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Subliminal Messaging

Subliminal Messaging

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Published by gdparduhn3

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Published by: gdparduhn3 on Jul 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Subliminal Messaging
By Phil Bate PhD
Subliminal Messaging has gotten a somewhat “bad” name. During the “cold war” withthe Russians, it was associated with “brainwashing” and torture. In the 60’s and 70’s, itbecame associated with “sneaky” advertising by Madison Avenue. The book byMarshall Mcluhan “The Medium is the Message”, was THE landmark that explained howand why subliminal messaging works.Many people today still think that there are laws against using it in TV advertising, butthey re wrong! It’s still being used to influence people in many subtle ways. And, it is,or can be, fairly effective.Just what is subliminal messaging? There are many different forms of this “tool”,ranging from newsprint disguised visual content not consciously seen; to audio that isnot consciously heard. How can this be?Well it seems that we only consciously see and hear a small portion of the huge inputwe get from our sense of sound and sight, as otherwise we would be overwhelmed byall this input, and would be unable to concentrate.However, the subconscious (AKA unconscious) hears and sees much more, and filtersit, thus enabling the conscious mind to operate better, without such distractions. This isthe basic idea of subliminal messaging. (By the way, the term “subliminal” means“under the threshold”, and of course, “subconscious” means “under consciousness.)).Is subliminal messaging really effective? The answer to that is yes and no. There areseveral factors involved:1. Each person in an INDIVIDUAL, and different in individual ways.a. We start with what we inherited with our genes.b. We add reaction to every experience in our life, specially the bad ones.c. How much stress, both physical and emotional is involved?d. What nutritional factors are affecting our ability to handle stress?2. Suggestibility of the individual. Some are easily influenced by “suggestions”from others, and some are very hard to influence. 50 years ago, when I first startedhypnotizing persons, about one person in five was easily hypnotized into what wascalled a somnambulistic state where he/she would do almost anything that wassuggested. Three more were hypnotizable to some extent, and one was non-hypnotizable. Today, because TV is a hypnotic agent, almost everyone is hypnotizableto a greater extent. (The exceptions are the very low IQ, and the schizophrenics.)There are many hypnotic and subliminal audio and even video programs available for sale, but most of them aren’t very effective, or so it would seem by the results. Whatare the factors for failure with these?
1. Remember that the subconscious resists change - maintaining homeostasisEVEN WHEN IT’IS WRONG. This effect is called the
Hawthorne Effect 
. It’s a real“resistance” to learning something different. It is a well known effect in education, and isfound in EEG Biofeedback, and found fairly often in Neuroliminal Training. It slowsdown all subconscious “learning”, and in some cases, the subconscious actually “fightsback” by making symptoms worse. This can discourage a lot of people as I found out.2. We live in an age where we expect “magic pills”. We have been conditionedby the drug and medical industry to expect instant relief or cure. Unfortunately, thereare no real magic pills when dealing with the subconscious. (The exception may behypnotic or “suggestion” phenomena, as some instant cures are reported sometimes.)All too many people try something like subliminal suggestion, and when they see noappreciable improvement within a few days or even weeks, they simply give up, andthink “well, that doesn’t work. (How about those who experience Hawthorne Effect?)3. Too many of the subliminal and hypnotic messages are too generalized (asthey have to be in production) to fit the individual. In my former practice, I was verysuccessful using subliminal messaging, but I personalized each such audio AFTER along input interview. Commercial subliminal messaging used for behavior modificationcan’t do this.
Success with Neuroliminal Training
Neuroliminal Training uses subliminal messaging techniques to actually change brainwave amplitudes. It uses a blend of talking suggestions and audio sounds to do this.(EEG Biofeedback/Neurofeedback does the same thing using expensive equipment and“doctor time” over 30 or so hours. Is this a form of brainwashing/conditioning?)While Neuroliminal does use subliminal messaging, it is a quite different usage, and thatis why it is “Patent Pending”.Why does “changing brain wave amplitudes” solve various mental problems of AD/HD,Autism, Depression, Insomnia, etc? This is a fact long proved by using EEGBiofeedback for about 40 years. There are thousands of clinics charging millions of dollars doing it today.While I cannot prove it (yet), my theory is that by raising the brain wave known as SMR,we somehow change the allergen affect on the brain. As an orthomolecular psychologist in the 80’s, I was aware that allergy can cause virtually any mental“disease” known to man, and when I found out in 2000. that EEG Biofeedback (AKANeurofeedback) solves all these same mental “diseases”, the correlation was obvious tome.In volunteer testing of well over 100 persons over 3 years, there are way too many”anecdotal” comments about allergies of all types being “eliminated” or “greatlyimproved” by Neuroliminal training. In my opinion, my theory is the only viable one atpresent.

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