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Dr Shyma Prasad Mukherjee by Bunibrata Dasgupta

Dr Shyma Prasad Mukherjee by Bunibrata Dasgupta

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Published by Aron Aronite
Bunibrata Dasgupta tells his discovery of Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, in the post- communist Bengal that had been kept in the dark about one of her most illustrious leader in its history.
Bunibrata Dasgupta tells his discovery of Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, in the post- communist Bengal that had been kept in the dark about one of her most illustrious leader in its history.

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Published by: Aron Aronite on Jul 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dr.Shyamaprashad Mukherjii
Wednesday, 6. July, 16:24
Banibrata Dasgupta
My friend Aron told me to write about the iconic man in Indian politics. Since I wasbusy I could not respond to him immediately. I am not as knowledgeable about himas well.Dr.Mukherjii has died 11 years before I born.But people find solace in finding some similarity with any great personality, so I amglorified to tell you that he was a Cancerian as well. Bengalis were always primeenemy of Nehru. He was not in any good term with Netaji as well.Mysterious death of Netaji is a mystery even now. Nobody came to know how hedied, so there are people who doubt Nehru's role there as well.But nobody can deny the educational system which Nehru & his dynasty introducedNetaji found very little space over.This, despite of the fact that, if the Azad Hind Fauj did not start war and exertpressure on British our freedom could have come another 50 or 100 years later.
That was the design of Nehru dynasty to abolish all names from history and giveprominence on their family only.So, I am sure that many youngsters do not know even what the role of Sir Ashutoshin freedom struggle was.
llustrious son of an
llustrious FatherSir Ashutosh
was British hater from his youth.But still, he opted to be lawyer and studied in England.His only intention being to save revolutionaries from the captivity of British rule.There are innumerable cases where he has not charged a single penny for standingfor them. Netaji could not even complete study, because he was charged withassaulting professor.He was suspended and British took all steps to restrict him getting entry in anycollege. It was Sir Ashutosh who fought for him ensured justice to Netaji.Dr.Shyamaprashad was the son of this great man.Sir Ashutosh was against British language and British education.He wanted every local language should get priority in education. Most of theCongress leaders were foreign educated at that time. Some of them did not agreeto him.So he showed the way by pushing his own son Shyamaprashad in his way ofthinking.
Mastery of English matching love of Mother Tongue
Though Shyamaprashad was brilliant in English, he completed M.A in Bengali toensure rightful place to Bengali in curriculum. Dr.Shyamaprashad carried suchnationalist gene from his father. Though I am Bengali, I did not know anythingabout Dr.Mukherji.Even I did not know he was son of Sir Ashutosh because in our educational systemthis name was carefully erased from all books. First it was erased by SiddharthaShankar Roy and then the great communists. I started reading about him muchlater and on my own & then found he was literally a visionary and first martyr inindependent India.One day I went to see a movie of "Feluda" created by Satyajit Ray in Nandan withdaughter.I was in queue, waiting for the window to open. I found just in front of me oneman is standing who is very familiar face in defense circle, as well as in television.I was thinking who he is.I found the man is very jovial and my daughter has become very good friend ofhim. Suddenly I remembered and asked him are you........?He said "yes" in hush voice.

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