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EEGBiofeedback (1)

EEGBiofeedback (1)

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Published by gdparduhn3

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Published by: gdparduhn3 on Jul 07, 2011
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EEG Biofeedback (Neurofeedback)&A Cheaper Brain Problem Solution
EEG biofeedback (AKA neurofeedback) has unquestionably proven over the past35 years to be the best "brain" training method to solve many brain problemssuch as the ADD-Autism continuum, Depression, Insomnia, Epilepsy, and manysimilar brain problems. It has continually grown as a "therapy" over 35 years, andat this point, the accepted success rate for ADD/ADHD is about 85%. For other brain problems, this success rate may be lower, or even higher.What the clinicians (charging amounts up to $250 per half hour) don't want you toknow is that it is indeed a very simple process, and in all but a very few cases,can be done by anyone with more than a few working brain cells. When I learnedthis fact in 2000 while co-presenting a seminar in Soviet Georgia, I came out of retirement to lease and sell EEG BF units. I was trying to bring this horrendousprice down to where mid income families had an alternative to dangerous drugs.Think about it - what alternative does a low or mid income family have to thesedrugs at prices upwards of $10,000 (for the "usual" 60 half hour sessions)?What exactly does EEG BF (AKA neurofeedback) do, and how does it do it? Itseems that our brains put out certain audio frequency notes in wave patterns,something like music. The amplitude of these brain signals is very low on theorder of millionths of a volt. Only in fairly recent years have we had electronicamplifiers that can make this strong enough to "hear" at all.When these brain signals were first discovered, they were found to be associatedwith some brain functions, and were separated (very loosely) into different bands.The lowest frequency band was the 1-3 cycle per second (Hz) band, and thiswas associated with deep sleep. It was named Delta.Next, was the band between 4 and 7 Hz. NASA scientists found that this bandwas associated with attention issues. If the signals in this band are too strong, itseems to interfere with concentration and attention. It also seems to be looselyassociated with artistic ability.Next is the band between 8 and 12 Hz called Alpha. This is associated withmeditation, relaxation, etc. Persons in hypnosis, or concentrating on TV or meditating show high strength signals over this band. A lot of research was doneon this area during the 1960's to the 1980'sAbove this area, it seemed to earlier researchers that this was the awake mindworking or thinking normally, and it covered from 12 Hz up. This huge spectrum
was named Beta. (It is probable that as research continues that other significantbands will be discovered and utilized.)In the 1960/70's, Researchers found that there was a very small signal at about13 Hz (from 12-14 Hz) that had some very interesting things associated with it. If it was amplified in the brain, it seemed to solve some brain problems, includingthe ADD-Autism continuum, depression, insomnia and others.(In 2000 at that seminar I first voiced the theory that raising this particular wavesomehow changed the brain response to allergy/sensitivity, and that was themechanism that solved the brain problems. As an orthomolecular psychologist, Iknew that allergy/sensitivity was a major cause of all such brain problems.)So, this newly discovered band was later named Sensory Motor Response, or SMR for short. This was because the "usual" practice was to place two electronicsensors at points equally spaced between the ears on the top of the head. Thesewere designated as C3 and C4, with Cz located at the center of the head. Belowthese points are the brain areas that seem to be associated with Sensory Motion.We can actually "see" these brain waves. By amplifying this complex audio signala million times or so, and then filtering out desired signals (or bands), we canisolate each frequency or band of frequencies, and use this audio signal invarious ways. It can be displayed on a computer, and used to drive programs.One way is to show the amplitude of a particular band as a colored circle (or square) that grows larger or smaller depending on it's amplitude. Many earlier EEG biofeedback used this type of simple display. The trainee simply tried toconcentrate on making the Green circle in the middle of the computer screengrow bigger, while holding the Blue (Theta) and/or the Yellow (Beta) small.This is the "feedback" portion. The trainee "sees" the effect of raising or loweringthe particular brain waves, and can actually control this to some extent. Withlonger training, this control grows, and the SMR signal increases. It's not fast, butit works.In that scheme, the Theta and Beta waves were mostly used to act as controls sothat something that increased all waves (60 cycle hum, noise artifacts, etc)wouldnot be confused with SMR only increase. Then, NASA research showed that byholding the Theta brain wave down, it increased attention/concentration. So,almost by accident, this original scheme was successful for ADD/ADHD/Autismattention issues.Much better schemes like the Play Attention unit were developed specifically for the ADD-Autism continuum. For example, the Theta signal was used to controlthe altitude of a flying object. If the trainee lost concentration, the object wentlower. This was an actual video game that was more interesting than the coloredcircles or squares.
Because the Play Attention people were teachers, they were aware thatADD/ADHD kids could concentrate on playing the high stimuli (gory) videogames for hours, but couldn't concentrate on a low stimuli teacher for manyminutes. That is why all the games used on Play Attention are low stimuli types.Some video games are advertised as good for ADD/ADHD training, but researchshows that they are not very effective at actually raising SMR and solvingattention problems.There has also been a controversy in the EEG BF (Neurofeedback) field aboutsensor placement. With the newer better amplifiers, I was the first to prove thatsensor placement is usually unimportant. If a signal can be derived anywhere onthe body, even the "toes", that signal can be used to "train" SMR up in amplitude.Too many psychologists didn't realize basic electronics. The human body is 70%salty water. Nothing is put into the sensors, only a signal that is used for feedback is derived.That's how EEG Biofeedback (AKA neurofeedback) works. Anyone can attachsensors (electrodes) to a person, and hook up a computer, and do this. That'swhat I learned in 2000. A trained professional isn't necessary, except in very fewcases. (All "doctor time" is very expensive).Now, let's look at two problems with EEG BF:1.First, there is motivation. Both the trainee, and the parents in most cases.Without this, success is limited at best. Some clinicians are great at this,and some are poor. It's a major factor in my opinion and experience. 2.Even with home training, it's not cheap. Typical cost of most EEG BF unitsis close to $2000 up front. While some portion of that can be retrieved byselling the unit after training, how many low and mid income families caneven afford this amount? It still leaves the great majority of mid and lowincome families with their one option - Ritalin and the rest of thedangerous drugs.After years of seeing the effects of these and other antipsychotic drugs, I hatedrugs. They may be useful for immediate relief, but in the long term, they all toooften cause as much damage as the "problem". They do not usually "cure", butonly relieve symptoms by upsetting some body balance. This is not a goodanswer.
A Cheap Alternative Is Invented
In 2004, (near my 77th birthday) I suddenly realized that since this EEG BFtraining is taking place in the unconscious mind that is being trained, it probablycould be done using Subliminal Messaging or Subliminal Training.I wrote a script that only attempted to raise SMR. I wanted to prove that mytheory that raising SMR affected the brain response to allergy/sensitivity, as well

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