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Double Vision And A Portal To The Past

Double Vision And A Portal To The Past

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Published by busbysemperfi
Ever return to the past and re-live important events? Why not?
Ever return to the past and re-live important events? Why not?

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Published by: busbysemperfi on Jul 06, 2011
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Michael Busby http://www.scribd.com©2010
Double Vision And A Portal To The PastDouble vision and a headache…is it a blood clot rumbling around in the brainwrecking havoc with the potential to cause a stroke? The doctor thought it might be andwanted me to go for the usual tests: MRI, Cat-Scan (we can have fun with that term,later…eh?), etc.Yesterday, I made the appointments, as she directed. However, this morning Icalled her first thing and told her I cancelled the appointments. She was shocked I shouldbe so carless about my health. And she was somewhat offended I should ignore goodmedical advice. I told her not to worry as I had diagnosed the problem myself. Sheskeptically asked me to explain. Here goes:Since the onset of the double vision and headaches, I am having vivid dreams inthe early morning hours when witches fly about seeking their magic potion ingredientsand vampires seek fresh, young blood. These dreams seem as realistic as consciousreality. I cannot distinguish between the two. These dreams open time portals and I travelboth backward and forward in time.Last night in the middle of a deep sleep, I dreamed my former girlfriend wasstanding a little in front of me and to my right, slightly facing away and just inside thedoor. We were young again and she was gorgeous. Long, lithe body, .67 hip-to-waistratio; huge flowing light brown hair; pearl-white teeth evenly showing through thick, red,pouting lips; her long, luscious lashes covered sweet, smiling eyes seductively beckoningme to come hither.Large, naturally shaped breasts with small, pink nipples glistened with smallbeads of perspiration clinging to the perfectly shaped, round morsels of delight, as she1

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