems with
relationships, these are just challenges in modern life, andin the end, even if you feel at the end of your tether, there is hope, because you are alive! And whilstyou're alive, you can fix the problems. Debts are just debts, and if you can't pay, you can't pay,simple as that. If you have no job, you look for another one. If your 
marriage has failed, so have a billion others, there are plenty more people with whom to start a relationship with.Life is an adventure: sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down, and talking to anyone about a problem makes it seem half as bad, but people with a few problems don't kill themselves.I believe there is evidence that shows that most people think about
suicide at sometime in their lives,even for just a second, but the pull of life is so strong it's enough to
silence these fleeting thoughts.People who drink heavily may kill themselves, but that is because the chemicals in alcohol actually affect the brain in a physical way.
Suicide requires the brain to have made the physical connections that permitthe body to harm it
self.Fleeting thoughts in the imagination are just that, imagination, and how many of us can honestly say thatwe've had what we can only call “crazy thoughts” or “weird ideas” at some time in life? I know I have, andmost would be too embarrassing to even discuss with you here! But they pass quickly, and you get on with

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