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Open Dialog About Story #7

Open Dialog About Story #7

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Number two in a discussion. FEEL FREE TO DOWNLOAD AND ADD THOUGHTS...THEN RE-UPLOAD and add top group.
Number two in a discussion. FEEL FREE TO DOWNLOAD AND ADD THOUGHTS...THEN RE-UPLOAD and add top group.

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Published by: Bill AKA "Kenosis23" on Jul 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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OPEN DIALOG ABOUT STORY #7Kenosis23scribbled:
Sometimes, in a effort to unbind myself from the shackles of story & word, I try to convincemyself, feel, that the only thing that truly exists is “now” and that everything sits quietly in themiddle with me.
There are reasons we are attracted to story…..the story (as a form) has a biologicaleffect…..a climax is "A Climax!"….and Denouments is a brand of cigarettes….It is possible,maybe probable, that the story form is an emanation of the principle of a life properly lived….
Spelling error….denouement!
I see that you are not as tortured by story as I am!
Carla Sarettreplied:
Actually my esteemed colleague Mr. Essman is correct: there do appear to be biologicalbases for our attraction to stories-- human beings remember things better when they assumea narrative form. That’s been tested over and over.
Yes, and because of our attraction with stories, we tend to remember the story and notwhat really happened! (Also, from studies by psychologists.)
Long story (ha!) short, the fact that we habitually make up stories does not that we ought tomake up stories.
Carla Sarettreplied:
Well, I will continue to write fiction, and so the world must put up with me.
It’s not just a matter of writing fiction; it has been found that if I ask you what you did todayyou will present it in the form of a story and even remember it in a way so it fits in a better story. Fiction/nonfiction is just a matter degrees.
The left brain, where language resides, remembers events as stories. The right brainremembers events accurately, but doesn’t have the language.
It’s true that we tend to present information in that manner, ut I also feel that sometimes,some of us just feel the need to make up really wild tales and share with the world for no realreason at all. Normally, I call this Hollywood Syndrome, though In my case, it may just be mildinsanity. Still, I think the need for storytelling is hard wired in.
CainSLatranisent this, in a message, to
Note that I speak only from my personal experience, and nothing more, but on the subject of writing, I am deeply passionate, and truly love the act.I’ve read the works of the others having contributed to the conversation so far, and I mustadmit, I am humbled by their presence. I am not an author, or an artist, or even really a writer,so much as I am a storyteller. There is a difference, at least in my mind, as to what each does,and the goals they seek with their efforts.Mine is to elicit enjoyment from others. The greatest success I can derive, in my own mind, isthat others have enjoyed what I have done. I balk at the notion that I have anything to say thatwill change a persons view of themselves, or the world around them. I hesitate at the notionthat what I do is original, or for that matter, even meaningful.I write because I think I’d go insane if I didn’t. I sometimes feel that some people are born onlyhalf in the real world, the other half drifting through planes only glimpsed in dreams. Theyimagine worlds that are driven by the physics of what if, and why not, rather than what is, andshould be. They dream of other worlds, and they can’t help it. It’s who and what they are.The things I post here, my tales, are told because they are in my head, and to get them out,on paper, as it were, and shared with the world lets me breath a little easier. They have nodeeper meaning, often as not, and most are just furious keystrokes to still the voices thatinsist I listen.Now I do sound mad. And maybe I am. But isn’t that what it is to be a writer, to be a bit mad?To dare to dream of something that could be, when the world says it can’t? To live with onefoot in a world only you can see?In sharing, we share our dreams, more than our words. We share the most precious piece of ourselves, the part we ourselves cherish most, for it is, often, that which we define ourselvesby. We are writers, and we call ourselves such, because that is how we see ourselves. But inour private worlds, in our dreams, we are something more. We are the bridge to the other sideof the chasm of if, and we encourage people to join us, to look at the wondrous shades of maybe that we see.Writing is a gift, more than a talent, or even a skill. It isn’t even a rational action, or for thatmatter, an action that has reason. It’s something you feel. It’s something you need. It’ssomething you crave and hunger for. The sharing is almost a selfish act, really. Done for ourselves as much as others.Now I’m just rambling.Why do we write? Does there need to be a reason?
Carla Sarettreplied:
Storytelling seems to be part of our brains -- and yes, Keno, narrative does not = fiction.But Cain’s point is relevant -- all cultures make up tales, all children make up tales. We inventtales [some wild, perhaps] to express “truths” for which there are no “true stories.”
I think perhaps it's the act of telling the story that is more relevant than the story itself. Theact brings people together, making it, by nature, the first social networking tool.
Carla Sarettreplied:
Agreed – isn’t that why we have “campfire” stories?
In essence, yes, it is. As I mentioned to Keno, though, I think part of what we as writers dois bridge the gap from what is known to the world of maybe. In a sense, I guess you could saythat the writer is the keeper to the gateway of dreams that have gone undrempt. Wait… isundrempt a word? Lemme ask Kris…
Carla Sarettreplied:
"undrempt" is not a word, but "undreamt" is
I can't spell, in case it's gone unnoticed till now.... I'm creative as all get out, but can't spellto save my life.
When I examine my stories, I am examining myself. There are themes that are common,these are themes that I'm trying to escape. I want to outgrow myself...I want to outgrow thecybernetic orgy of matter. Our dimension is not rational. So, I note sounds and draw pictureswith syntax. A rational series of events...that's what a story is. Most importantly, I am trying tolive in a story that is about me. Or give up on rationality entirely and live on faith.I come from a musical family; I'm not musical in the usual sense, but my short stories arelyrical, try reading them aloud; my novella is cadenced. Thus, I compensate for my lack of musicality with the rack and lush and tumble of language out loud.Let me make a promise to all my friends, a promise no logical person should make: I willbe here tomorrow...if I don't keep my promise, I'll tell you why and I promise it will be awhopper.(And not to be a pedant, Cain...but till means to turn the soil...'til is short for until. You'regifted, sharpening your tools is honoring your talent...)
Kenosis23left a comment
With some truth it could be said that I write only when I find it impossible to remain silent.
Kenosis23left a comment
Every story, even those labeled as true, should carry the warning “Based on a True Story”and this warning should have the same impact as it would have on a made for a TV moviewhich, I hope you realize, means it is only loosely based on reality.
DanielEssmanleft a comment
Every story is a kind of invisible addition...add up the symbols and view the correlationbetween them, then the real story appears...the assumptions that drive the author who onlythinks he's free...to think...I'm not basting a turkey, I'm making love to the idea of pleasure...

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Carl F Maulbeck added this note
I beleive that we confuse the the message of the story and meaning of the moment and that we try to make stories out of moments. The story is an expression and with it is necessarily a point of view which inherently colors the impact and reaction. The moment lived into wholly must i believe be as traveller on a path, without the connectedness of the story and the advantage of context.
Bill AKA "Kenosis23" added this note
The myopia of writers is that they sometimes have trouble looking past the page.
Bill AKA "Kenosis23" added this note
A world without story just happens as it will ... are there any Buddhist or Taoists out there, YOU know what I mean.
Daniel Essman added this note
When one embarks on a course to free oneself from the shackles of story, one is accepting the next level of story, the story which intones "Be above the shackles..." Yeah sure, there are bad stories, destructive stories. There is a story that anthropogenic global warming is a massive hoax...that's a story worse than brain cancer. I, for one, write my stories to transcend them. So, we are doing...
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