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Radiant Health Through Liver Cleansing

Radiant Health Through Liver Cleansing

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Published by Rod Richmond
I outline a comprehensive plan that incorporates many of thecleansing tools that I introduced in the first part of this series. You of course mustexperiment with these techniques to find the right balance for yourself.
I outline a comprehensive plan that incorporates many of thecleansing tools that I introduced in the first part of this series. You of course mustexperiment with these techniques to find the right balance for yourself.

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Published by: Rod Richmond on Jul 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Radiant Health through Internal Cleansing.
Part 2
The Liver and Gallbladder cleanse
Now we come to one of the most valuable self healing practices I have comeacross, the Liver and Gall bladder flush.I am going to outline a comprehensive plan that incorporates many of thecleansing tools that I introduced in the first part of this series. You of course mustexperiment with these techniques to find the right balance for yourself.The basic program is explained very competently by author Andreas Mortiz in hisbook “The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse”. I highly recommend reading hisbook if you are going to proceed with a Liver and Gallbladder cleanse. This book has allthe background, details and alternatives to the Liver and Gallbladder cleanse. You canbuy an electronic copy in “adobe” format at Andreas’s websitewww.ener-chi.com.I have tried another variety of this cleanse I found on the internet, it was effectivebut caused more discomfort than the program outlined in Andreas’s book.Here are a few important differences, first by eating apples or drinking cranberry juice prior to the cleanse you can soften the gallstones; softer gallstones are easier to passthan hard ones. Secondly with use of Epsom salts you accomplish two important things.First you flush the digestive system like in the “Saltwater Cocktail” which decreases theseverity of the nausea while the stones are passing out of your system, by removingobstructions. Secondly the magnesium in the Epsom salts relaxes the smooth musclescontrolling the duct of the gallbladder allowing the stones to pass without spasms anddiscomfort. The after cleanse flush is helpful as it gets those toxic little buggers out of your system quicker, thereby reducing the recovery time by approximately half a day.The program is five and a half days of preparation and one day to recover. I liketo start the actual cleanse on Friday night so I have Saturday to flush and Sunday torecuperate.We then start on Sunday morning the week prior to the cleanse. First thing in themorning prepare a quart of room temperature, pure water with two level teaspoons of good quality sea salt. This is of course the “Saltwater cocktail” from the colon cleanse.Don’t worry we won’t have to drink it all at once. To quicken the flushing process, aspecial routine of five light exercises can be performed. The yogic version uses fiveunique moving postures to quicken the process. Each posture is performed eight times,counting left and right as one. Wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to movefreely.The whole process has a Yogic name which is harder to pronounce that it is to do.Lagoo Shankhaprakashalana. Literally it translates to “the short course inwashing the conch shell”, or in other words “the quick way to cleanse the intestinaltrack.”
The Quick Intestinal Cleanse or Saltwater Flush
After preparing the water, drink just one cup approximately 8 to 10 ounces.First posture, Tree pose:With feet approximately shoulder width apart. Interlace your fingerswhere they hang naturally in front of your body. Turning your palms over beginlifting your hands up above your head. While you are lifting your arms inhaledeeply in the abdomen. When your hands are fully stretched upward raiseyourself up on the balls of your feet, using you open eyes to find a spot on thewall or floor to focus on, will help keep your balance. Hold the fully stretchedposition for a few seconds. While you exhale naturally, come back down to standon your whole foot turning the hands over and placing them on your head to rest.Rest for a moment and then repeat the lifting raising and inhaling to the fullystretched position. Repeat eight times.Second posture, Swaying palm tree:Step out a little wider then shoulder wide. Keeping your feet flaton the floor raise your interlaced fingers above your head while you inhale.Keeping your arms outstretched gently bend over to the left side while exhaling.As you return to center inhale as you pass center and stretch to the other sideexhale. That is one round stretch back and forth with the body movementdirecting the breath eight more times.Third posture, Side to side twist:With your arms straight out in front of you as shoulder height, your feetslightly apart, and keeping your hips stationary, swing your upper body and armsleft, laterally parallel to the floor (increasing tension in the upper back low,medium and high). As you twist to the right, bring the left hand to the chest andvise-versa. The eyes follow the outstretched arm. Inhaling as you reach back andexhaling as you return to center.Fourth posture, Looking back cobra:Lie face down on the floor. Place your hands under your shoulders.Keeping your back relaxed inhale and raise the upper half of your body off thefloor. While you are lifting and inhaling, gently turn your head and look back atyour left foot. Return your head to center and lower your upper body while youexhale. Repeat to the other side looking at your right foot.Fifth posture, Kneeling twist:Kneeling on the floor while resting on the balls of the feet. Spread yourfeet apart approximately one foot or so, place your hands on your knees. As youraise your left knee to an upright position near your chest turn and stretch to theleft while inhaling comfortably to your fullest. Exhale and place the left knee back to the floor. Inhale, lift right knee, and twist to the right. Exhale place right kneeback on the ground. That is one round practice seven more times.
3Stand and drink approximately one cup of the saltwater. Repeat the aboveexercises eight more times each.
Warning!! If at anytime during these exercises you feel pain you are doingthem wrong or that exercise is not for you.
 Drink again and follow with eight more rounds of each exercise. Alternate untilall the water is gone; don’t drink more that two cups at a time, so as not to stress yoursystems while moving. Sit on the toilet after each round of exercises and before the next12 ounces of salt water. Breath normal, relax don’t force a bowel movement withstressful pushing. If after a couple of minutes nothing happens lie on your back and rest.(No, not in the bathroom silly)30 minutes after drinking the last cup of salt water, drink two cups of roomtemperature water without any salt. This will help bring the flush to a definite finish.You don’t want to go anywhere without a bathroom handy until the flush is done. Youcan read, shower, or exercise lightly; the activity should be light and not very demanding.You may want to lie in bed or listen to music until the flush is being completed. Don’t eatfor at least one hour after completing this flush. Listen to your body concerning howmuch food to eat after this process. If you feel the need introduce some probiotics intoyour system I prefer multistrain capsules like Solaray’s Multidophilus 12. I have alsoused Kambucha tea.
The modified diet or mono-fast as preparation for cleansing.
For the next five and a half days the main objective is to add Malic acid to yourdiet. Malic Acid is a naturally occurring acid found in apples and cranberries. Malic Acidis very tart. The tarter the apple the higher the content of Malic Acid. Do not confuse ripeand tart with unripe and sour. The main reason we want to add Malic Acid to our diet isthat it softens the gallstones and discourages them from sticking together. For the nextfive days the goal is to drink one quart of the best quality apple juice you can afford, perday.
You can substitute pure cranberry juice or your own “cran-apple” mix. Mixapproximately a one to three ratio, cranberry to apple.
The second point is to keep your meals light and easy to digest, with lighter foodconsumed this week you should have an abundant supply of bile in your gallbladder.When you ingest the olive oil, for the flush, the Gallbladder starts working overtimepushing as much bile out as it can, and along with the bile goes the stones. More bilemeans less discomfort for the simple reason the bile acts as a lubricant/carrier, movingthe stones out with it as the bile leaves the Gallbladder. This is also why you arerecommend to wait three to four weeks before flushing again. I found out the hard wayby flushing one week apart, the second flush was more than a little uncomfortable as thenearly empty gallbladder was contracting hard to send the non existent bile to digest theoil I drank. This is also the reason animal meat and heavy fatty foods are avoided, to keepthe level of bile stored in the liver high for the upcoming flush.Another recommendation I would make is to add is specific cleansing herbs. Ihave been using a formula called “Bupleurum Liver Cleanse” by Planetary Herbals.www.planetaryherbals.com. Bupleurum is one of the most aggressive liver cleansing

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