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July Newsletter

July Newsletter

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Published by jhoenig

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Published by: jhoenig on Jul 06, 2011
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Parishable Items
Denmark Congregational United Church of Christ July2011
 July 3
…Holy Communion July 4
Independence Day 
Sawyer Circle will not meetagain untilSeptember, 2011.Plymouth Circle will not meet againuntil September, 2011.On July 7
there is ablood drive at the churchfrom 3:30 to 6:30.
 July 9
… Charles andEllyn Miller arecelebrating their 50
Wedding Anniversary.The actual date they gotmarried is July 22, 1961! Thereis a party afterwards andeveryone is invited!!
On Sunday July 10
the church iscelebratingChristmas in July! July 12
…8:00 Trustees meeting July 13
…6:45 Christian Edmeeting July 14
…7:00 Standing Committeemeeting
July 17
through July 21
istime for VBS! The themethis year is Home Town,Nazareth! Everyone is encouraged toparticipate
. VBS wrap-up party on July 24 
after the service 
Parishable Items July 2011
There will be no scrapbook meeting this month!
Greetings y’all,Something I noticed Pentecost Sundaywas how few people were willing to get upand recognize themselves as leaders of thechurch. The leadership of the church is not just the pastor, it is not just the chair of thedifferent committees; the leadership of thechurch is the membership. How do I knowthis? Because I am the pastor of aCongregational style church. Our entirepolity is based on the idea that thecongregation has authority within the life of the church.It should be noted, however, thatChrist is the head of the church. Thecongregation is the leadership of the churchin regards to general working and policy of the church. So if the congregation is theleadership, what is leadership and what doesit mean for how we work with others?First off, I define leadership as “thatwhich focuses on relating people to oneanother with the purpose of working withthem to understand and address the(sometimes) complex issues in which allinvolved have something invested.” Theseprinciples apply primarily to the church, butcan be expanded to include any groupincluding social clubs or families.
1Leaders love and rely on God…andhelp others do the same.
AsChristians, we are all called toserve God. As leaders, we mustrecognize that we are working withthe support of God in heaven.When working together, we mustbe able to work knowing that allare loved and called by God. Whenin conflict, we must act in such away that our opponent is also lovedand called by God.
2Leaders don’t work in a vacuum…there is much that surroundsthem and what they do.
 Thisprinciple may well be called, “payattention to context”. Life ismessy, which means that thingsget complicated and sometimesthere is just too much stuff on ourplate. In these times, we mustunderstand that everyone iscoming from their ownbackgrounds. The experiencessomeone brings to the table willserve to color their understandingof the conflict.
3Leaders make decisions…and takeresponsibility for them.
 This isa difficult principle in ourcongregational polity because wevote to determine our course of action. However, there are timeswhen unilateral decisions must bemade, whether they are in thecircles or in worship. As leaders,we must take responsibility for ourdecisions and accept the results of our action. This does not meanthat we can’t change our minds,but it means we have to take careto make our decisions with thewhole community in mind.
4Leaders are relentlessly self-reflective…no one else can doit for them.
This is the lastprinciple I’ll mention here, though I2
Parishable Items July 2011have at least 5 more for any thatare interested. In order to continueto be effective, we must be able tolook back at our role in makingdecisions, guiding others andfacilitating change. This generallyisn’t difficult in the church as wetend to have long memories. Butsomething that many churchesforget to do is learn from the pastin order to influence the future.We get so caught up in the failurethat we forget that we can evolvethe idea into something stronger,or we get caught up in the successso much that we never want tochange things again. These are just some of the ways thatwe should be acting and thinking as leaders.Remember that in this church, when I call forthe leaders, everyone is able to stand andclaim that role. If you claim to be a memberof this church, you have a lot to live up to.Luckily, you won’t do it alone. Your fellowmembers are also leaders and the head of the church, Jesus Christ, will be with youevery step of the way.See you on Sun,
 July 3Sarah & Nathan Weisinger July 11 Jack & Maxine Stotts July 21Dwight & Cindy Barnes July 22Charlie & Ellyn Mille July 3Grant Weisinge July 3William Blanchar July 4Mary Rai July 4Colton Engeman July 5Jim Bur July 8Lollie Krogmeie July 9Kathy Houston July 9Elizabeth Stein July 11Chris Harve July 11Betsey Hasencleve July 14Elsie Crabtree July 15Pastor Chad Savage July 17Cindy Barnes July 18Don Wolfskil July 19Amy Hasencleve July 19David Weisinge July 21Maxine Stotts July 22Nancy Blanchar July 22Brandon Barnes July 25Nicole Melle July 30Miriam Weisinge July 31Annah Blanchar
 July 3
Gen24:34-38, 42-49, 58-67; Ps45:10-17 or Song of Sol 2:8-13 orZach 9:9-12; Ps 145:8-14; Rom 7:15-25a;Matt 11:16-19,25-30
 July 10
Gen 25:19-34; Ps 119:105-112or Isa 55:10-13; Ps 65 :( 1-8,) 9-13; Rom8:1-11; Matt 13:1-9, 18-23

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