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The Most Dangerous Organization in America Exposed

The Most Dangerous Organization in America Exposed

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Published by Domenico Bevilacqua

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Published by: Domenico Bevilacqua on Jul 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Most DangerousOrganization in AmericaExposed:
Secret memos and the plan that could destroy thewealth of millions of Americans
About a year ago, I began a project to research the unprecedented amounts of dollars beingcreated by the Federal Reserve... and how it
s destroying the wealth in America.But during my research, I stumbled onto something else... something bigger and moreimportant than inflation
and much more disturbing.I
m going to air this story, but keep in mind it
s at great personal risk. You see, the last timesomeone tried to expose the Fed on this level, one U.S. official, operating in Germany,approved an order to burn more than 2.2 million pages of records and research.And before I go any further, I want to make one thing very clear...The following contains only the undisputable facts of this case... because I want you to see thefacts for yourself, and then make up your own mind.If what
s contained in this letter turns out to be true, every man, woman, and child in thiscountry will be severely affected in the coming months... and not 1 in 1,000 knows what
scoming.Here are my complete findings.
For the past 50 years, rumors have circulated throughout the U.S. financial markets that the FederalReserve has been involved in a scheme to illegally suppress the price of gold and silver.On the record, the Federal Reserve System denies these allegations.
I can say unequivocally The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has not intervened in the goldmarket in an attempt to manipulate the price of gold on its own behalf or for... anyone else.
Alan Greenspan,Federal Reserve Chairman, 1987 
 We have found no evidence of manipulation.
Michael Gorham,Director, Commodities & Futures Trading Commission and former Federal Reserveofficial
There is no evidence of coordinated efforts to manipulate price... There is no logical rationale forsuch a conspiracy.
Jeffery Christian,former World Bank, International Finance Corporation, and International Monetary Fund official
But if the Federal Reserve denies involvement in gold price manipulation...Then how do you explain these recently declassified government documents?
  A telegram marked
is wired from the United States Embassy in Paris to theState Department in Washington, D.C.
The authors are unknown.The document is a detailed plan on what would have to be done to suppress the price of gold.The plan involves:1) Convincing the public
that there is no point any more in speculating on an increase in the price ogold,
and to
subdue the speculative demand for gold.
2) Recommending the creation of a
new reserve asset
like properties
to replace goldand prevent it from increasing in value.
The idea, according to the document, is for central banks
to remain the masters of gold.

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