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AIX Oracle 9i Installation Tips

AIX Oracle 9i Installation Tips

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Published by PranabKanojia

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Published by: PranabKanojia on Jul 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Oracle 9i Installation Tips
Audience: All
Date: June 2, 2003The attached file from Doug Ranz contains installation tips for Oracle 9i, including recommendations for AIX 5.2 DiI/O.Oracle-9i-Install-tip.pdf  
 XML Databases
By Danny KalevDate: September 27, 2002A relational database stores information in tables, with the ability to relate information from one table to information primary data unit in relational databases is a column, which may contain one or more fields. While this model operatdata oriented systems, it isn't ideal for manipulating XML data. Database vendors have come up with several solutiodiscuss two representative products that are available on Linux.
Data-centric and Document Centric XML
Document-centric XML documents typically contain essays, poems, letters etc. In these documents, the primary datarather than individual fields. By contrast, data-centric documents can be an employee's information or a catalog item.intended to read such documents in their raw form, but rather they are created and used by software application. In snodes contain meaningful information even when used outside the context of their document, an employee's name fo
XML-enabled Databases
Relational databases that offer special capabilities for dealing with XML data are known as "XML-enabled databasestraditional rows and columns internally. The simplest mapping model simply stores the original XML document in aOBject, or LOB. This mapping model isn't ideal for performing sophisticated queries based on specific elements of adatabase engine isn't aware of its structure. IBM's DB2 uses "side tables" to solve this problem. A side table contains point to specific elements in the original XML document.Alternatively, a side table contains the navigation scheme of the original document (known as "XPath" in XML-parlathese methods is truly relational. If we wish to change a single node, we need to retrieve the entire document value, cThis approach is therefore more suitable for document-centric applications.
Object-relational Storage
 A second mapping model breaks the elements of an XML document into individual t This way, the database is aware of the original document's structure. Oracle's 9i dat this approach. The DBA can decide which documents should be mapped to a table sdocuments should be stored as LOBs. Equipped with an array of XML-related softw  XML Class Generator, XML SQL Utility and XML Parser, Oracle's 9i handles documecentric XML equally well.
AIX Tip of the Week: Service Director: RS/6000 Call Home Support
Audience: AIX System Administrators
Date: April 1999 (Updated: December 2000)
 Service Director 
is an AIX software program that monitors, diagnoses and reports system errors. It can automaticallwithout customer intervention. It may be configured to run on a single system, or as part of a client/server network.
 Service Director 
and it's documentation can obtained by anonymous ftp at
( Th
 procedure is listed below. Be sure to set the file transfer mode as "binary" if using this method.
> bin> cd /aix/servdir_client_code> get servdir.installp.Z> get sd6ug.ps.Z or sd6kug.pdf
 Although there is no charge for this software, the "call home" function does require the RS/6000 hardware to be onmaintenance contract.
Update 12/2000
Service Director
is being replaced by
Service Agent
. Documentation and install image can be found at:ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/aix/service_agent_code 
AIX Tip of the Week: Error Notification Facility
Audience: AIX Administrators
Date: July 9, 1999AIX's Error Notification Facility is a useful systems management tool. This facility can be configured to send alerts (a specific** hardware or software problem appears in the error log. This allows administrators to quickly address, an problems that could affect system availability. See the AIXdocumentationfor information on configuring the
Theerror_notice.htmattachment is a copy of the AIX documentation in HTML format. The
attachment is a sh page. It can be used in conjunction with the
Error Notification Facility
"pager" Shell Script
#! /bin/ksh# Pager: send digital page via the "cu" command.# modified...Bruce Spencer 7/15/97## Prerequisites# 1. A tty be defined to AIX:# Create the tty with "smitty tty". Set "Enable Login"# to either "share" or "disable"## 2. Install AIX BNU (also known as UUCP)# It's on the base AIX CD.## 3. Define the tty to the BNU dialer program by adding# the following line to /usr/lib/uucp/Devices## Direct tty2 - 9600 direct # tty2 = your tty modem line

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