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minpension.se - in english

minpension.se - in english

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Published by minpension.se
Get started at minpension.se! This guideline will help you!
Get started at minpension.se! This guideline will help you!

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Published by: minpension.se on Jul 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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minpension.se- Information in English
minpension.se is here toserve you
If you have been saving for a pension inSweden, the minpension.se service will
help you fgure out how much money you
 will receive once you retire. The service is acollaborative project of the government and participating pension funds.
 To get started, you have to log in. All you needis a Pensions Agency PIN, which you can easily order from a link at minpension.se
-tion or a Bank ID instead.OccupationalpensionPrivate pensionPublicpension We obtain information about your public pen-sion from the Pensions Agency and display itas soon as you log in. Meanwhile, we send aninquiry about your other pensions to the parti-cipating funds. Normally it takes one or two bu-siness days to compile all the information. We will let you know by e-mail when we are done.Keep in mind that nobody has access to yourinformation except you.
 Your total pension
 After you retire, your pension will come fromseveral different places. Your total pension will be made up of the fol-lowing components:
 The minpension.se service provides an over- view to help you determine how the variouscomponents will affect your total pension.
Public pension
 A total of 18.5% of your wages and other taxa-
-count every year. Most of that amount goesto your income pension, while a small amountgoes to your premium pension. If you haveearned little or no income, you are entitled toa guaranteed pension. The details of your pu-blic pension, which is managed by the Pensions Agency, are shown in the orange envelope thatyou receive once a year.
Occupational pension
In addition to your public pension, you will pro-bably receive some kind of occupational pen-sion when you retire. An occupational pensionis one for which your employer has paid premi-ums through the years. If you have informationabout your occupational pension that does notappear at minpension.se, you can easily add it.
Private pension
If you want to save for a private pension, youmust take care of it yourself. Not all pensionfunds send information about private pensionplans to minpension.se. If you have informa-tion about your private pension that does notappear at minpension.se, add it yourself so thatyou can obtain the most accurate forecast pos-sible.
 Your pension forecast atminpension.se
 Your pension forecast is an estimate of yourfuture pension. The forecast is based on how much pension you have earned so far, as wellas how long you are going to keep working, theexpected return on your pension savings, how  well the Swedish economy does and other fu-ture developments. The minpension.se service helps you gain anoverview of how much money you will receive when you retire. You can experiment with dif-ferent assumptions to see how your forecast
retirement ages or dates on which your pension
It’s a good idea to have all your pension state-ments handy when you log in so that you canadd any missing information.Under Questions and Answers, you will see thefrequently asked questions that our customerservice representatives receive. The link is at thetop right-hand corner of the page. You are wel-come to phone customer service at any time. You will be charged at ordinary telephone rates.
 A little glossary
Swedish English 
 Allmän pension Public pension Tjänstepension Occupational pensionPrivat pension Private pension Tabell TableDiagram DiagramLön Wages Tillväxt GrowthPensionsbolag Pension fundPensionsbesked Pension statementPensionsprognos Pension forecastPinkod PIN
Bank ID Bank IDLogga in Log in

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