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2 Yo or Interior

2 Yo or Interior

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Published by Jose Sanchez

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Published by: Jose Sanchez on Jul 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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All the material in this book is available forfree on the Internet and, quite possibly, you’re
reading this o you laptop screen as a .pdf le.If you paid for that .pdf, you got robbed. Thiscompilation of free material is meant to be,itself, free.If you’ve got one of the nice physical books,yeah, that’s sold for pay because physical thingsstill cost money. But that’s really a convenience-of-form cost. All the ideas, are free.This came to be through the Ransom Model andthe generosity of fans. The Ransom Model isprey simple: I tell people, “I’ve wrien 10,000words of supplementary goodness for REIGNand when I get a thousand bucks it’ll be free, foreveryone, forever.” Nobody pays more thanthen want, lots of people get to freeload, and Imake a decent per-word. Everyone’s happy,
But it’s a system built on trust. The fans trustme to deliver good stu and to have it done before I start selling it. I trust my audience tounderwrite it. So far, they haven’t let me down.I, however, feel like I let them down a lile bynot listing donors in “First Year of Our REIGN.”I’m going to remedy that right now, with amaster list of everyone who has rightly askedfor their support to be known. Let’s give themall a moment of acknowledgment.Aaron the Akfu, Arakis, Stéphanie Armand,David Bagdan, Joaquim Ball-llosera, DavidBarrena, Shawn Barrick, Chris “Xombie”Bedford, Aaron Berthold, Harold Bérubé, Ingo“anderland” Beyer, bikewrench, Paul Bird,Noah Bogart, Phil Bordelon, Christian Bouard, Jon “jonthegm” Bristow, Sam Burnstein, Doug/CaeineBoy, Bruce Campbell, José Luiz FerreiraCardoso, Andrew Castner, Colin Chapman,Chaz, Chris Cooper, Myles Corcoran, MichaelCule, Sco Cunningham, Neal Dalton, JimDelRosso, John Dornberger, Paul Douglas,Paul ‘Eclecticon’ Douglas, drnuncheon, SeanM. Dunstan, Bryant Durrell, Steve Egolf,Philip Eisner, Marco Fall, Benoît Felten, CédricFerrand, Jonathan Fish, Fishmonger, WilhelmFipatrick, Dan Forinton, Galandris, AngelManuel García García, Paul Glenn, Felix Girke,Mark Green, Sam Greene, Viktor Haag, ChrisHall, Dave Hareld, Aaron Harmon, David A.Harrison, James Holden, John Hoyland, DavidHuey, Blake Hutchins, Philippe Jofresa, DanielM. Kane, Joonas Katko, James Kiley, AdamKrump, John Larkin, P-P “You forgot the Map!”Lefebvre, Trygve Lie, John Lucania, ThomasLullier, Ani Luukkonen, Mario Magallanes, Jorge Prieto Martine, Hervé “Trickster” Maugis,Ma M McElroy, Shane Mclean, Paul Mitchener,Brad J. Murray, James O’Rance, James Palmer, Jakob Pape, Mikko Parviainen, ReverancePavane, Eduardo Penna, Euc Pereyra, BrianPeters, Phubar, Corporal Plessner, GuillermoHeras Prieto, Hobbie Regan, Guy Reece, DavidRego, Drew Robertson, Jack Robertson, Jean-François Robillard, Roman, Mike Sands, AndrésSantamaría, Eduardo H. Schaeer, MerrickSchincariol, Adam Schwaninger, Stephen LeaSheppard, Alexander Siegelin, NikodemusSiivola, Jerry “Argent” Sköld, Cameron Smith,Damien Sornee, Michael Stevens, SimonStroud, Laszlo Szidonya, Kai Tave, Bruce Turner,the unlisted contributor, Justin Unrau, Kevin“The Unshaven” Veale, Janne Vuorenmaa, KenWatford, Petri Wessman, William Where, StewWilson, wraith808, and your GM. Yes, I meanyours.The artwork in this release has beneedgreatly from the generosity and creativity of thestock art community on www.deviantart.com,particularly Marcus Ranum and Ahrum Stock.Check them out at hp://ahrum-stock.deviantart.com/ and hp://mjranum-stock.deviantart.com/
Additionally, I’d like to thank the playesters
for Die, Men!, especially Shannon and Joe whosuered through the worst draft. I mean, the rstdraft. Shannon Obendorf, Joe Donka, LindseyPoyner, Jerry Hrechka, Joe Robertson, Beth Bass,Brian White, Karyn Grin, Brock Mitchel-Slen.On a personal note, it’s been a treat for me to gothrough this list and see just how many peoplehave stood up for REIGN over the last coupleyears. The list has a lot of familiar names, peopleI’ve had the good fortune to meet at conventionsor who are just known through internet posts.Some people who donate over and over andsome who just chipped in for one thing thatcaught their eye: It all makes me smile. Thanks.All right, enough of my maudlin gratitude. Onwith the hurricanes, mountainous trees, unjustsocieties and rules, rules,
.- Greg Stolze, March 7, 2009
It’s free, again.
 able of
Book 1:The Encyclopedia 4Book 2:Matters of Color 20
Chapter 1: Coins 20Chapter 2: The Maemeck Matriarchy 24
Chapter 3: The Ussient Tribes 38Chapter 4: The Ussient Forest 50
Book 3:Matters of Law 66
Chapter 1: After Them!(Pursuit and Evasion Rules) 66
Chapter 2: Esoteric Disciplines 70
Chapter 3: ConstructingEsoteric Disciplines 84Chapter 4: Die, Men! (SquadLevel Combat) 98Chapter 5: Fluid Combat 108Chapter 6: MartialTechniques 118Chapter 7: Work For Your Lives! (Storms at Sea) 120
Book 4:Matters ofEnchantment 132
Chapter 1: Blood Magicof the Crimson Guard 132Chapter 2: Bodymasters 138
Chapter 3: Maemeck Quellers 144
Chapter 4 Mirror Magicof the Opetkans 150Chapter 5: UssientFire Mimicky 160
Book 5:One-Roll Tools 162
Chapter 1: One-Roll Truils 162Chapter 2: One-Roll Ulds 166
Book 6:REIGN Recipes 170Book 7: Alternate Maps 198Book 8:Quick Reference 200
Chapter 1: Chase References 200Chapter 2: Combat Reference 201Chapter 3: Die Men! Reference 202Chapter 4: Unconventional Warfare Reference 203

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