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Marilynn Byerly - The Werewolf Whispherer

Marilynn Byerly - The Werewolf Whispherer

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Published by rachael302001

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Published by: rachael302001 on Jul 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Trapped in wolf form, caged in an animal shelter, Gray, his human identity fading, hasonly one hope to escape neutering or death -- "The Werewolf Whisperer."
One of the top ten romance short stories of 2002, Preditors & Editors Poll 
The Werewolf WhispererbyMarilynn Byerly
"It's a wolf!" Fred Duggans backed away from the open tailgate of the vet's station wagon.Megan Winters stepped closer and peered inside at the great silver and gray beast sprawled indrugged abandon on its side. A cast covered its left front leg.For a moment, her heart wrenching in her chest, she saw her Heidi, dead now almost ten years,then she noticed the animal's massive shoulders and other obvious evidence of its maleness.The vet glanced at his watch. "It's a dog. Pick it up. I've got to get out of here.""A wolf," Fred insisted.
"I had a dog like that when I was a little girl." She patted his arm in reassurance. "It's a SilverShepherd. They're quite hard to find.""Well, if you say so, Megan." Fred smiled trustingly down at her, then eased his huge handsunder the dog's ribs and, grunting with effort, cradled the limp animal in his arms."Put him in the special run since he's hurt." She glanced worriedly at the dog and the attendantwho seemed to be having problems with the animal's weight, then she turned her attention back tothe vet. "What happened to him?""A car. Last night. He was chasing a rabbit. The guy who hit him brought him in, paid for the vetwork, and left." The vet slammed his tailgate closed. "The usual routine.""Where was he hit?""Does it matter?""If we know that, we may be able to find his owner. This is an animal shelter. That's what wedo.""Boy, do you have a lot to learn." The vet glanced down at the Moravia Animal Shelter volunteerbadge on her breast. "Must be a new recruit.""I've volunteered here a year. The location?""The wooded area near the airport. North of the Interstate 40 junction on Lake View. The middleof nowhere. Typical spot for someone to dump a dog they no longer want.""Thank you."
She turned and walked back through the gate into the dog compound. Barely noticing all thebarked greetings from the caged animals, she passed through the building to the special run.Fred stood nervously just outside the open run door. The Silver Shepherd sprawled on a bed of shavings.As she stepped in, Fred stopped her with a hand on her shoulder. "Big male doggies can bemean. Especially big male hurt doggies. He has big teeth!""I'll take care.""All doggies like Megan. Even big, mean doggies." With a nod of decision, Fred lifted his handfrom her shoulder and trudged away.Touched by his concern, she smiled then went into the cage. Kneeling, she stroked the animal'shead. Its tail thumped sleepily in response, and it whined."You are the biggest Shepherd I've ever seen." She ran her hand down its neck to its well-muscled shoulder and down to its flank. "But what a beauty! Someone is certainly missing you."The animal opened its sleepy yellow brown eyes and tried to sit up, but its cast-covered legmade it flounder a moment before it sank back down with a pained grunt.Wincing, she stroked its head in sympathy. "That must hurt!""Like hell."At the man's words, Megan glanced back toward the door, but she didn't see anyone. Exceptfor Fred, no one was in the building, and Fred didn't have such a deep, rich, intensely male voice.

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