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Proposal (HRM)

Proposal (HRM)

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Employee Retention Strategies
Employee Retention Strategies

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Published by: Subashini Bakthavatchalam on Jul 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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To suggest effective ways to retain employees at ABANA Enterprise Co. in Saudi ArabiaChapter One: Introduction1.1
Research Background
Armstrong (2005) says that the most important assets that an organization has are itsemployees, or the human assets and thus, the careful management of them is an ultimatenecessity.There are different views as to why the management of the human resource is important. Oneview is that of an investment meaning that the employees of an organization can be lookedupon as a financial investment and thus, as all other investments, they should be managedproperly so as to maximize the returns achieved through them. Another view is that from aneconomic perspective which says that the humans are actually a very important resource forthis world which is scarce and the wants of them are amazingly great in each arena of life andtherefore, these scarce resources should be as efficiently allocated as possible.An important strategy then that forms the part of human resource management is theretention strategy. Given the scarcity of resources (human and physical) it is important that thevalued employees which steer the direction of the organization towards success be retainedinto the organization (Dibble, 1999). It is important for an organization to be able to retainemployees also because of the competitive advantage that the organization enjoys because of them (Burrell and Morgan, 1979).This proposed paper is going to be focusing upon the importance of retention strategiesspecifically and human resource management with respect to an Arab organization ABANA.ABANA is location and is operational in Saudi Arabia where it offers a wide range of businesssolutions. The business solutions include banking equipment, point of sales terminals, tellercash recycles, ATMs, internet facilities and similar others (abana.com, 2011). Established in
1977 ABANA today is the industry leader in offering a standard and quality of business solutionsequipment.Even though ABANA has a strong business position in the Saudi Arabian market, it is facingdifficulties regarding its human resources. The situation of the problem is that the employeesare leaving ABANA for other jobs. The interesting thing to note however is that theunemployment rates in Saudi Arabia make the understanding to employee retiring from ABANAco. a seemingly foolish act. What factors then, given a 9.6 percent unemployment rate in SaudiArabia and the fact that airs or rebel in Bahrain and Oman have been fuelled by the highunemployment rates, contribute to the retirement of employees of ABANA co. will be the focusof the proposed study.This fact will be studied in the light of the human resource managements theories andconcepts and necessary recommendations will then be placed at the end of the proposedresearch as to what policies should ABANA co. incorporate to not only retain its employees butalso to attract more employees towards themselves.
Significance of the Research
The proposed research will be significant for not only educational purposes but also for policymaking of the organization. Moreover, other organizations can take understanding from thestudy of ABANA co. and then incorporate the findings into their own management systems tobetter the situations of their human resources.1.3
Research Aims and ObjectivesThe proposed research will be conducted under the following aims and objectives:i)
To explore and understand the basic underpinnings of the concepts of humanresource management.ii)
To gather enough knowledge about human resource management and retentionstrategies to be able to analyze exactly the problem with ABANA co.s humanresource position.
To be able to reach a conclusion about the basic policy problems and the externalbusiness situation faced by the organization.iv)
And finally, the aim is to be able to recommend policies which will help ABANA co. inimproving its current position. This is aimed to be done such that other businessorganization can also retrieve help and learning from the proposed research.
Research Questions
rimarily the proposed research will be focusing on the following research questions:i)
What is human resource management and what importance does it hold in thecurrent competitive and evolutionary market system of the day?ii)
What are retention strategies and why are they important for businessorganizations?iii)
What problems (if any) is ABANA co. facing with respect to its human resource?iv)
Is there an external explanation to the problem or are the retiring stuff even in highunemployment rates caused by an internal factor.v)
Finally, what policies should be adopted by ABANA co. to get rid to the currenthuman resource problem to be able to succeed better in the current economicrecession of faced by the country?

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