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The Story of Joseph

The Story of Joseph

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J. R. Miller writes as a devotional with many poems to illustrate the life of Joseph.
J. R. Miller writes as a devotional with many poems to illustrate the life of Joseph.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jul 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE STORY OF JOSEPHBYJ. R. MILLER, D. D. 1901He holds the key of all unknownAnd I am glad;If other hands should hold the key,Or if he trusted it to me,I might be sad.Maltbie D. Babcock.There are many ways of reading the Bible.One of the most helpful is to read it to learnfrom it how to live so as to please God, attainthe highest beauty of character and leave thelargest blessing in the world.There have been many lives of Joseph written.Some of these are very valuable because of theknowledge of ancient Egypt and the Egyptianswhich they impart in the telling of the story.othing of this is attempted in the presentchapters, the author's desire being only to findand interpret some of the lessons in life whichthe narrative has for its earnest readers.ContentsCHAP. PAGEI. Joseph and His Dreams i
II. Joseph Slave and in Prison 27III. From Prison to Palace 53IV. An Interpreter for God 79V. Joseph and His Brothers . 105VI. Joseph and His Father 133VII. Joseph Old Age and Death 161VllJOSEPH AD HIS DREAMSThey said one to another, Behold, this dreamercometh. Genesis 37 : 19.The balances of man are all untrue ;His weight and eyes deceitful ; he may writeThe story of a pebble or a rock,The annals of a beetle or a worm ;But the great story of his own vast being,The hills and valleys of his life, he cannot :A life made up of but a few short years,And yet containing in its troubled roundTempests, and tides, and changes, failures, con-quests,In daily flux and reflux without end.Horatius Bonar.I
JOSEPH AD HIS DREAMSWHE a story of providence begins, wenever know what the end will be. In sevenchapters will be retold the story whose be-ginning we have here a boy coming acrossthe fields carrying a basket. God wantedthe family of Israel down in Egypt for afew hundred years. Why ? Was notCanaan promised to them as their ownland ? Why not keep them there ? Severalreasons may be given.Canaan was filled with warlike tribes.While there was only a handful of theIsraelites, these tribes let them alone. Butthey were now to grow rapidly, and assoon as they began to be a multitude, warwould be waged against them and theywould have been exterminated. God'splan, therefore, was to take them away to aplace where they could live securely, andgrow into a nation, and then to bring themback able to conquer the hordes of Canaan.There was another reason for gettingthem away from Canaan. They must growup separate from the world. They were tobe God's people. They were to receiveGod's law and God's word. From themwere to come teachers, singers, prophets.By and by the Messiah, the world's Re-deemer, was to be born of this nation.They must be a holy people, with unmixedblood. If they grew up among theCanaanites this could not be. These tribeswould mingle with them. They must betaken to some place where there would beno temptation to inter-marriages and socialcommingling. The Egyptians were proudand exclusive. They would have no asso-ciations with any foreigners. In Goshen,

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