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Published by Cassandra
Blake is ready to kill himself because Clarissa doesn't love him. Can his twin brother Tristan talk him out of it? Or is Clarissa the only one that holds the key? Comments :)
Blake is ready to kill himself because Clarissa doesn't love him. Can his twin brother Tristan talk him out of it? Or is Clarissa the only one that holds the key? Comments :)

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Published by: Cassandra on Jul 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Blake looked over the edge of the building at the cars travelingbeneath. The pedestrians were too small to see and the headlightswere just specks of light. He didn't have anything anymore. No home.No friends. And not Clarissa."Please Blake. Please don't do this." Blake didn't answer his twinbrother Tristan, instead he continued to stare at the ground. He knewthis is what he needed to do. He took another step closer to the edge."Please Blake. Forget about Clarissa. This isn't the answer."When he said this Blake turned around to look at Tristan is shock."How can you say that? I loved Clarissa. And she rejected me.” He turned back around and looked at his fate again. Behind himTristan's phone started going off. “Who is it? Whatever they want is probably more important thanme.” He said not looking at him. “It's Clarissa.” He said and a second later he answered his phone. “Hello?Blake heard her panicked voice through the speaker butcouldn't make out any words. “Clarissa calm down. Blake is with me. Were on top of MadisonPlaza.” Tristan got quiet again."I don't know. Why don't you come up here and talk some senseinto him?""No! I don't want to see her!" Blake yelled at him."Okay I'll see you in a few minutes." He said completelydisregarding what Blake was screaming at him. He put his phone inhis pocket and looked at Blake. “You know what? You just made my decision final.” Blake saidturning back to the edge and holding his arms out at his sides. Hewas startled when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around tosee Tristan standing behind him on the outcropping of ledge. “Please Blake. Your my twin brother. I can't go trough life sayingyou committed suicide. I don't want people to remember you for that.I want them to remember you for your laugh and how funny you are,and how you stood up to people when you knew you were right.” Tristan said, hoping he could convince him, or at least stall untilClarissa got there.
 “I know Tristan, but I can't live everyday knowing that I loveClarissa and that she didn't want me.” Blake said turning back around.Tristan stepped down off the edge and turned to look at Blake."Do me a favor first. Think of everything that your going to leavebehind." Tristan looked at Blake who slowly lowered his hands andlooked up at the sky before he turned to look at him.Suddenly the rooftop door opened up and Clarissa stood there.When she saw Blake standing on the ledge of the roof she ranforward until Tristan grabbed her."Oh my god Blake what are you doing?! Please get down fromthere." Clarissa yelled, trying to escape from Tristan's grasp.Blake slowly backed up until his heels were at the edge of theledge. He slowly put his arms up, ready to free fall backwards to hisdeath. He watched a moment longer as Clarissa collapsed to theground in hysterics."Please Blake! I love you! Please don't do this. Please! Oh mygod Blake. Please don't." Blake continued to watch as the tearsstreamed down her face. Tristan kneeled down beside her and wastrying to calm her. Blake stepped away from the edge and looked atClarissa."I thought you didn't love me." He said and Clarissa looked athim surprised."Blake I have loved you ever since that day on the playgroundwhen we were seven. I can't let you do this, I love you.""But that day a couple weeks ago. I took a chance and told you Iloved you and you ran. That's why I'm here. Because I can't liveeveryday knowing you don't love me.""But Blake I do love you. I ran because for so long I’ve hidden itand I didn't think you liked me. So when you told me that I panicked.” Tristan let go of Clarissa and she got up and slowly walked towardsBlake. “Please Blake, please don't do this.” She held her hands out andafter a minute Blake took her hand. He helped her up onto the ledgeand she hugged him. He put his face into her neck and she held himtightly to her. After a minute Blake stepped away to look at her before

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