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Published by: http://www.animalpolitico.com on Jul 07, 2011
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Ofce o National Drug Control Policy 
M m t Dict 
I am pleased to transmit the 0
National Southwest Border Counternarcotics Strategy,
consistent withthe provisions o Section 0 o the Oce o National Drug Control Policy Reauthorization Act o 006(Public Law 09-469).The 009
National Southwest Border Counternarcotics Strategy 
ocused primarily on what the U.S.Government could do to prevent the tracking o illicit drugs across the border with Mexico, as wellas the illegal outbound movement o weapons and bulk currency rom the United States. Since then,Mexican President Felipe Calderon has continued his courageous campaign to break the power o thecriminal organizations operating in his country. Through the Mérida Initiative and other programs, theUnited States is supporting Mexico’s eorts in a wide range o law enorcement and judicial areas, andI am pleased to see our cooperation continue to improve. These eorts have resulted in the capture ordeath o numerous leaders as well as disruptions in their operations. However, Mexico continues to acehigh levels o violence, and our Nation—especially the our border states—continues to ace signicantdrug- and border-related challenges, making this updated
National Southwest Border CounternarcoticsStrategy 
an important part o our comprehensive national response.As a result o the changing situation on the border, the 0
National Southwest Border CounternarcoticsStrategy 
has expanded its ocus beyond stemming the ow o illegal drugs, weapons, and bulk currencybetween the U.S. and Mexico. It also includes a “Strong Communities” chapter that directs Federal agen-cies to provide border communities with enhanced prevention and drug treatment assistance in thisregion that has borne the brunt o the consequences o the drug trade.The Strategy is the result o an expanded consultation process which included visits to U.S. border areas,as well as to Mexico, to ensure thorough coordination with Congressional, state, local, and tribal authori-ties, as well as the Government o Mexico. I would like to thank the Department o Homeland SecuritysOce o Counternarcotics Enorcement, and the Department o Justice’s Oce o the Deputy AttorneyGeneral or the leadership role they played as Executive Agents in the development o this Strategy.Along with the Mérida Initiative, the Administration’s Southwest Border security bill, and our nationaleort to reduce the demand or illegal drugs at home, the National Southwest Border CounternarcoticsStrategy is a key component o our response to the threat along the border. I thank the Congress or itseorts on this issue and ask that it continue to support this critical endeavor.R. Gil KerlikowskeDirector, Oce o National Drug Control Policy

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