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Management Knowledge

Management Knowledge

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Published by jagadishprasad

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: jagadishprasad on Jul 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MANAGEMENT KNOWLEDGE house prices fall or increase 
prices of houses actually can fall down for reasons being a) when public doesn't have money in its hands---- real estate prices of houses constructed fallb) During natural disasters timec) Demand and supply of economicsd) boom in the income of employees in particular industry segmente) knowledge capitalism and strategic mindset of purchasers
think ? prices of houses are linked up with geographical income of public to which real estate isassociated with
Information about bad debts for those who dont know
 normally bad debts in banking knowledge is called as money which is not paid. people mayhave wrong notion if i am correct that if bad debts ( that is non payment or defaulter) doesn't paygovernment has to mint money .this is not a fact the fact is bad debts are just like money in circulation. meaning : money has changed hands to somebody other than defaulter in the form of purchases of assets and liabilities 
think ? if you take a loan from bank ? what happens to that money at the ending scenario hint ? company accounts NEXT Knowledge capitalism and educational institutions 
India now is a super power nation and at this core problem jagadish thinks that educationalinstitutions should be groomed up and has to be on par in knowledge sharing with other super power nationswriting books should be promoted by Indian authors and i am happy that steps have beentaken care with the coming up of INDIAN DIGITAL LIBRARY giving a helping hand to studentfraternity is a blessing in disguise for students in INDIA always depending upon foreign books will not cater to Indian needs because education andhuman relations knowledge is different compared to western education those who have common sense knowledge would automatically know that eastern educationand survival is different from western education system and cannot be copied in either wayhence depending upon own stuff is mandatory and required for stability of country it is easier to groom up education as per Indian needs and always depending upon either USAor UK for books would make India weaker and given pressure to USA or UK would atlastdestroy nationit is because in USA books knowledge is about USA companies and activities in their country or to certain extent covers western side of knowledge and it never give information about INDIANscenario. it is a mistake and to be corrected as quickly as possible with possible steps in thedirection of company law also and other details which are bread and butter to INDIAN nation. 
thought for the day :
 in books how much of similarity can one see between western education books and Indianbooks on application side to nation this analysis would determine the path of the nation
NEXT How can a company manage bad assets 
Assets can be anything life term from 1month to decades of usage.
how can one define bad assets 
any asset which has negative money earning capability when if used 
example : money lent turns into bad debtsbooks giving wrong informationproducts wrongly misquoted in advertising business than what is being sold in marketetcetc
in Internet bad assets is defined as price of asset quoted which is lesser than what owner thinks it is worth
the above definition of mine can be managed through cannibalizationthe below part of Internet definition is work of courts to think ? bad assets are the work of accountants
NEXT How to determine interest rate in the economy 
it is seen that finance ministers across the nations determine the interest rates with discussions.in India RBI help finance minister of INDIA actually determines it even in some cases like 6.25%or 6.50% or 8% . as per layman me is concerned i am unable to decipher how the percentage change hasaffected the global and indian scenario so easily with a small percentage change of point 25% to tell you in short story these percentage as per my commonsense change the money equationbut how can such changes determine the nations growth where money supply is dependentupon other variables like financial instruments and monetary policy of government i consider it a miniscule waste of time and energy by the country just to keep themselves busy intheir life span 
how to determine interest rates in country
 to tell you about my background i deciphered in first phase that

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