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Published by Arleta Nurhude

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Published by: Arleta Nurhude on Jul 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ﹺﻢﻴﺣﺮﻟﭐ ﹺﻦٰـﻤﺣﺮﻟﭐ ﻪﱠﻠﻟﺍ ﹺﻢﺴﹺﺑ ﹶﻥﺎﺤﺒﺳﻭ ﻰﹺﻨﻌﺒﺗﭐ ﹺﻦﻣﻭ ﹾﺎﻧﹶﺃ ﺓﲑﺼﺑ ٰﻰﹶﻠﻋ ﻪﱠﻠﻟﭐ ٰﻰﹶﻟﹺﺇ ﻮﻋﺩﹶﺃ ۤﻲﻠﻴﹺﺒﺳ ﻩﺬٰـﻫ ﹾﻞﹸﻗ ﲔﻛﹺﺮﺸﻤﹾﻟﭐ ﻦﻣ ﹾﺎﻧﹶﺃ ﺂﻣﻭ ﻪﱠﻠﻟﭐ
Say, "This is my way; I invite to Allah with insight, I and those who follow me. And exalted is Allah; and I am not of those who associate others with Him."
Soorah Yoosuf (12):108
ﻦﻣﻭ ﻪﱠﻠﻟﭐ ﹺﺮﹾﻛﺫ ﻦﻋ ﻢﹸﻛﺩﹶﻻﻭﹶﺃ ﹶﻻﻭ ﻢﹸﻜﹸﻟﺍﻮﻣﹶﺃ ﻢﹸﻜﹺﻬﹾﻠﺗ ﹶﻻ ﹾﺍﻮﻨﻣﺁ ﻦﻳﺬﱠﻟﭐ ﺎﻬ ﻳﹶﺄٰ ﻳ ﺳﺎﺨﹾﻟﭐ ﻢﻫ ﻚﺌٰـﹶﻟﻭﹸﺄﹶﻓ ﻚﻟٰﺫ ﹾﻞﻌﹾﻔ ﻳﹶﻥﻭﺮ 
ﻦﻣ ﻢﹸﻛﺎﻨﹾﻗﺯﺭ ﺎﻣ ﻦﻣ ﹾﺍﻮﹸﻘﻔﻧﹶﺃﻭ ﹴﻞﺟﹶﺃ ٰﻰﹶﻟﹺﺇ ۤﻲﹺﻨﺗﺮﺧﹶﺃ ۤﻻﻮﹶﻟ ﺏﺭ ﹶﻝﻮﹸﻘﻴﹶﻓ ﺕﻮﻤﹾﻟﭐ ﻢﹸﻛﺪﺣﹶﺃ ﻰﺗﹾﺄ ﻳ ﻥﹶﺃ ﹺﻞﺒﹶﻗ ﲔﺤﻟﺎﺼﻟﭐ ﻦﻣ ﻦﹸﻛﹶﺃﻭ ﻕﺪﺻﹶﺄﹶﻓ ﹴﺐﻳﹺﺮﹶﻗ
ﺍﹶﺫﹺﺇ ﹰﺎﺴﹾﻔﻧ ﻪﱠﻠﻟﭐ ﺮﺧﺆ ﻳ ﻦﹶﻟﻭ ﻟﭐﻭ ﺂﻬﹸﻠﺟﹶﺃ َﺀﺂﺟﻥﻮﹸﻠﻤﻌﺗ ﺎﻤﹺﺑ ﲑﹺﺒﺧ ﻪﱠﻠ 
O you who have believed, let not your wealth and your children divert you fromremembrance of Allah. And whoever does that - then those are the losers. Andspend [in the way of Allah] from what We have provided you before deathapproaches one of you and he says, "My Lord, if only You would delay me for abrief term so I would give charity and be among the righteous." But never will Allah delay a soul when its time has come. And Allah is Acquainted with what you do.
Soorah al-Munaafiqoon (63):9-11
The Messenger of Allaah said: “Remember much that which cuts off pleasures:Death. Since no one remembers it in times of difficulty except that things are
made easy for him, nor mentions it at times of ease except that the affairs becomeconstricted for him.”
Saheehul-Jaami’us-Sagheer, no.1222

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